Meet PJ:
Michelle Edition

Name: Michelle “Meesh” Wallace

What Do You Do Here? Help turn frowns upside down with amazing customer support!

Favorite Camera: Mamiya 7II & the trusty iPhone.

Fave Editing App: Instagram. I don’t spend too much time editing my phone photos, but for those photos that I need to tweak or turn into black & white — Instagram does the trick with all its tool options.

Instagram Handle: @michleewallace

A Photographer Who Inspires You: Rhondal McKinney. Rhondal was one of my professors in college. He is in love with the darkroom and is such a beautiful human. He makes the best photographs of my home state (Illinois)!

Favorite season? Fall is the best season on the planet! I love photographing autumn trees with some Kodak Ektar film, it boosts the saturation in the most delightful ways.