Photojojo’s Gift Guide 2010, Part 1!

It’s the holidaze! Well, almost.

First up: the annual eating contest known as Turkey Day.

Then, it’s one grand slam holiday after another. (We call it Christmakawaanzikuhestivus!)

It’s our duty to make sure you’re prepared — by bringing you only the best, newest, most insanely fun photo goodies that you ever did see.

Plus, we’re offering free shipping on all domestic orders over $50! (Yay!)


Juice Box Camera

Sip on a this refreshing box of 100% photo juice.

It’s a 35mm camera jam packed with tasty, bold colors and gorgeous vignetting.

Our favorite part: the straw is the shutter.

Juice Box Camera
$25 at the Photojojo Store

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The Pocket Square

Free Shipping! Don’t let its sleek outer casing fool you. This pocket digi cam has the heart of a Rollei.

It shoots in square format! You’ll see the world in a whole new way: square sunsets, square portraits, square everything!

Plus, four vintage style filters will capture only the dreamiest lo-fi photos and vids.

The Pocket Square
$99 at the Photojojo Store

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      Wide Angle & Macro Lens Adapter

Free Shipping! How do you give your regular ‘ol lens the shooting power of two extra lenses (without breaking the bank)?

Attach a Wide Angle and Macro Adapter to your lens!

It’s the most genius way to fit twice as much into your photo and even snap incredible up-close macro detail.

Wide Angle & Macro Lens Adapter
$60-90 at the Photojojo Store

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Twin Lens Holga with Color Flash

Free Shipping! He isn’t one to brag, but TIM is pretty much 10 cameras rolled into 1.

With two lenses for eyes, he shoots half-frame and 3-D pics.

And just when he’s filled your mind with 50+ shooting experiments, he’ll multiply that 10-fold with a multi-exposure button and a 5-color flash.

Oh, TIM, what can’t you do?

Twin Lens Holga with Color Flash
$50-60 at the Photojojo Store

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Bokeh Filter Kit

Here’s a lens filter that turns out of focus light into any shape you want!

21 shapes are included to fill your night-scapes with hearts, birds, planes, and more. (Including a few blank sheets to make your own!).

Bokeh Kit
$25 at the Photojojo Store

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