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Hello Sunshine! Meet the Pocket Reflector and Inkodye Photo Fabric Dye Kit

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It’s summer! Time to make some photos with a little help from your pal, Mr. Sunshine!

The bright summer sun can lead to backlighting and harsh shadows, ick.

But, with a little help from the Pocket Reflector you can bounce Sunster’s rays onto your subject for bright even lighting.

Then grab the Inkodye Photo Fabric Dye Kit and paint sun-sensitive dye onto fabric. Expose it in the sun under a photo negative or object (lace! leaves!) for brilliant blue prints.

Now that’s solar power!

Check Out The Pocket Reflector
$15.00 at the Photojojo Store

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Meet The Inkodye Photo Fabric Dye Kit
$30.00 at the Photojojo Store

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Eye-Fi Mobi SD Card:
Move Photos Onto Your Phone, Wire Free!

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Your camera is going to love this. It finally has its own way to play with that smartphone it sees you tapping on all day.

The new Eye-Fi Mobi SD Card gives your camera a wifi connection to your phone. Simply stick it in your camera to automatically send your photos to your phone, as you shoot!

The newest card from our pals at Eye-Fi is optimized to work with mobile devices. The set up process is simpler than ever, under 10 seconds on any iOS or Android tablet or phone.

Combine your DSLR’s best features (high quality optics and complete photo taking control) with your phone’s easy to use go-anywhere super duper editing skillz and sharing powers.

Your camera and your phone just became BBFL (best buds for life).

Check out the new Eye-Fi Mobi
$49.95 at the Photojojo Store

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The Smartphone Film Scanner:
35mm film -> Digitized in a Snap

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

If you love 35mm, all your best memories are captured on film! And they’re just kinda stuck there. Until now…

Thanks to The Smartphone Film Scanner. It lets you use your everyday cell phone to scan your old 35mm negatives and bring them into the digital world for sharing on Instagram, Facebook whatever.

Its snug mount adjusts to fit any smartphone, even with a case on. Just slip your film in through the bottom, turn on the backlight and snap a pic on your phone.

Lomography’s free app (for Android and iPhone) turns your negative to a positive. You can also adjust the color and set the exposure before you capture the image on your phone.

Now that you’ve got your film photo on your digital phone you can upload straight to the Internets in no seconds flat! Blammo!

Check Out the Smartphone Film Scanner
$59 at the Photojojo Store

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The Kick: Control Lighting
Wirelessly w/ your Phone!

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

The right light can go a long way. A wirelessly controlled, fully customizable light will take you even farther!

Meet The Kick: it’s like a full blown lighting studio, but tiny enough to tote anywhere.

The Kick is an LED light panel that you control through an app on your phone. Change the color, shade and brightness with just a few taps. It can even mimic the light from any photo or video already on your camera roll.

You can use it off camera or slide it onto the back of your phone. It has a tripod mount for hands-free lighting.

The precise controls let you use it as a subtle fill light, a white balancing light, or start a disco tech in your living room. This little guy does it all!

See Examples of The Kick at Work
$179 at the Photojojo Store

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Meet The Deluxe Pop-Up Flash Bounce
and His Light Perfecting Pals

You’ve got the Camera and the Action — now, about those Lights.

We’ve rounded up our favorite easy to use lighting gadgets. And we’ve even added a new one … The Deluxe Pop-Up Flash Bounce that bounces light from any angle.

Grab up these gizmos and give your photos pro-quality lighting, just the special sparkle you’ve been looking for.

Deluxe Pop-Up Flash Bounce

The Deluxe Pop-Up Flash Bounce redirects the harsh light from your pop-up flash.

It swivels around so you can bounce your flash’s flash off of a wall or ceiling and make the light fall more evenly.

Deluxe Pop-Up Flash Bounce
$37 at the Photojojo Store


Ring Flash Adapter

Get the soft glowing look of a ring flash with the Ring Flash Adapter.

It works with your external flash to surround your subject with light, for a fraction of cost of a pro ring flash.

Ring Flash Adapter
$40 at the Photojojo Store

White Balance Lens Caps

Nothing ruins great lighting like crummy white balance.

The White Balance Lens Cap helps you set the perfect custom white balance every time, even in mixed light where the presets just won’t cut it.

White Balance Lens Caps
From $45 at the Photojojo Store

The iPad Telephoto Lens Has Super
Zoom Powers

Check it out

Elephants, body pillows, King sized candy. We’re huge fans of big things.

We’ve taken to photoing with our iPad because we can’t get enough of that super-sized viewfinder.

So when we peeped iPad Telephoto Lenses that super-size the telephoto power of your iPad, we had to have ‘em.

Round up the right iPadcessories and take full advantage of that big beautiful viewfinder/photo viewer/your iPad.

The (New!) iPad Telephoto Lens
$25 at the Photojojo Shop


      The iPad Telephoto Lens

The iPad Telephoto Lens uses optical zoom to see 10-12x farther than your iPad can see on its own. So there’s no need for pixel killing digital zoom.

This little lens makes a big difference. It’ll grab more detail, add a touch of vignetting, and help you photograph a raccoon while keeping a safe distance.

The iPad Telephoto Lens
$25 at the Photojojo Store

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iPad SD Card Readers

The iPad SD card reader allows you to upload and view photos from your DSLR or point-and-shoot on your iPad in a flash.

Review your shots on a big screen before you get back to your computer, no cables or syncing required.

iPad SD Card Readers
from $15 at the Photojojo Store

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      iPad Fisheye, Telephoto, Wide/Macro Pro Lenses

Add interest to your photos with these pro quality lenses, made of optical glass and solid aluminum.

Shoot with a wide angle or 2x telephoto. Take stunning macro shots, or facetime through a fisheye.

The iPad Lens Series
$20 at the Photojojo Store

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The Pocket Spotlight

More than make up for your iPad’s lack of flash with the Pocket Spotlight.

Mount it to your iPad’s headphone jack to take portraits indoors. Or, hold it in your hand to light up a scene just the way you want it before you snap that pic or roll that video.

The Pocket Spotlight
$30 at the Photojojo Store

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The Crankerator and iFlash Drive:
Photo Survival Gear

Check it out

It’s a jungle out there!

…and it’s a very pretty jungle so you’re going to want to take some photos.

Don’t forget to pack the Crankerator, an on-the-go back up battery you can charge by cranking the handle. The jungle doesn’t have outlets, but you have two arms that are ready to crank.

Also grab an iFlash Drive, the infinately handy iPhone/Pad/Pod and USB compatible thumb drive. Be ready to show a jungle cat your portfolio or clear space on your camera roll.

Oh, and bring insect repellant, the jungle is full of spiders.

The Crankerator Tweet It!
$60 at the Photojojo Shop

The iFlash Drive Tweet It!
From $99 at the Photojojo Shop

The Spring Break Camera Strap
is Here to Party!

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

We’re sporting the partiest camera strap for the most partyful break of the year. Spring Break!

The Spring Break Camera Strap adds a pop of color to your Spring break attire, features extra comfy neoprene padding and quick release snaps.

Look good, keep your camera close and keep both hands free for high fives. High ten! It doesn’t get much more party than that.

Party with the Spring Break Strap
$26 at the Photojojo Store

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Lighten Up! (Your Photos)
With The Pocket Spotlight

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

We have seen the light! …and now we carry it around with us to light our photos.

It’s called The Pocket Spotlight, and it’s a portable panel of LEDs perfect for adding diffused light to dark situations.

Since it’s a constant light (and not some fleeting flash) you can take your time directing the light in just the right angle and setting the perfect exposure.

It comes with a headphone jack mount and a hot shoe mount, and if you’re not into mounting, you can just hold it in your hot little hand.

Get Ahold of The Pocket Spotlight
$30 at the Photojojo Store

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Two New Timesavers
for The Photographer On-The-Go

Check it out

You’ve got places to be, photos to take! You’re just the sort of person who could use these timesaving gadgets.

The perfectly portable Memory Card Speed Reader has everything you need to transfer files on the fly. It can read all the most popular memory cards (Yup, even yours) and has a USB cord built-right in.

These Ten-Digit Touchscreen Gloves have conductive thread sewn into each of their ten fingertips, grippy palms for fumbly photographers and an extra cuddly micro-fleece lining so you can photo/edit/upload in the great (cold) outdoors.

Check them out in the Photojojo Shop. It’ll only take a minute.

The Memory Card Speed Reader Tweet It!
$45 at the Photojojo Shop

Ten-Digit Touchscreen Gloves Tweet It!
$30 at the Photojojo Shop