The SLR Pinhole Body Cap: Transform Your DSLR into a Pinhole Camera!
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We often forget that photography comes down to one delightfully simple equation: hole + box = photo.

A pinhole is all it takes!

And now we can have all the gorgeous lo-fi pinhole photos we’ve dreamed of with the SLR Pinhole Body Cap.

The Pinhole Body Cap’s wizadrous powers magically transform our DSLR into a pinhole camera (it works with film SLRs, too!), supplying us with a never ending stream of dreamy-fied photos.

And the best part is that we can instantly view our pinhole photos!

It’s specially designed with a *precision perfect* pinhole for just the right diffusion and a plate that keeps our delicate camera insides safe from evil little dust particles.

You can just call our camera a DSLRa obscura (or something like that)!

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$50 each at the Photojojo Shop!

Two New Impossible Project Instant Films! PX 600 Silver Shade & PX 70 Color Shade

Harvest moons, nippy weather, technicolor leaves.

*Sigh* This is what fills us with the fuzzy nostalgia of turkey days of autumns past.

But that’s not the only thing this time of year makes us miss. It was almost exactly a year ago that the last Polaroid films expired.

Some might call it a miracle then that only one year later The Impossible Project has developed two *new* ground-breaking instant films.

And Photojojo’s the first and only shop to bring them to you! Presenting the PX 600 Silver Shade and PX 70 Color Shade Films.

PX 600 Silver Shade

Stable and consistent, this version is a step up from the First Flush of Silver Shade.

This sepia-toned monochrome film delivers dreamy, warm-toned prints.

And, you’re in luck! This gorgeous film is optimized to be used with the most popular Polaroid cameras – the 600 series.

PX 600 Silver Shade
$22 per pack in The Photojojo Shop

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PX 70 Color Shade

The Impossible Project’s first instant color film!

No one thought it could be done – but Impossible gathered up their best German chemists and did it!

This beauty has a soft, desaturated look similar to expired Time Zero film and is optimized for SX-70 Polaroid cameras.

PX 70 Color Shade
$44 per 3 pack in the Photojojo Shop

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The Camera USB Drive & The Camera Strap Buddy

With all of the fun photo gizmos and gadgets you’ve collected, you might find yourself toting around a *bit* more with you on your daily outings.

Here are two new goodies that will help you carry your photo load.

One is designed to get your photos and files from point A to B, while the other revolutionizes the way you wear your camera!

Camera USB Drive

Our desk is a gallery of only the most unique and charming desk items (sculptural stapler from MOMA ftw!).

And now, we have a USB drive that will fit right in: The Camera USB Drive!

It’s a finely detailed mini camera replica that carries 4GB of photos and files in camera fashion style.

Camera USB Drive
$20 each in The Photojojo Shop

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Camera Strap Buddy

This little buddy transforms the way we wear our camera into a most comfy sling style.

It attaches one end of our camera strap to the bottom of our camera.

We can now non-awkwardly walk across the room without our camera using our stomach as a bounce house! Boo-ya.

Camera Strap Buddy
$15 in the Photojojo Shop

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The Mini Model Camera, Complete Your Collection with This Tiny Photo Gem!
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Guess what! Size does matter.

We had it all wrong with “bigger is better,” though.

We took a tip from our favorite camera-centric country Japan, where you’ll find the smallest yet greatest lil’ cameras. Our new mantra? “Go small or not at all!”

Presenting, direct from Japan, The Mini Model Camera, a camera perfectly sized for plastic dinos, Lilliputians, and photo super-geeks!

This tiny gem is a superbly detailed 1/6 scale model of your own life-sized DSLR, complete with three lenses that are interchangeable! (Their lens hoods are removable, too!)

At last, your collection is complete. It’s that hard-to-find camera model that you and your friends don’t have!

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$28 each at the Photojojo Shop!

Instant Photos are Back! Presenting the Fuji Instax 210 Wide Format Instant Camera
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Movie rentals that suddenly appear in your mailbox and cheese pizzas that show up at your door with the click of a mouse…could there be anything more magical?

Yup! It’s Fuji’s Instax 210 Wide Format Instant Camera, bringing instant photography back one big, beautiful print at a time.

This insta-sharp-shooter promises all the best of its instant photo predecessors, and then some:

You get the magic moment of watching a photo develop right before your eyes and the added bonus of gorgeous, colorful wide prints! (Not to mention easy-to-find film!)

In 5 minutes, you’ll have prints ready to color your wall, decorate your desk, and pretty much make life happier in general.

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$80 each at the Photojojo Shop!

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Attachable Lenses for Your Camera-Phone, Fisheye & Macro/Wide Angle Phone Lenses
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Camera-phones. They’re a wonder unto themselves.

We never fail to whip ours out for in-the-moment shots, and our Facebook mobile album is three times bigger than any other.

So, when we found these nifty fisheye and combination wide-angle/macro camera phone lenses, we were psyched to see our phone photos umphed to the tenth degree!

These two high-clarity glass lenses are like pro lenses for our camera-phone, delivering crisp and clear snaps every time.

They’re compatible with any kind of camera-phone. Plus, they give us all the extreme-angle fun we’ve been dying to have but couldn’t afford in full-size.

Concerts, family reunions, skateboarding adventures, strolls through botanical gardens, Beastie Boy photo-shoots. Yup, we’re set!

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$20-$40 at the Photojojo Shop!

Our New Color Lens and Flash Filters, a ROYGBIV for Your Pocket
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Dear friend,

Your infatuation with color is bordering on obsession.

Your light-paintings are filled with EVERY color of the rainbow, and your double-exposures are insane collages of color.

We know your secret. We’ve seen the crinkly mess of color-gels at the bottom of your bag!

Today is the day when everything changes.

The Color Lens and Flash Filters are here, and they’re going to make everything better.

Eight vibrant, pocket-sized color filters hang neatly on a handy ring, ready for you to use over your lens or flash.

No more crazy double-rainbows. Just one, clean ROYGBIV for your pocket.


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$15 each at the Photojojo Shop!

The Camera Lens Mug
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A cup of joe that’ll keep you sharp, in-focus, and happy all day long…and those side effects aren’t from the caffeine.

Introducing: the Camera Lens Mug, a mug rendered to resemble a remarkably realistic 24-105mm Canon lens!

Complete with lens-cap lid and rubber-grip zoom and focus rings, this marvelous mug also features an autofocus switch that actually switches between AF and MF.

We know the warning signs too well. You’ll begin with a cup of Earl Grey, then move onto a banana yogurt smoothie, next, an ice cream fudge sundae, and pretty soon, you’ll be so hooked on your new mug, you’ll be eating dinner out it, too!

Camera-geek meet Camera Lens Mug, your new favorite lemonade/jelly-bean/meatloaf/plant-holder.

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$24 each at the Photojojo Shop!

p.s. Check out its opposite: a lens made from a mug!

Summer Photo Fun, Under $15!

It’s July! And so far, we’ve had a little lot of fun this summer. This may explain our dwindling funds.

Dwindled or not, funds are a non-factor when it comes to our two newest photo toys! They’ll stretch your summer fun through to the end of August, and beyond! (Dare we mention fall?)

Affordable yet awesome, they’re our two favorite new finds.

Photo Paddles

These 5 clear plastic paddles fit in your pocket, and bring the funny wherever you go.

Just hold up and snap to add a moustache, red lips, a speech bubble (dry-eraser included!), or a cowboy to any shot you take. No post-processing required!

Photo Paddles
$10 each in The Photojojo Shop

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Reusable Underwater Camera

Our first sip of underwater photography only left us thirsty for more. But the cost!

Then we found this little guy — a 35mm wide-angle waterproof marvel with a dreamy ‘toy’ camera lens.

Costs less than a disposable underwater camera, yet it’s reloadable!

Reusable Underwater Camera
$15 at the Photojojo Store. Includes film.

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Animags — Magnetic Photo Stands/Our New Best Friends
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We’d been saving up for our dream trip to Japan ever since we saw Lost in Translation.

After hours of nodding in and out of second-run movies and throwing hot towels on our face, we made it! And guess what? Japan truly is the land of all things magical and rare, just like Sofia promised!

We couldn’t possibly leave all that magic behind, so a week later we stuffed our pockets full of Animags, put on our most innocent look, and dashed through customs.

What the hey are Animags? Only the most adorable magnetic photo-holders shaped like animals. Ever.

Intricately-detailed zebra, grizzly bear, deer, and hammerhead shark each split in two with hidden magnets for sandwiching and holding your prints. Photo-farm > Farmville.

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$9 each at the Photojojo Shop!

p.s. Our pals at Vimeo are putting together an *awesome video festival*. Enter yours, you might win a $25,000 grant!


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