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The Swivl: A Tiny Camera Crew Just for You

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We already know you’re gonna be the next big auteur, so shouldn’t you have your own obedient camera crew?

The Swivl tracks movement via sensor while your iPhone is recording smooth panning video. It follows your every move by tilting up, down and rotating a full 360 degrees.

Eat your heart out Scorsese.

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$179 at the Photojojo Shop

The Lens Bracelet! Now in Six Snappy Styles

Ever since your phone took over timekeeping duties, you’ve been looking to put that naked wrist of yours back to work.

The time has come to use your wrist to declare your undying love of all things photo with The Lens Bracelet.

We just expanded our lens bracelet family to include two new Canon models and two long-awaited Nikon styles.

You’ll always be only a wrist glance away from remembering the true time … I love my lenses o’clock!

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$20 for 2 in the Photojojo Shop

Throw a Summer Photo Fiesta


Party Season is upon us – it’s time to gather up the essential supplies! Friends, family, watermelon, SPF, H2O and your camera of course.

But wait, there’s more.

To throw the most photogenic fiesta of the season you’ll need our brand new ‘Stache Stash and Pennant Party Box

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$12 at the Photojojo Shop

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$25 at the Photojojo Shop

The iPhone Scuba Suit Takes Your Phoneography To New Depths

*glug glug glug*

Warm summer months are upon us, which means you’ll adopt an amphibious lifestyle.

Lucky for you, you can armor your iPhone with The iPhone Scuba Suit! It’s a 100% waterproof case for safely shooting gorgeous underwater iPhone photos up to 15 feet deep.

That means you won’t miss a beat — you’ll catch your subaqueous adventures on camera, and then some.

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$60 at the Photojojo Shop

Introducing Two iPhoneography Must-Haves

Leaving the house with your DSLR means never leaving your lenses or extra battery behind.

Now, the same goes for your iPhone!

The Keychain iPhone Charger and the Olloclip 3-in-1 iPhone Lens will have you more ready than an AP photographer on his first day.

The Keychain iPhone Charger

The biggest downer in your iPhone-shooting career? Every single time your phone has died mid-shot.

This Zippo-sized charger directly plugs into your iPhone’s charging dock for a 30% to 50% battery boost.

It’s lighter and more portable than other bulky chargers, and won’t leave you hunting for wall plugs.

The Keychain iPhone Charger
$35 each in The Photojojo Shop

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The Olloclip 3-in-1 iPhone Lens

Now, you can get your Olloclip iPhone Lens from the Photojojo Shop!

We liken it to a triple scoop ice cream cone. Because why would you pick one flavor, when you can have three?

This 3-in-1 lens cleverly clips over the corner of your iPhone giving your iPhoneography the awesome versatility of a Macro, Wide-angle, and Fisheye in one.

The Olloclip 3-in-1 iPhone Lens
$70 in the Photojojo Shop

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The ioShutter Camera Remote Adds Modes to Your Camera!

You never thought it could be, but your iPhone and your DSLR have called a truce.

Thanks to the ioShutter Camera Remote your iPhone’s joining forces with your camera to shoot in six rad ways.

So what is it? It’s a cord/app combo that lets you use your iPhone/iPad/iPod to set up a motion-trigger, sound-trigger, time-lapse, timer, or bulb mode on your camera.

Suddenly, your iPhone’s the best photo assistant you’ve ever had with impeccable taste in music to boot!

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$70 at the Photojojo Shop

p.s. Photojojo’s hiring! We’re seeking a buyer and writer to work with our fun team of photo lovers in San Francisco.

The Tattly Camera Tattoo Set

Tattoos are reserved for the badasses of the world.

You? You’re a special kind of badass, a photographer with a keen eye for good design.

Tina Roth Eisenberg (SwissMiss) commissioned three artists for The Tattly Camera Tattoo Set, a set of 12 camera-loving temporary tattoos wrapped in a dapper gift box.

Geek out your bad self with old school Polaroid cameras, rangefinders, TLRs and black and white aperture shutters.

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$25 at the Photojojo Shop

The Glif+, a Tripod Mount for iPhoneographers That Live on the Edge

If your iPhone were a human (which it nearly is), he’d be a free-diving, BMX-stunting, elite parkour champ.

Every thrill-seeker needs a safety net, and his? It’s the Glif+.

It’s just like the Glif, an iPhone tripod mount that doubles as a stand, but it comes with an extra vertical support and a loop for hanging on your keychain.

Your iPhone will stay secure to your tripod in more extreme angles, like up in a tree or on a bike. Champ status, indeed!

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$30 at the Photojojo Shop

The Universal Flash Filter Kit, 20 Filters Designed to Make Lighting Easy & Fun

You’ve tried prisms, sprinklers, eating *lots* of Skittles, but harnessing the sheer beauty of a rainbow has proven to be a challenge.

Here’s a surprisingly easy way! The Universal Flash Filter Kit will shower gorgeous color onto your photos.

These 20 color filters easily slip on and off your external flash via an included band. They’re crinkle-proof, sized to fit over any external flash and come in a small carrying case.

Lighting will finally be what you’ve always wished it was: e-z and fun!

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$30 at the Photojojo Shop

The iPhone Boom Mic, For Vids That Sound as Good as They Look

The last time you tried shooting an iPhone video of your buddies, things got a little too TMZ-ish for your liking.

How else were you going to pick up their voice without hovering your phone an inch from their face?

Cue The iPhone Boom Mic. It’s a tiny mic that gives you professional style sound with two directional settings, near and far.

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$40 at the Photojojo Shop