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Wearable Photos: A DIY guide

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Ever had the urge to wrap your body in photographs? Yes? Well, today, all of your dreams can come true!

Follow this guide to learn how to turn your photos into wearable photo fabric — that’s right fabric.

Use our Photo Fabric Dye Kit and the power of the sun to permanently print images onto most fabrics. This process is quick, easy, and works like magic.

You’ll be draped in photos in no time.

Make Wearable Photos

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Two Awesome & Creative Ways to Turn Your Photos into Sculpture

Paint and clay are some artist’s medium of choice. Yours? Photos!

Artists Nerhol and Michael Mapes collaged photos into sculptural masterpieces that’ll inspire you to try something similar with your own photos!

Nerhol (duo Ryuta and Yoshihisa) makes 3D paper-cut portraits. They start by shooting lots of portraits of one person in three minutes.

After printing and piling the photos into a stack, they cut through the stack to reveal all of the layers of photos below for a three-dimensional image.

Michael Mapes’ take on photo sculptures involves cutting up a single image and putting it back together like a mosaic.

The twist is that each piece of the photo is different — some are cut into circles, squares, put into bottles or under magnifiers. The final image looks like a rad display that you might see at a museum.

Get inspired by checking out these two projects below.

Nerhol’s Paper Cut Portraits [via It’s Nice That]

Michael Mapes’ Specimen Photo Mosaics [via This is Colossal]

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Worldwide Pinhole Day, 5 Amazing Cameras to Inspire You + Tips

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Every year, a strange and wonderful phenomenon takes place. *Every* object around you transforms into a camera.

No kidding. One time, we saw a refrigerator take a picture of an egg. Then the egg snapped a picture of a bell pepper. Before the bell pepper could take a picture, someone ate it!

Let Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day redefine your idea of what a camera can be. It’s happening this year on April 29th!

From your own fist to a saltine cracker, we’ve rounded up astounding pinhole cameras with tips for your own camera creations.

5 Incredible Pinhole Cameras

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DIY: Create Photographs Using Plant Matter!

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It’s the perfect time of year to take a break from editing at your computer. Take a stroll outside and breathe in the budding aroma of flowers.

Unbeknown to most folks, those pretty flowers harness the power to produce a stellar photograph! An anthotype to be exact — a photo print made with plant matter.

Spinach, daisies, wine, strawberries, onions, and other plants are all light sensitive. If you leave them out in the sun long enough, you’ll have your very own plant prints, just like that.

Not only do plants feed us and give us shelter, but they make photos for us, too! Is there anything these guys can’t do?

How to Make Photo Prints with Plants


DIY: Make Easy Photo Transfers on Wood

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Phone transfers, data transfers, and work transfers: meh.

Photo transfers? Now we’re talking!

Well, how ’bout photo transfers on wood?

Yup, it’s possible, with the combined magical abilities of a laser printer and gel medium.

Wow your pals with our tutorial that’ll guide you through it all, no knocking on wood needed.

Transfer Your Fave Photo Onto Wood!

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DIY — Make Photos at Home with a Quickie Darkroom

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You have a leftover box of photo paper from Photo 101, and it’s been taunting you from your shelf.

You could swear you once heard it wimper into the cold, dark night, “Make photos with me!” But, alas, you have no dark room or chemicals with which to make prints!

Good news: you can still make photos with it.

You don’t even need chemicals or an enlarger.

It’s the same concept as sun printing with a surprise appearance by analog’s bizzaro world counterpart: digital!

(All thanks to our pal Mike Dunckley for sharing his photos and showing us how.)

Make Photos at Home without Chemicals

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DIY: Turn Digital Photos into Vintage-like Prints with Mulberry Paper

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What is it that makes vintage photos so inherently beautiful? It may very well be that they’ve been loved for so many years.

And while we’d like to wait around to watch our photos get lovelier and lovelier by the year, it’d take forevs. That’s why we dug our pal Helen Stead‘s idea so much!

She prints photos on mulberry paper, a translucent paper made from the bark of mulberry trees.

It’s the paper’s fabric-like texture that turns your normally crisp digital photos into stunningly soft, muted visions of yesteryear.

Thanks, mulberry paper, for saving us the 50 year waiting period.

Make Vintage Style Prints with Mulberry Paper

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The DIY Stone Photo Holder: Make a Rad Photo Display for Under $5

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Pet rocks were the best: your mom didn’t get mad at you if you forgot to feed them, they didn’t chew on your favorite sneakers, and they didn’t need to be house-trained.

What’s just as easy to handle and shows off your favorite snaps?

Why, stone photo holders of course!

Yup, stones aren’t just for throwing, skipping, or keeping as pets—they also help make some rad photo holders.

Your ol’ pebble pets are getting upgraded to photo rock star status with this easy DIY.

Show Off Your Pics with DIY Stone Photo Holders

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DIY: Make a Scratch-Off Photo Valentine

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Scratch-off cards sure know how to take you on an emotional roller coaster. First you’re filled with gleeful anticipation and then, womp-womp. It’s a dud!

Lucky for us, our buddy Brit showed us a sure way to always get a winning scratch-off.

She taught us how to turn Polaroids (or any photo) into the best scratch-off card ever.

You can make your own easy scratch-offs using dish soap and acrylic paint. It’s really that easy.

Give one of these away to your crush or BFF for Valentine’s Day! They’ll totally be impressed by your crafty photo skills, and who knows…maybe you’ll really hit the ultimate jackpot: true love. Awww.


DIY: Make a Scarf Camera Strap
(It’s Chilly Out There!)

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What’s incredibly soft, keeps you warm, and spends its days around your neck?

A) Your cat, Harold. B) A plush dolphin travel neck pillow. C) Solid gold bling. D) Your new favorite DIY camera strap.

If you answered D, you win! Because that’s what this tutorial is all about: how to make a DIY scarf camera strap.

It’s the warmest, most colorful and winter-friendly strap your camera’s ever met.

Our pal Stacie Grissom just so happens to be a leading authority on scarf camera straps. That’s why we asked her to put together this how-to just for you.