How to Make the Best Camera Case Ever — a Dog Camera Cozy!

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The perfect DSLR camera case can be hard to come by.

And more often than not, it doesn’t even resemble any of your fave animals. What gives?

That’s where the DIY Dog Camera Cozy swoops in to save the day. It’s a soft camera cozy for your DSLR, and our pal Sarah Goldschadt is the clever crafter behind it.

Here’s the story from Sarah:

“In 2009 I bought my first DSLR …I had recently learned how to crochet with the help of my friend Alicia Kachmar.

I ended up using the basic shape of slippers to create a lens cover and then kept crocheting around my camera to see what would happen.

When I finished, adding on buttons and ears seemed like a no-brainer. Since then, I’ve upgraded to a better camera and bought a new lens, so it’s always the perfect excuse to crochet a new cover.”

Inspired? Get your craft on, and make your best friend look like man’s best friend.

Make a Crochet Dog Camera Cozy


How to Make a Mini Light Studio Using School Supplies

When school’s out, most kids are thinkin’ “Oh man, summer’s here!”

Us? We’re thinkin’ “What are we gonna do with all these binders???”

Staring at binders all summer long is no fun, so our buddies Chris Rutter and Jeff Meyer (of Digital Camera World) showed us how to turn them into a sweet light tent — perfect for casting beautifully diffused light onto your photo subjects.

That means your photos won’t have harsh shadows from the sun, and your camera will catch all of your subject’s details.

Everyone has a binder or two at home, so you can start this project today!

Plus, this portable light tent gives you great lighting on flowers, insects, and other small stuff without having to pluck them out of the ground.

Throw it in your bag, and you’ve got a mini studio wherever you go this summer.

How to Turn Binders into a Light Tent


Send Dear Old Dad a Photo Puzzle in the Mail This Father’s Day

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Your dad is one cool, Rolling-Stones-loving, facial-hair-rocking dude.

He deserves to get something equally as rad as he is this Father’s Day.

Send him a photo puzzle in the mail!

Instead of receiving one card for Father’s Day, dad will get multiple envelopes in the mail with pieces of a photo puzzle in them creating excitement, magic, and an awesome image in the end.

Dad will get the first envelope in the mail with a card and a sweet handwritten note letting him know how much you love him.

When the final puzzle piece arrives, your tough as nails dad will find it hard not to get a little choked up when he’s reminded how cool he is for raising such an awesome person.

Make a Father’s Day Photo Puzzle

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Film Grains Meet Digital Pixels: A Complete Guide to Scanning Film

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iPhones, and internets, and ion implanters! Oh my!

In this tech-savvy world we can return to 100%-analog-photog-goodness and transform them to digital with some simple scanner-wizardry.

This handy guide will show you how to scan your film, merging all of the sweetest parts of analog with the ease and shareability of digital.

The best part? You don’t have to know a thing about rocket science to follow along.

Learn How to Scan Film!

p.s. Our buddies at Printstagram make some of the bestest Instagram prints we’ve seen! You can make it happen right from your phone.


Turn Your Tablet Into a Studio Light

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Your iPad is your Sunday Times. Your game console. Your encyclopedia. The guardian of your deepest, darkest secrets. (Better put a password on that!)

And now, it’s your new studio light!

It’s true. Your tablet is powerful enough to illuminate your subject in almost any photo situation.

This guide will show you how a tablet can super charge your shots with creative backdrops, custom light shapes, and pop art colors.

Just when you thought your tablet reached peak awesomeness, it suddenly got so much awesomer.

Turn Your Tablet Into a Studio Light

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DIY: Turn Your Room into a Walk-In Camera

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What could be better than a shiny new camera? How about a walk-in camera?

That’s right! We’re making cameras big enough to have a party in.

Check out this tutorial for a step by step guide to turning any room into a giant camera.

It’s kind of like making a pinhole camera but on a real-life scale.

So grab some poster board, a roll of tape, and invite your friends over for a camera party.

Turn Your Room into a Camera Obscura

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DIY: Turn a Lens into a Bouquet Holder

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If you were to pick a themed wedding, it wouldn’t be lightsabers and Ewoks. It’d be photo-themed.

But this is no Vegas drive-through wedding. This is a glassy classy operation.

There are lots of ways to weave your favorite things into your wedding, but this DIY lens bouquet holder our pal Amber Phillips made stood out as a super original way to include your love of photography.

She’s sharing her how-to, and you don’t even have to be getting married to get in on it! You can turn your lens into a vase, planter, or a pencil-holder.

Make a Lens Bouquet Holder

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DIY: Make a Stained Glass Window out of Instagrams

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Ever wish your Instagram feed were more tangible? Like, hanging-from-your-window-tangible?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This DIY turns your windows into giant, photo-filled lightboxes that showcase your Instagram masterpieces.

Make colorful stained glass inspired windows to brighten up any space.

Gather up those digital files, or pull out that old box of 35mm slides from your grandparent’s attic.

Finally, a digital-analog way to drape your windows with Kodak moments!

Turn Your Windows into Giant Lightboxes

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DIY: How to Make a Waxed Canvas Camera Bag

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A night tour of Madame Tussauds is heck-of-scary, but here’s one thing more petrifying than that: damaged camera gear.

That same stuff Miss T uses will calm all your photo fears!

A DIY waxed camera bag will keep your lenses and camera bodies safe, sound, *and* dry.

Our buddy Allen Mowery put together this fantastic tutorial on how to make a water-resistant camera bag with grocery store wax, a messenger bag, and a camera bag insert.

The waxed canvas will add to that rugged mountain-man/lady look you pull off so well!

Make a DIY Waxed Camera Bag!

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DIY: Craft Custom Rubber Stamps from Photos

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You’ve probably got a bag of them stashed away with old envelopes and Mr. Sketch markers.

Rubber stamps. The classic currency of Valentine’s Day and letters from your penpal.

Stamps don’t have to be boring or cheesy. They can be classy, and they can even be art.

Especially if you design them from your very own photos!

Follow along with our DIY stamp project as we take you from the pixel to the pad without breaking a sweat.

Make a Custom Photo Stamp!

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