3 At-Your-Fingertips Lighting Solutions for Any Camera

Light is everything.

Without it, we’d walk into walls, and worst of all, photos would be non-existant! Blasphemy, we know.

Here are three tips to eke out extra lighting in dire photo situations. You can use these tips whether you’re shooting film, CF card, or camera phone!

Problem: Too shadowy.
Solution: Grab anything white (paper, cardboard, foam etc) & position it parallel to your subject’s shadowy side. It will pick up light from the opposite side and bounce it onto your subject.

Problem: Not enough light.
Solution: Use your phone’s glowy LCD to your advantage by pulling up a blank white screen (an empty browser does a good job) and holding it in front of your subject. Also try a flashlight app (Android).

Problem: You want color flash!
Solution: Grab a piece of clear tape or cellophane, color it with a marker and stick it over your flash. It’s especially fun for parties or if you’re stuck in Pleasantville.

3 Easy Lighting Solutions

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Make a DIY Photo Ledge — Dress Up Lonely, Blank Walls!

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What’s that you say, wall? You’re tired of the same old frames?

Lucky for you, we’ll be switching things up this month (and beyond!) with an instant photo gallery.

The DIY photo ledge takes a simple strip of plastic molding and turns it into an easy-photo-switching, exquisite photo wall sprucer-upper.

In other words, it’s a simple photo holder that makes your wall look awesome.

It looks especially sharp with Polaroids and Instax photos, but you can use it to display any collection of snaps! Your photo ledge will transform your walls from eh, blah … to aaaahhhh in under an hour.

Thanks to our pal Tom Watson who showed us how to make this photo ledge!

How to Make a DIY Photo Ledge

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How to Make a Film Ammo Strap

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Forgetting to bring an extra roll of film is like leaving the house with no pants on!

We all know that’s a bummer.

This DIY Film Ammo Strap will give you the sleekest, chicest way to securely carry your extra rolls of film with you.

The strap is inspired by those handy vintage camera straps that came with elastic loops for film.

You’ll never lose another shot because you’ll always have another roll of film.

How to Make a Film Holder Strap

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How to Make a Gigantic Roll of Film

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Film lovers unite!

This tutorial will give you the power to recreate a tiny 35mm film canister into a larger-than-life reminder of the good ol’ days.

Use it as a prop for photos, store unused rolls of film and other camera related goodies, or just make yourself feel really small!

This film canister will hold more than you ever thought could fit onto a 24-exposure roll.

Make a Giant Roll of Film!

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How to Make Glowing Photo Spheres

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We’ve seen record temperatures this summer. Sometimes, it’s just too hot to be outside!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy scenic views from the comfort of your living room (and air conditioner).

Learn how to turn your photos into glowing photo spheres!

You’ve seen those plain paper lanterns at the store, and now you can convert them to show off your own bright and colorful photographs.

And when the temperature drops, you can take your photo spheres out on the porch. Your neighbors will appreciate the view.

Make Photo Lanterns that Light Up the Night

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DIY: Turn Photos Into Beautiful Watercolor Portraits

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Photography and stencil art go hand-in-hand quite merrily, but it’s not so great if you’re not chummy with the scissors.

Well, Mr. Snippy Scissor, meet your match with the nifty masking liquid, or what we like to call liquid magic.

What is it? Well, painters use it to prevent parts of their paper from getting stained with watercolor. Think of it as a stencil!

Our handy DIY will show how you can harness this liquid-stencil goodness to easily turn your photographs into dreamy watercolor art!

Make Watercolor Paintings from Photos!

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DIY: Turn Your Fridge into a Gallery Wall, Make Photo Magnet Mosaics!

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They say opposites attract.

Big, boring fridge, meet cute magnetic photos. We think you’ll get along just fine!

It’s time to spruce up that lonely appliance, sitting in the corner, begging for attention.

Follow this tutorial for a step-by-step guide to make miniature works of art in the form of magnetic photo tiles.

You can make a mosaic or a lovely grid of your favorite Instagram photos.

Either way, you’ll make your other appliances envious and turn that big blank canvas of a fridge into a stunning gallery.

Turn Your Fridge into a Photo Gallery

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How to Shoot Dreamy Double Exposure Portraits + 5 Awesomely Inspirational Photographers

Haunting, dreamy, and gorgeous all at once, double exposures of silhouettes are the kind of photos that make you stare a while.

It’s been on your projects-to-try list, so here’s a friendly nudge with a few tips on this ethereal brand of portrait-taking.

The basics

  • 1st image: Shoot your subject with the sun or a bright sky behind them.
  • 2nd image: Shoot a well-lit textured backdrop, a landscape, flowers, grass etc. This fills in the silhouette with that image!

If you’re shooting with your phone or a digital camera

  • Overlap photos in Photoshop and play with their transparency to blend them.
  • Or use apps like Image Blender or Little Photo to combine photos.
  • If you’re shooting on film:

    • Use 200-400 ISO. Underexpose by 1 stop, since you’re exposing the film twice.
    • Shoot a roll of silhouettes. Then, rewind and reload to shoot over those exposures with textures.
    • Or line up your frames more precisely by marking your film when you load it and writing down what you’ve photographed on each frame.

    With methods ranging from 35mm to iPhone, there are a handful of photographers who have really mastered the double exposure portrait. Check out their work below for inspiration!

    5 Amazing Double Exposure Photographers
    (Photo above by Japser James)

    A Guide to Double Exposure Photography

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    DIY: Surprise Friends with Polaroid Pop-Up Cards!

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    Remember the time your grandma gave you the most amazing–yet equally embarrassing–pop-up card that played your fave Miley Cyrus song?

    Well here’s a pop-up card with all of the amazing and none of the embarrassing.

    It’s a pop-up Polaroid card that actually delivers a tiny photo of you and your buddies!

    Send them as hellos in the mail or use them as name cards for your next dinner party.

    Our pals at Brit & Co gave us the step-by-step, so get ready to put your paper-craft chops to work. Soon enough, you’ll have delightfully poppy cards, sans the music.

    Make a Polaroid Pop-Up READ MORE

    How to Turn Film Roll Canisters Into Rad Invites!

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    Film roll canisters: these little but sturdy metal containers protect our precious film.

    Yet for all their help, they get discarded during the film process, made to wander aimlessly through a sad landfill.

    Restore them back to life (and glory) by turning your film roll canisters into nifty little invitations!

    It’s the perfect way to give your pals the FYI about your next snazzy summer shindig or announce that wedding bells are a-ringing.

    Recycle and indulge in your love for all things photography with this DIY!

    Make Film Roll Invites