End-of-Summer Photo Projects in Celebration of the Human Body

It’s August, folks. Yup, that means: end of summer. And Olympics.

Instead of boo-hooing our puny, non-Olympic abilities, the waning light, and the impending return to work and school, we’ve taken a cue from the astonishing Olympic bodies we’ve been watching all month.

We present to you: the jaw-dropping, body-photography roundup. It’ll make you celebrate all that our human bodies can do: we can flip and balance (some on a 4″ beam), squish, hide, shrink, stack. We can imagine and we can take pictures.

So, go ahead, check out these awe-inspiring projects.

We promise they’ll make you want to get off your butt.

Photojojo’s End-of-Summer Body Photography Roundup


Polaroid Manipulation: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask
Polaroid manipulation

The day that Jenelle Norris sent her book “Polaroid 600 and Spectra Film: Manipulations and Creative Techniques” to the printer for layout was February 8, 2008.

The day Polaroid announced they wouldn’t be making film anymore? February 8, 2008.

Lucky for us, rather than let her effort go to waste, Jenelle put her whole book online for free!


And it’s a dang good book, too. Everything you ever wanted to know about messin’ with Polaroid: transfers, double exposures, how to use 600 film in an SX-70. You name it, it’s in there.

Get out there and stock up on Polaroid, folks! The film’s going fast and if you’re gonna experiment, ya better do it quick.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Polaroid Manipulation

p.s. Go to for the latest on the effort to save everybody’s favorite instant film, and our guide to 10 ways to love Polaroid before it’s gone!

p.p.s. We’s famous! Check out Photojojo in August’s DSLR User (page 130), ProPHOTO Magazine (page 16), and this interview on us in Pop17!

Photo credits: Bradley Johnson, Lexi Hoeller, Paolo Degasperi and Brian Henry.

Photojojo’s Favorite Flickr Add-ons and Mashups
Photojojo's flickr tool roundup

We loooove Flickr. We want to marry Flickr.

What’s funny about our infatuation, though, is that it involves quite a few other people.

No, no, not like that. We’re talking about the clever developers who have transformed Flickr into the dynamic and lovable photo site that it is. Their creamy vanilla tools and bavarian dark chocolate add-ons are the frosting on the Flickr (cup)cake.

While there are many, many Flickr mashups out there, we’ve scoured through hundreds to bring you our favorite useful and fun ones.

Without further ado…

Photojojo’s Fave Flickr Add-ons and Mashups

p.s. Did we miss one you like? Tell us about it!


Photojojo’s Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Photography
Road Trip!

You may not have heard about this in the news (it’s kind of one of those underground media stories) but gasoline is getting sort of expensive.

We fear it might put a damper on one of the greatest pastimes ever: road trips!

We at Photojojo love road trips because they’re a photographer’s dream: each new mile is a photo waiting to happen. So we’ve compiled our Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Photography, to inspire you on your next trip!

Gather as many friends as you can for your carpool vacation, and pack the camera gear into your hybrid (or rent one!). It’s time to hit the road!

Photojojo’s Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Photography


Two Great Ways to Publish Your Own Magazine
shanghai cover

It’s amazing how much money we’ve spent on photo magazines over the years.

Of course, that’s nothing compared to the amount of time we’ve spent getting the stink eye from the cashier as we thumbed through every magazine at the newsstand.

And then came The Internet, where you can browse photo magazines all day with nary a stink eye in sight.

Even better, you can publish your own magazine online. For free. And it’ll look just like a real magazine, with pages you can flip through.

Use it as a portfolio, show off that photo essay you’ve been working on, or get your artsy friends together for a virtual gallery show. You can even get your magazine printed and sell it!

Read on for more ideas on how to publish your own magazine, and why you should!

Publish Your Own Photo Mag


Photojojo’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2008
father and daughter

Remember the year you got your dad that orange plaid tie for Father’s Day?

How about the slicer-dicer gadget that nearly claimed his thumb?

And remember that whole decade of golf tchotchkes?

Your dad remembers.

The good news is, this could be your year to turn it around.

To help you out, we proudly present our super mondo guide to Father’s Day awesomeness.

Photojojo’s Father’s Day Extravaganza 2008

p.s. It’s contest time again, and this time it’s a knock-down, drag-out, floor-scufflin’ brawl to crown The Cutest Baby Ever! We’ve got heaps of prizes for twelve lucky winners, courtesy of our pals at

All you have to do is round up a photo of the most freakishly cute baby you know and post it to our contest on the Photojojo forum by Friday June 13th.

Photo credit: Tierney Nowland


Play Nicely With Others: Games to Play With Your Camera

A recent major university double-blind study has concluded that games are fun.

In addition, 63 percent of licensed phlebotomists agree that fun is nice.

These ground-shaking, revolutionary results have caused us to revise our staunchly anti-fun philosophy.

In an effort to explore these new (and somewhat suspicious) avenues of “fun” and “games” we respectfully present our findings on the subject: five games you can play with your camera and photos.

We are informed by reliable sources that they qualify as “fun.”

Photography Games

p.s. Been messing around with perspective lately? Post your photos in the “Tunnel Vision” thread on the Photojojo forum.


How to Choose a Camera Bag
bad camera bag

Photojojo owns one of the worst camera bags in the world.

Weird, right? You’d think we’d have something really cool, but no.

This thing is ugly. It has next to no padding. It’s too small. And even though it’s tiny, the strap is so uncomfortable that 30 minutes carrying it around feels like a week. Plus it has this big logo on the front that says “Thank You For Shopping With Us.”

So we need a new camera bag. But there are so many options out there, where do we even start? What should we look for? What should we avoid? Will our trusty camera ever find a new home?

We had a look around and here’s what we found:

What to Look For in a Camera Bag

Stealth Bags — For undercover urbanites.
The Electric Pocket — For leetle cameras.

Congratulations to Jennifer Konig for winning the Squarespace Portfolio Makeover Contest!

Polaroid-a-palooza: Ten Ways to Love Polaroid Before The Film Runs Out
Polaroid rules

They say no news is good news.

Unfortunately, Polaroid has news: after next year, there won’t be any more Polaroid film.

Since our beloved Polaroid camera only has a year to live, we’ve decided to make it the Best Year Ever.

Let’s shake it!

10+ Ways to Love Polaroid Before It’s Too Late!

p.s. Our “Monday Stinks!” contest runs until tomorrow: three winners a day will get tasty coffee! Enter here.
p.p.s. Congratulations to Betsy, Lisa and “Maui Pikake” for winning the Thrillist Stupid Photo Contest!


19 New Year’s Photo Resolutions — Goodbye 2007, Hello Two Thousand and Awesome!

We were full of big plans this time last year. We were going to learn to cook, run a marathon, and stop watching so much doggone TV. Now here it is nearly 2008, and we’re still spending every night talking back to Trebek and noshing on Tasty Bite.

Needless to say, game show marathons and shelf-stable delicacies do not a Haile Gebreselassie make.

So much for 2007.

And hello, 2008! We’re planning to greet it with some kinder, gentler resolutions, and you can bet they won’t involve the kitchen, the remote, or running shoes. But they will involve a shutter.

We’ve come up with 19 photo-related New Year’s resolutions that’ll have you learning more, practicing more, and taking more risks in two thousand and awesome. (What is, “Fewer eyes trained on Trebek,” Alex?)



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