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Will These 5 Robot Photographers Replace Human Photogs as We Know It?

photoBot photo by Claudine Quinn

No, they won’t.

But they’ll take over when you want to take a break from shooting at a party or want to document your day without having to stop what you’re doing!

Meet the anthropomorphic party cameras:

  • photoBot is a ‘bot that uses an ultrasonic ranger to detect where people are in a room. Like an adorable T2, he detects people to shoot and shoots them.
  • NAO is a humanoid robot that can shoot based off the rule of thirds and the golden ratio. It actually learned what makes a good photo based on these two photography principles.

These robo-photographers are meant to be worn, so they’ll document your day from your perspective:

  • The Autographer has 5 sensors that use a super smart algorithm that decides when it’s just the right moment to take a photo.
  • The Memoto comes with no buttons because it simply shoots a photo every 30 seconds. Similar to the Autographer, you clip it on and have your day documented!

Other robo-cameras of note are Sony’s Party-Shot camera that sits on a base and takes photos of your party for you and the Instaprint, a little box that prints out Instagram photos based on hashtags.

It’ll be a while before humans are completely replaced with robots, but we wouldn’t mind handing over the duties when our hands are full. How about you?

photoBot, the Anthropomorphic Camera [via It’s Nice That]

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How to Prevent Photo Horror Stories — 6 Scary Photo Scenarios & How to Get Through Them

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As photographers, we plan and plan for big shoots.

But, we all have those days. The ones where that black cat that crossed our path, or we accidentally walked under a ladder.

Despite our best efforts, things can go wrong from time to time.

We’ll show you how to ward off those photoshoot nightmares. Our tips will prevent scary photo scenarios like garlic chases vampires away!

How to Prevent Photo Horror Stories

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The Fastest Film Scanner in the World & More from Photo Hack Day Berlin!

If you could make your own photo hack, what would it be? Personally, we’d figure out a way to make CatPaint real life.

Over a hundred developers dreamed even bigger at Photo Hack Day Berlin last week!

With judges from Facebook, Getty Images, and EyeEm and participants like the Loopcam & InstaCRT team, competition was fierce and yielded some amazing apps that we actually wish we had on our phone right now.

These were the top three winners!

1.Helmut: The fastest scanner in the world! A simple box in which you place a film negative. The accompanying app shoots a photo of the film & inverts it into a positive image. We watched them scan a frame in under 5 seconds.
2. Tourist Eraser: Kinda like Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill for your phone. It detects tourists in your photo and erases them without you having to do any work.
3. Visual Weather: Pulls together Flickr photos of what the weather looked like on a day similar to today’s. (To figure out what to wear & such!)

EXTRA COOL THING! We helped celebrate with an online photo challenge with EyeEm. See the winners’ photos, which were actually shown at Photo Hack Day!

The Best Photo Hacks from Photo Hack Day Berlin

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Photokina: An Easy-to-Follow Guide on the Latest in Cameras! (And then some)

Last week, 180,000 photo fans from all over the world came together in Cologne, Germany for Photokina.

What’s a Photokina? It’s Disneyland for photo nerds!

WEDONOTKID. We saw lenses the size of buildings, ladies swinging from the ceiling, zoetropes made of Legos and so much more.

It’s the world’s biggest photo conference that comes around only every two years. Along with the conference came camera announcements.

And with it, a flood of tech specs.

If it seems to have blurred into an indecipherable cloud of hyphenated terminology, allow us to translate!

A Guide to the Latest in Digital Cameras

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How to Shoot Dreamy Double Exposure Portraits + 5 Awesomely Inspirational Photographers

Haunting, dreamy, and gorgeous all at once, double exposures of silhouettes are the kind of photos that make you stare a while.

It’s been on your projects-to-try list, so here’s a friendly nudge with a few tips on this ethereal brand of portrait-taking.

The basics

  • 1st image: Shoot your subject with the sun or a bright sky behind them.
  • 2nd image: Shoot a well-lit textured backdrop, a landscape, flowers, grass etc. This fills in the silhouette with that image!

If you’re shooting with your phone or a digital camera

  • Overlap photos in Photoshop and play with their transparency to blend them.
  • Or use apps like Image Blender or Little Photo to combine photos.
  • If you’re shooting on film:

    • Use 200-400 ISO. Underexpose by 1 stop, since you’re exposing the film twice.
    • Shoot a roll of silhouettes. Then, rewind and reload to shoot over those exposures with textures.
    • Or line up your frames more precisely by marking your film when you load it and writing down what you’ve photographed on each frame.

    With methods ranging from 35mm to iPhone, there are a handful of photographers who have really mastered the double exposure portrait. Check out their work below for inspiration!

    5 Amazing Double Exposure Photographers
    (Photo above by Japser James)

    A Guide to Double Exposure Photography

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    Summer Guide: Keep in Touch with Friends via Photo Apps!

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    Prom, graduation, senior trips. It’s the end of the school year, and you’ve got the pictures to prove all those feats of studying, playing, and saying goodbye!

    The only downside to summer? Everyone disperses!

    Here’s how to keep in touch with your friends using what you love most — your photos.

    Don’t let those photos just sit and gather digital dust. Check out these tips for creative ways to share those kodak moments from the past year and through the summer.

    How to Keep in Touch with Photo Apps

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    Alternative Prom Photography — Ideas & Tips for Truly Great Prom Photos

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    Prom photo-ops have traditionally come in two flavors.

    1) A camera-wielding parent on the front porch 2) The dude your high school hired arranging your arms into awkward poses.

    You can shoot a mean photo, so why not try your hand at playing photographer for the night? For a kickstart, we put together a guide for prom photos that are as cool and fun as you are.

    Learn how to levitate in photos or how to make your own photobooth for a post-prom party.

    You only get to go to prom once (or twice, if you’re cool like that). So make photos that’ll wow your date and will be awesome to look at years later!

    How to Take Awesome Prom Photos READ MORE

    Get Sharp Photos with These Easy Tricks


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    Getting a once-in-a-lifetime shot is every photographer’s dream, but having those shots tainted by blur can be gut-wrenching.

    While you might not be able to choose when these prize shots come your way, you can make sure you’re ready for them with some choice equipment and a little technique.

    Your photos will be so sharp you’ll be able to slice tomatoes with them! Odd? Yes. Sharp? Awesome!

    How to Become a Sharper Shooter

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    How to Shoot Star Trails & Out of This World Night Sky Photos


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    It’s beautiful and sparkly. It’s the night sky!

    When the night is clear, the stars and astrophotographers come out to play. But you don’t need to be an astronomer to shoot the stars. We’ll show you how.

    Immortalize the ever-changing cosmos in glorious photos with a few handy rules on tripod-use and exposure.

    Whether you’re shooting the auroras or want to capture star trails, long exposures will get you there. Click on for our best tips!

    How to Catch Stars With Your Camera READ MORE

    Worldwide Pinhole Day, 5 Amazing Cameras to Inspire You + Tips

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    Every year, a strange and wonderful phenomenon takes place. *Every* object around you transforms into a camera.

    No kidding. One time, we saw a refrigerator take a picture of an egg. Then the egg snapped a picture of a bell pepper. Before the bell pepper could take a picture, someone ate it!

    Let Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day redefine your idea of what a camera can be. It’s happening this year on April 29th!

    From your own fist to a saltine cracker, we’ve rounded up astounding pinhole cameras with tips for your own camera creations.

    5 Incredible Pinhole Cameras

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