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Leave Your Mark!
Customize Photos With Lumi

If you’re not already in love with Lumi, you will be soon. (We know we sure are!)

They’re so amazing that they wrote this article for you, with ideas on how to customize your pics: personalized stamps, signatures, and more. Your work will be even more you.

Whether you’re giving your bestie a super special photo for their b-day, or you just wanna decorate with more than a plain ol’ pic, Lumi’s got you covered.

Get ready to get creative!


New Year! New Followers! How to Make More
Instagram Pals

The empty champagne bottle says it all: the new year has arrived!

Begin the year by sharing your stellar shots with a wider audience on your fave photo sharing app.

We’re talking, of course, about Instagram! We’ve got tips for making friends and finding new followers ’cause your awesome IG pics deserve to be seen.

Go forth and have a picture-perfect start to the new year!


Shooting Spine-Chilling Spots:
Q&A With Thomas Windisch

BOO! Did we scare you? No? Well, we have something else to get you in the Halloween mood.

We’re talking about the extremely eerie photos of abandoned buildings taken by urban explorer, Thomas Windisch.

We spoke with Thomas and learned his tips for finding and photographing what he calls “beauty in decay.”

Read on for our Q&A with Thomas! (You may wanna keep the lights on…)


Insanely Creative Tips For
Shooting Gorgeous Interiors

Looking for roommates? Putting your place on the market?

Maybe you just wanna show your IG followers your sweet new setup?

Good thing we’ve got a few simple tricks to help you present the best features of your home! You’ll receive compliments from potential roommates, buyers, and followers in no time.

Read on and your house will be the star of the real estate listings!


Workin’ From Home:
Perks and Pro-Tips!

Working from home sounds pretty terrific, whether you’re a full-time freelancer or starting a semester of Photo 101!

But how do you get work done with at-home comforts and distractions around every corner?

We asked a freelance photog and several Photojojo team members how they focus on work while resisting the allure of procrastination.

Read their tips and fave “working from home” perks!


Let’s Decide Once and For All: Canon or Nikon?

Which is better? Canon or Nikon?

It feels like this debate’s been going on longer than the “chicken vs. the egg” one.

So we’re gonna help you decide–once and for all!–whether you belong on “Team Canon” or “Team Nikon.” (Spoiler alert: they’re both great so you’ll be a winner either way.)

Read a little about each camp and what makes them special. A decision won’t be far behind!


Class Is In Session! Turn
Photos Into School Supplies

Can it be? Summer’s almost over? It feels like it just started.

Guess that means it’s time to switch sunbathing for school supplies. But hey, that’s not a bad thing. Really!

Just check out our list of DIY school supplies that you can make out of your very own photos and you’ll see what we mean.

Now go get crafty and make all your classmates jelly!

Makin’ a Splash!
Photo Fun on Rainy Days

Rain, rain, go away…

Or don’t! Because rainy days make the outdoors a big ol’ playground for photographers.

In fact, we put together a list of photo ideas so you can have fun taking pics before, during, and after the rain.

Who says you have to stay in just ’cause it’s a little wet outside? Grab your cam and make the most of it!


Photograph Summer Fun From
Festivals to Farmers Markets

Street fairs and block parties and farmer’s markets, oh my!

Summer’s the time for outdoor fun. But so much activity can be overwhelming. How do you make sure you capture it all?

You use this list we made just for you! It has all the photo actions you’re gonna wanna take during your next outdoor summer extravaganza.

Now slap on some sunscreen and let’s go!

Photograph Outdoor Summer Memories


What’s In Your Cam Bag?
We Asked, You Answered!

Ever wonder about the goodies that photographers hide away in their camera bags?

Wonder no more! We asked seven photogs from all walks of life to open up their cam bags to us so we can see what exactly they’re working with.

As you’d expect, no two bags are the same. The one thing they all have in common, though? They’re unique and awesome, just like the photogs they belong to!

Camera Bag Items Revealed!