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iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test

Don’t have an iPhone 7 Plus? Us either … but, we know someone who does!

We got our friend Danny to snap a few pics and show us the magic that is a double lensed camera. *swoon*

Come along and check out that mega zoom, portrait mode and more.

Face to GIF — The Fastest Way to Make a GIF on Your Laptop!

We’re avid Tumblr GIF-ers. We’ve done it all. Time-lapse GIFs, film scanner GIFs, wiggle GIFs.

So you can trust us when we say Face to GIF is the quickest way to make a GIF of your face.

It all happens in your browser. All you do is hit the “make a GIF” button, and it’ll record you via your computer’s webcam. Almost instantly, it’ll deliver a GIF of your face sitting behind the screen.

Now that you have the power of instant GIF-ing, you can shoot reaction GIFs (for forum and commenting fun), show Tumblr your pop n’ lock moves, and maybe even sit your favorite cat in front of the camera.

Life’s too short to not be making GIFs of your face… or pets, so have a blast.

Make a GIF of Your Face [via The Verge]

The Latest in Photo App Hacks — An App That Teaches Your Cat Photography & More!

Late at night, we slide on our headphones and furiously type a succession of zeros and ones.

It’s by the end of the first Prodigy track that we realize we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing.

That’s why we leave the hacking to the hackers. Just a couple days ago, Photo Hack Day 2013 brought the best of them to a 24-hour hackathon in Berlin.

Last time, we told you all about Helmut, the fastest film scanner in the world, before it was even released.

In this edition, you’ll find out about all the raddest new photo apps thought up by clever young developers.

We’re talking apps that’ll teach your cat to shoot selfies and apps that turn your photos into spectacular light shows. Hackers were cool in 1995, but we think they’re even cooler in 2013!

The Best from Photo Hack Day 2013

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Keep Track of Your Life Through Photos with the Days App

You had a journal once.

Then, your little sister found it and told your crush all about your dreams of running away to Disneyland to fulfill your dream of meeting Ariel IRL.

That was embarrassing.

Days is totally not that. It’s a journal (disguised as an iOS app) that you’ll *want* to share with friends.

The goal behind the app is to have you document your life in photos as it happens.

Shoot photos throughout the day, and publish your post of photos the following day in a visually delightful grid of time-stamped pics.

How the heck is this different from Instagram? So many ways. Cool ways, too.

  1. You can’t upload photos. Your photo must be taken at that very moment.
  2. No filters. Just pure, raw, unadulterated snaps.
  3. GIFs! You can make real life, honest-to-blog moving images.
  4. The interface is so adorable, you’ll want to break something.

Documenting your life is so much more fun in photos, and your little sis won’t have any ammo against you. Win.

Photograph Your Days with Days

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Will These 5 Robot Photographers Replace Human Photogs as We Know It?

photoBot photo by Claudine Quinn

No, they won’t.

But they’ll take over when you want to take a break from shooting at a party or want to document your day without having to stop what you’re doing!

Meet the anthropomorphic party cameras:

  • photoBot is a ‘bot that uses an ultrasonic ranger to detect where people are in a room. Like an adorable T2, he detects people to shoot and shoots them.
  • NAO is a humanoid robot that can shoot based off the rule of thirds and the golden ratio. It actually learned what makes a good photo based on these two photography principles.

These robo-photographers are meant to be worn, so they’ll document your day from your perspective:

  • The Autographer has 5 sensors that use a super smart algorithm that decides when it’s just the right moment to take a photo.
  • The Memoto comes with no buttons because it simply shoots a photo every 30 seconds. Similar to the Autographer, you clip it on and have your day documented!

Other robo-cameras of note are Sony’s Party-Shot camera that sits on a base and takes photos of your party for you and the Instaprint, a little box that prints out Instagram photos based on hashtags.

It’ll be a while before humans are completely replaced with robots, but we wouldn’t mind handing over the duties when our hands are full. How about you?

photoBot, the Anthropomorphic Camera [via It’s Nice That]

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Vixels — This Artist Will Turn You into a Pixel Person!

Normally, you don’t want your pixels to be seen.

You like the pristine, fine-grain look. But what if you went to the other extreme and really let your pixels show?

Vic Nguyen is taking commissions for turning your photos into awesome pixel portraits! His vixels, as they are called, are a little reminiscent of 8-bit Twitter avatars, but turned up a few degrees with way more detail.

Mustaches, beards, dimples, even your haircut are turned into exact pixel replicas.

So the next time someone tells you your pixels are showing, it’ll be a compliment!

Have Your Pixel Portrait Made from Photos [via Uppercase Magazine]

p.s. Hey, Hot Shot! has a photo competition with $15,000 in prizes and some pretty amazing exposure up for grabs. Deadline is 11/14, so get those hot shots in!

The Fastest Film Scanner in the World & More from Photo Hack Day Berlin!

If you could make your own photo hack, what would it be? Personally, we’d figure out a way to make CatPaint real life.

Over a hundred developers dreamed even bigger at Photo Hack Day Berlin last week!

With judges from Facebook, Getty Images, and EyeEm and participants like the Loopcam & InstaCRT team, competition was fierce and yielded some amazing apps that we actually wish we had on our phone right now.

These were the top three winners!

1.Helmut: The fastest scanner in the world! A simple box in which you place a film negative. The accompanying app shoots a photo of the film & inverts it into a positive image. We watched them scan a frame in under 5 seconds.
2. Tourist Eraser: Kinda like Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill for your phone. It detects tourists in your photo and erases them without you having to do any work.
3. Visual Weather: Pulls together Flickr photos of what the weather looked like on a day similar to today’s. (To figure out what to wear & such!)

EXTRA COOL THING! We helped celebrate with an online photo challenge with EyeEm. See the winners’ photos, which were actually shown at Photo Hack Day!

The Best Photo Hacks from Photo Hack Day Berlin

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Photokina: An Easy-to-Follow Guide on the Latest in Cameras! (And then some)

Last week, 180,000 photo fans from all over the world came together in Cologne, Germany for Photokina.

What’s a Photokina? It’s Disneyland for photo nerds!

WEDONOTKID. We saw lenses the size of buildings, ladies swinging from the ceiling, zoetropes made of Legos and so much more.

It’s the world’s biggest photo conference that comes around only every two years. Along with the conference came camera announcements.

And with it, a flood of tech specs.

If it seems to have blurred into an indecipherable cloud of hyphenated terminology, allow us to translate!

A Guide to the Latest in Digital Cameras

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Phoneography Guide: How to Shoot a Wedding on Your Phone!

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

The Big Day. You’re outfitted, rehearsed and have a belly full of butterflies.

This isn’t your wedding day. It’s the day you’re shooting one with your phone!

So what apps are you going to use and what lenses will help you along the way? And OMG whataboutbatterylife.

Photojojo’s very own *pro* photographer Kim Thomas will tell you just what you need to shoot a wedding with your phone!

She recently shot one here in San Francisco for the lovely couple pictured, Jonathan & Brandi.

It’s a big day. Not just for them, but for you and your phoneography chops, too.


What’s in Photojojo’s Camera Bag

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

We have to admit, here at Photojojo, we love our job.

Our favorite part of our job? Sharing all the cool stuff we find with YOU!

That’s why we’re spilling our secrets and letting you in on the inside scoop.

Check out this article to meet the Photojojo team and find out what our favorite gadgets are.

Take a Look Inside Photojojo’s Camera Bag

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