Printable, Foldable, DIY Lens Hoods, Fitted For Your Lens. Free!

Paul Mutton doesn’t want you to spend twenty bucks on buying a useful, but painfully simple, piece of black plastic.

Lens hoods, those round plastic rings that sit at the end of your SLR’s lens, are great at preventing lens flare and unwanted reflections when shooting in sunlight.

Unfortunately, buying or replacing one can be surprisingly expensive. So Paul created a whole series of printable, foldable, paper lens hoods you can download for free!

Just look up your Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma, Tamron, or Tokina lens, print out the corresponding lens hood, fold it up, and slap it on. They even fold back up to make ‘em easier to carry around!

Free, Foldable Lens Hoods

LAST DAY TO APPLY! We’re looking for an awesome writer/editor and a crafty NYC-based photo projects dreamer/helper. Apply TODAY!

You’re a Star, Now Become an Icon. Iconize Me: Custom Icons from Your Photos
Work with us! We’re looking for an awesome writer/editor and a crafty NYC-based photo projects dreamer/helper. Apply by Monday!

You’re always the center of attention, the star player. In fact, around the ole water-cooler people have been saying you’ve become something of an icon.

Time to prove ‘em right.

Send Iconize Me! a photo of yourself (or a friend, family member, or coworker), zap ‘em $50, and a graphic designer will get to work, creating a dazzling digital likeness.

Each conversion is made by hand, and can take a week or two. The results are worth it. You’ll get a full-page JPEG, a PDF, Mac OS X icons, and Windows icons (request ‘em, they’re free).

Perfect for your blog, MySpace, or Facebook, your IM or Flickr icon, heck, even the company newsletter.

Iconize Me! — Custom Icons from Your Photos
$50 at

Picnik is The World’s Best Online Photo Editor. We Mean it.

As great as it is, there are times when Photoshop is just plain overkill.

Maybe you simply need to nuke some red-eye before emailing a photo, or fix the exposure on a snap you’ve already put on Flickr. Picnik to the rescue!

Crop, rotate, resize, one-click fix, color adjustments, sharpening, saturation, even histograms. 95% of the stuff you’d do in Photoshop, you can do in Picnik more easily. Grab photos straight from your Flickr (and replace them with edited versions), from your computer, or the web; send your edited photos to your blog, to email, photo sharing sites, make a nifty slideshow, or even have them printed.

Picnik is fast. Better, it’s easy peasy, free, and filled with friendly features. (Example: Unlimited undo. Even for photos you edited months ago. Not even Photoshop can do that.)

We’ve been on the lookout for a halfway decent online photo editor for a while, and we’ve test-driven more than we care to admit. We’re done looking. Using Picnik is nicer than lying on a blanket in a grassy field on a sunny day.

Picnik — The best online photo editor

Work for Photojojo! We’re looking for a couple photography lovers to help with this here newsletter. More specifically, we’d like to find: 1) a part-time writer/editor and 2) someone who’d like to get their hands dirty one day a week doing fun photo DIY projects in NYC. The pay is meager, but the work is fun. More to come, but if you’re interested in either role, and you are awesome, email us now and let us know.

Thanks to Sahadeva for the tip!

Sometimes Bigger Really Is Better — Turn Photos Into Posters With Block Posters

Wanna blow up Uncle Lou to Leviathan-like proportions without breaking the bank?

Lou might be a Luddite, but you’re not. So before you head out to get an expensive enlargement made, hit the web. will turn any photo into a poster using the printer in your home or office. Tell it how many sheets you want to use, upload your pic, and seconds later it’ll spit back a PDF.

Hit print, piece together the sheets, and you’ve got yourself one pixeliscous photo poster!

p.s. Eagle-eyed Jojo Fans might recall the similar Rasterbator we covered last April. The difference? Rasterbator gives your photos a newspaper-like dotted quality, while Block Posters preserves the appearance of the original photo. Both are pretty nifty!

p.p.s. Hallmark Day’s comin’ up. (Typically a big deal over here.) If you’re still searching for the perfect thing, it might be a great time to start a mailable mosaic to someone you love. Also: Craft: Magazine selected our photo blocks as one of their Valentine’s Day projects. Can’t argue with that!

How to Use a Photograph and Telephone to Turn Yourself into a Dancing Elf

elfyourself-feature.jpgIt’s XMAS again, and whether you’re cowering from a murderous robotic Santa or screaming in complete and utter joy, by the time the afternoon rolls around, you’ll probably be looking for your next thrill.

Elf Yourself. Just upload a photo of someone’s face (your own, a pal, or a loved one), adjust it online, and out pops a singing, dancing, elf.

It gets better: The site prompts you to call a special number where you can record a voice message. Seconds later, your elf will be singing your message as he boogies down. His mouth even opens and closes to match your words!

Send your elf to a friend or save him for yourself. Either way, he’s sure to chase away those post XMAS-morning doldrums.

Elf Yourself

p.s. For more XMAS fun, check out the Scared of Santa gallery. Ho ho ho.

Pimp Your Pals. It’s What They’d Want. —

Your friends would look better if they had goatees, chest hair, and maybe some bruises.

At least, that seems to be the general thinking behind And we think they’re onto something.

Upload or type in the URL for a photo, and PikiPimp will let you accessorize it with facial hair, eye-wear, new lips, ears, tattoos, and tongues… In short, embarrassing knickknacks of all sorts.

It’s like Mr. Potato Head but with photos.

PikiPimp’s not the first to do this, but they do it exceptionally well. Resize and rotate your additions, even adjust their opacity until they’re just right. Then hit save and print, share, or pop your creation into cards. Grandma with aviators, Robby with a rabbi beard and a parrot on his shoulders. It’s all here.

If you’ve resorted to e-cards for friends this year, take our advice and put your photo through PikiPimp before clicking send. They may even thank you.


p.s. We had trouble getting PikiPimp to work in Safari, but it’s hunky-dory in Firefox.

Photo credit: Mr. J. Lodwick himself by Mareen Fischinger

LikeBetter — The Brain Knows Too Much

This website knows more about you than any website should know.

And it figures it out using photography.

LikeBetter is a quirky, photo-based experiment made by the kids at Pairwise. Visit, and you’ll be presented two images. Pick the one you like better. Rinse, repeat.

After a few rounds, an eerie-looking pink brain starts pulsing on your screen. Click it to learn something about yourself that no website could possibly know. It’s like a modern-day, artificially-intelligent fortune teller.

An excellent way to while away a few minutes at work today.

Mailable Photo Frames are a hit! If you ordered some Mailable Photo Frames and haven’t gotten them yet, sit tight. They sold out far more quickly than we’d expected, but we expect a new batch on Monday. Still sitting on the fence? We’ll be filling orders first-come, first-served. Get your order in now!

How Big Can I Print This Photo? — A Simple Answer, Once and for All
Jiminy Cricket! We accidentally sent out a nearly empty email this morning, and 38 of you guys (our new closest friends!) alerted us to the fact right away. Please accept our apologies–chalk it up to really crummy wifi at the hotel Photojojo’s staying at while on a brief family vacation in Chicago–and now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Megapixel ChartIf you’re a digital camera convert (or thinking of becoming one) you’ve likely wondered how big you can print those digital files you’ve been capturing by the hundreds.

And knowing you, you’ve done the research, asked around, and probably discovered what we have: everyone’s got a different opinion. Your camera manufacturer is happy to tell you that 5 megapixels will get you pristine poster-sized prints (hogwash!), while purists proclaim that your digital is good for no more than 4x6s, no matter what the resolution. (Baloney!)

The truth, as is so often the case, lies somewhere in the middle.

The good folks over at Design215 have put together a super easy-to-digest resolution chart that gives you the straight dope. At a glance, it tells you how many megapixels you’ll need to print at true, photographic quality. (ie. It looks sharp, even when your nose is mashed up against the print.) Simple!

Chart: How Many Megapixels You Really Need

p.s. Need to cheat and print bigger anyway? Read the fine print below the chart for more details.

Want a postcard? Because Amit’s in Chicago this week and because he goofed up that email this morning, and because he loves you, he figured he’d try to make it up to you by sending you a postcard of a photo he takes while on this trip! (After all they’re so easy to make!) Want one? Just email him your mailing address before Tuesday!

Zingfu — Goofy Photo Fun for Everyone

zingfuEver wanted to see yourself up on a giant screen in Times Square? On the cover of Rolling Stone? Ever wondered what you’d look like in a plane full of snakes, or as George Costanza in his infamous semi-nude portrait?

Zingfu, my friend, Zingfu.

A simple site, with a simple goal: to let you make campy compositions with your photos. There’s nearly 100 different templates (anti-motivational posters, celebrities, magazines, embarrassing situations of all kinds) and they don’t charge a nickel.

Yeah, it’s cheesy, but it’s tons of fun. And if you edit your photos a bit before you upload them, the results are surprisingly good.


Photography? Nope! Pet-ography!

nuzz_rounded.jpgStop right there. Before you start thinking we’ve lost our mind, consider this: William Wegman has been successfully photographing dogs for the past 30 years. And not for nothing: his photographs are comical, endearing, and artistically worthy. His adoration for his dogs is evident, just like your love for your pet.

Your little buddy gives you unconditional love, so why not make some time to photograph the furry/fishy/scaly little guy? To get you going, we’ve compiled a list of great sites: tips on taking perfect pet photos, as well as amazing examples of the form.

The best advice we can give you? Love your subject and you cannot go wrong.



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