A DIY Windscreen for your Digital Camera: Silence the Wind Noise in your Digital Video

use gauze to make your own windscreenWoo-fooput-fooput-fooput-ey-whoooo ook-over-ooooo-ere.

Sound familiar? If you’ve taken digital video at the beach or anywhere on a windy day, you’ve probably dealt with sound cut-outs as wind whips past your camera’s built-in mic. Modern camcorders have had wind-dampening circuitry for ages. Alas, most digital cameras still don’t.

Thankfully, Stephen Uber sent a great DIY solution to the popphoto blog: Make a windscreen by taping the gauze-like padding of an adhesive bandage over your camera’s mic. (It’s usually a single pinhole on the front face of your camera.) Voila! Wind noise dramatically reduced.

(A perfect mod for the flip video so many of you told us you loved.)

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