Guide to DIY Photo Booth Backdrops

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Party time! Excellent!

‘Tis the season for some serious partying and these days no party is complete without a photo booth.

Setting up a photo booth is as simple as providing a backdrop and encouraging your pals to point their smartphones toward it.

We’re here to help you with that first part (you herd your own friends in front it).

We’ll teach you three easy-peasy ways to craft a party poppin’ backdrop.

Give your party photos that extra schwing and have your friends chanting “we’re not worthy! we’re not worthy!”

Learn to Make 3 Simple Festive DIY Backdrops

Why It’s Cool

Having easy-to-create photo backdrops in your back pocket (or more practically, wherever you keep your craft supplies) is sweet ’cause a backdrop adds pizazz to your party photos. It’ll get people in silly and fun moods for taking photos and contribute to the general merriment of your soiree.


Streamer Backdrop -

  • Party streamers (the dollar store is a great place to find fun colors that won’t break the bank)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Dowel (any sort of pole to glue the streamers onto will do)

Post-it Note Backdrop -

  • Post-it notes (that’s it!)

Wrapping Paper Backrop -

  • Roll of fun wrapping paper
  • Thumb Tacks (Duct Tape or Masking Tape will do too)

Streamer Backdrop, STEP 1: Measure


Cut your streamers into 6 foot strips.

We found cutting them to 6 feet and hanging them a few inches off the ground will let even our tallest friends in on the fun.

A backdrop that measures approximately 6 feet long and 6 feet wide takes about 10 small rolls of streamers.

STEP 2: Cut Some Fringe


Cut fringe in some of the streamers to add some flair.

Fold your streamer to make the process faster. Cut each side almost all the way to the middle. Unroll the folded streamer and you will have some groovy fringe.

STEP 3: Twist and Shout


Another way to add texture is to twist sections of the streamer into cute li’l circles.

Pinch the streamer and twist to create circles all the way from top to bottom.

STEP 4: Glue the Streamers


Glue the end of your streamer strips to a dowel.

Glue a base layer of normal strips (not the fringed or twisted streamers) first and then glue the textured streamers on top.

STEP 5: Get to Partying!

Use as many or as few colors as you want and get ready to party down.

Post-it Note Backdrop


Pick a wall and start posting those notes.

You can color block or make a fun geometric pattern.

Once the wall is covered in Post-its you are ready for some serious camera fun.

Wrapping Paper Backdrop


Grab a fun roll of wrapping paper and hang it on an empty wall with thumb tacks or tape.

Well, that was easy!

Let the good photo times roll.

Trick Out Your Photo Booth

You DIY the Backdrop, We’ve Got Everything Else Covered

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**Thanks to Jordan at Oh Happy Day for the streamspiration!**

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