Two Cheap Lighting Tricks for the DIY Ninja – Or, How to Make a Snortin’ Snoot!

A snoot, eh? Well, it’s a funny name for a funny thing you can stick on your flash to focus your light.

Why in tarnation* would you want to do that? Why, to draw the viewer’s attention to whatever it is you’re taking a photo of, of course! (Just as you do when you blur the background in a portrait, except with light.)

With some experimentation, you’ll be creating dramatic shots you couldn’t get any other way. Plus, when people ask you what that funny thing on your camera is, you get to tell ’em it’s a snoot.

The best part? You can build these things really easily using stuff around your home–in about 10 minutes! We’ve found two tutorials, one that shows you how to make a basic snoot using straws, and one that uses cardboard to make a grid spot (similar to a snoot.)

Make a snoot, then go and shoot! (snort, snort)

Straws + Cardboard + Glue = DIY Snoot!

Cardboard + Glue + Rubber band = DIY Grid Spot

* The origin of “tarnation”