Let Auld Projects Be Forgot: Photo Ideas For The New Year!

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The New Year’s almost here! You know what that means: resolutions.

Time to tackle all of those photo troubles you had this past year.

  • Lose some weight: “Listen, Mr. 70-200mm, you’re a few lens elements too heavy.”
  • Eat healthier: Nom, memory cards.
  • Save more money: Uh, oh. Better switch hobbies.

Instead, try these three time-travelling projects! The Film Negative Time Capsule, Recreate a Photo, and the Reverse 365 will help you look back on years past and look forward on the year ahead!

Photo Projects for the New Year!

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Why it’s cool:

ingred-sm Time to recover from that eggnog hangover (which we’re sure is what it’s from) with these photo projects that will catapult you right into 2013.

One of the best parts of photography is looking back on where you’ve been and seeing how you’ve improved. These ideas will give you a helping hand with just that.

Film Negative Time Capsule: It’s like a mini time machine, and you won’t even have to worry about those pesky time travel paradoxes. Just slip your negatives inside and let them hang out with their friends for a year or however long you want. Once that’s up, crack it open and see what you’ve been missing!

Recreate a Photo: We swear we aren’t up to no good with all of this time travel business. Take that photo that your mom loves to embarrass you with in front of your girlfriend/boyfriend and recreate it now that you’re older! Or, plan to go back to the same spot with friends years later and snap the same photo.

Reverse 365 Project: The 365 Project is a slick way to improve your photography while documenting a year in your life. It can get a little bit daunting, though. This spin on the classic lets you pull photos from your archive that you aren’t currently using and incorporate them into your new 365!

1. The Film Negative Time Capsule:

paint-smThe Film Negative Time Capsule is a spin on the traditional time capsule. Instead of finding things to stow away for a few thousand years, this time capsule is one you add to as you go along.

It’s simple, each time you develop a roll of film, snip of a few frames from the negatives before scanning/enlarging and stow them away in the time capsule box. A year later, or as long as your willpower lasts, open the box and look at all of the memories!

It’s like a mini time machine, all without witnessing your dad’s 70’s moustache in person.


Short and sweet:

  • An Empty Cardboard Box
  • Scissors
  • Decorating Supplies

STEP 1: Cut a slot in the box

paint-smTake your scissors and cut a slit in the top of the box where you can slide in the negatives.

Step 2: Decoration Time!

paint-sm Add some sweet decorations to your time capsule. Make sure you warn others (and yourself) to keep out!

That’s it! The longer you wait and the more negatives you add, the sweeter the reward!

But I don’t Shoot Film!
Don’t worry! Here are some other ideas you can use to create a time capsule-esque effect.

  • Time Lapse Camera: This sweet little camera allows you to make time lapse videos with minimal effort. The cool part? You can set it up almost anywhere and have it take a time lapse that’s as long as 120 days!
  • Photojojo’s Photo Time Capsule: Super easy and super awesome! Let Photojojo do the work for you. Just sign up for the Photo Time Capsule and you’ll get an email-surprise containing a photo from your Flickr stream from a year ago.

2. Recreate a Photo in the New Year:

paint-smThere’s nothing better than a good reminiscing sesh with a photo album, but what if you were able to actually relive that moment? We found some cool photo projects that involve revisiting the same place to recreate a photo or reliving it!

Dear Photograph:“A picture of a picture, from the past, in the present.” Sounds confusing, looks like awesomeness. The idea behind Dear Photograph is to incorporate an old photo with the same setting years later. Hold the photo at arms length so that the scene matches, and snap the picture!

“BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 2011” If you were to recreate that childhood photo that your mom loves to embarrass you with in front of all of your friends, this is what it would look like. Irina Werning’s photo project recreates old photos with results that are stunning faithful to the original.

3. The Reverse 365:

paint-smThe 365 Project is a great way to improve your photography and to document each day for the next year, but it’s also very daunting and can be difficult to complete. But what if you did a 365 with pictures you’ve already taken?

Pete Labrozzi created a new way to complete the 365 Project. Instead of taking a picture every day for the next year, Pete is using photos he’s taken from previous years.

In the smartphone age, our pictures barely last a hot minute. With this project, you can pull them out of the darkness and incorporate them into your future 365.

Some benefits according to Pete:

  • Everyday life gets a little mundane. The Reverse 365 lets you skip uploading 100 pictures of your pet or daily coffee
  • Be free of carrying a camera with you everywhere you go
  • Less stress about posting the photos because they’re already taken
  • You’re still able to look back on your work and progress, it just happens sooner!

Greet 2013 Head First

We <3 these projects. Inspired by the passage of time, they're great 2013 Inspirations!

Photo for Recreate a Photo from Dear Photograph