Turn Photos into Paper Flowers

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If romantic comedies have taught us anything it’s that getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers is pretty darn special.

Flowers brighten up your day, but they tend to do that one pesky little thing — dying once they’re cut.

Making flowers out of photographs is a fun and cheeky way of telling that special someone you are smitten.

Plus, these flowers will go on living as mini photographic reminders of beautiful things that have happened in your life.

Learn how to make a super fun and simple bouquet of photo flowers to cheer up your living space, a loved one, or a stranger on the street. (Because we’d all like to feel like we’re in a romantic comedy once in a while.)

Learn How to Make Flowers out of Photographs

Why It’s Cool

Flowers are beautiful and the tend to make everyone pretty stinkin’ happy.

It’s awesome how placing a vase of flowers in a room makes it feel a little more put together than it did before.

These photo flowers will achieve that higher level of design sophistication all the while displaying images of things you love.

They’re simple and elegant with a touch of whimsy that’ll make all your friends ask “How did you do that?”

The best part of the photo flowers is that they will live forever. They wont go rotting away in a vase that you just keep “forgetting” to clean out.


  • Photos you want to turn into flowers*
  • Scissors
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Glue
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Circular object for tracing

*Photos printed on computer/copy paper or vellum work the best.

STEP 1: Round and Round

beforeUse a circular object to trace a circle on your printed image.

Choose carefully where you trace, as the middle of the circle will be the middle of the flower.

STEP 2: Get to Cutting

beforeTime to get crafty. Take up your scissors!

Cut out the circle you just traced.

Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly cut out. The imperfection will add to the charm of the flower.

STEP 3: Go Halfsies

beforeFold the circle in half.

STEP 4: And Again…

beforeFold the half-circle in half.

You’re getting so good at this.

STEP 5: One more time

beforeFold it in half again.

Your circle will now look like tiny little fan.

STEP 6: Shape it up

beforeCut the top of the circle from end to end to create a cone shape.

The finished result will look an ice cream cone.

You can play around with how you cut the top as this will be your petal shape. Try a few shapes to see what petal cut out you like best.

STEP 7: Make Your Mark

beforeUnfold your circle and you will find 8 petals.

Mark off your least favorite petal and the top half of the petal next to it with a pen or pencil.

STEP 8: Just a Little off the Top

beforeCut out those one and a half petals. Buh-bye petals.

You will be left with 6 and a half petals.

The half petal will be the anchor of your flower (and it will look a little like a triangle).

STEP 9: It’s all Coming Together

beforePut a dab of glue on the half petal.

Glue the petal next to it (across the gap) on top of the triangular half petal.

STEP 10: Create Some Texture 

beforePinch each petal, making a crease down the middle to give them a little extra texture and shape.

STEP 11: A Little Loopy

beforeMake a simple loop in the top of the floral wire with your scissors.

STEP 12: A Flower Grows

Poke the end of the floral wire that does not have a loop in it through the center of the flower.

STEP 13: The Finishing Touch

beforeCut a 2 inch strip of the floral tape and wrap it around the base of the flower to secure it to the top of the wire.

Yippee! You just made your first flower out of a photo! Feels good, right?!

If you aren’t super stoked on your first attempt don’t give up hope. It may take a couple of tries to get the hang of this. Don’t discard the flowers you don’t like ’cause they will look cute among the flowers you do like when they are all put together in a bouquet.

Taking It Further

  • Print your photos double sided so that you will have images on the top side of the flower as well as the bottom side of the flower.
  • Make a garland of photo flowers by twisting the wire together.
  • Make all types of flowers. A quick google search on how to make paper flowers will give you a plethora of tutorials on crafting different types of flowers.
  • Make a wreath or head piece of photo flowers.