Tired: Your Photo on a Box of Wheaties; Wired: Your Photo on a Bottle of Pop

Jones Soda Custom Photo BottlesWhether you call it pop or soda, it’s bubbly, cold, teeth-rotting, and awfully tasty.

And now, armed with your photos, you can make it truly yours.

If you already know about Jones Soda, you probably know that they’re a tiny soda company that’s made unique flavors (like Bubble Gum, Green Apple, and Strawberry) since 1995; and you probably know that their bottles feature beautiful photography.

What most people don’t know is that you can upload a photo of your choice to the Jones website and they’ll ship you a custom 12-pack with your pic on the bottle.

Customization doesn’t come cheap; a dozen bottles will set you back $35 + shipping. But it is easy: Upload a photo, choose your soda flavor, tap in your credit card, then sit back and wait for bubbly refreshment to arrive at your doorstep.

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