Keep Your Night Light Looking Natural

Just ’cause the sun disappears after a certain time of day doesn’t mean your camera has to!

If you prefer using natural light in your photos, then shooting after dark (both indoors and out) can feel a little intimidating.

That’s why we’re here with four solutions for tricky nighttime lighting! You’ll make friends with flash, tripods, and everything else you need so your photo-taking can continue late into the night.

Say goodbye to camera curfews. Night owls, rejoice!

4 Tips For Taking Photos After Dark


Make Magical Photo Special FX (no spells required)

Ta-da! We’re about to reveal our best tricks for creating magical photo effects.

With a little collection of ordinary objects you can make your photos extraordinary.

Turn the whole world into a whole rainbow party, transform a handful of flour into a majestic cloud, paint the night sky with light and more.

Read on and you too can put the special in special effect photography.

Photojojo’s Guide to Special FX Photography


How to Take Photos of Super Cute Couples

Store shelves are lined with teddy bears, hearts, and a lot of pink stuff. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

And with V-Day comes many happy couples whose adorableness is just begging to be captured on camera for all to see and “squee!” over.

Photographing all those pretty pairs of people can be a tad awkward though, so we’ve put together our very best tips to help make the process fun and pain free!

Read on and you’ll be capturing memories sweeter than a heart-shaped box of chocolate.

4 Tips for Photographing Couples


Get Power and Organization with This Bag Divider

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Your camera bag is a grab bag of lenses, batteries, candy… and sometimes even a camera or two.

Then take charge (literally) of that bundle of goodies with the Super Charged Bag Divider.

The Super Charged Bag Divider attaches to the inside of any camera bag to create an organized space for all that gear with a bonus hidden backup battery.

Keep your cameras, phone, accessories, and more charged up while also keeping them snugly packed in your bag… and away from that sticky candy!

Divide and conquer with the Super Charged Bag Divider
$35 at the Photojojo Shop

Selfie-mergency Hacks

Extra photos for bloggers: 123

They happen when you least expect it.

When your arms are *just* too short and an epic moment is about to go undocumented.

They’re selfie-mergencies and we’re here to make sure the world sees your mug even when your hands are otherwise occupied.

No tripod or selfie sticks required, here’s how to hack your way to the perfect selfie in 3 everyday situations.

Learn How To Take Emergency Selfies


Valentine Gifts for
(Photo) Lovers

Whether your Valentine is a special someone or your special self, make Feb. 14th extra nice by grabbing them/you one of our most loved photo gifts to say …

See Our Valentine Gift Guide (with Puns)!

Let It Snow! 4 Tips For Super Snow Photos

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But photographing snow is so delightful!

It’s especially delightful when you know how to make the most of that sparkling, snow-covered landscape.

Check out our four tips for taking brrr-eautiful snow photos, and in no time you’ll be running around and enjoying the cold stuff as much as the sledders and snow-angel-makers.

We guarantee that the gorgeous winter shots you’re going to get are worth leaving the comfort of your heated blanket. (And hey, that blanket will still be waiting for you when you get home!)

Catch Snowflakes On Your Tongue and in Photos


Power up as you pedal with Ride-a-long

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

You know what would be awesome, other than laundry elves? A biking fairy that magically charges your phone as you ride.

The Ride-a-long is your non-magical and very real biking buddy that converts your leg work into juice for your phone. You’ll never have to worry about losing photo power on a ride again!

If your device is USB compatible, then it is Ride-a-long compatible. You can even detach the battery pack from your bike and take it with you for a power boost on pedestrian adventures.

Clap your hands if you believe in fairies … okay, actually put them back on the handlebars, you’ve got a ride to finish and a phone to charge!

Roll on over to grab your Ride-a-long
$129 at the Photojojo Shop

Andrew Darlow:
Tail-Wagging Photo Fun with Model Pooches

Some photos illicit an involuntary “awww!” from nearly everyone who views them.

Andrew Darlow’s photos of motivational doggy models fall under that category. His shots of posed pups range from “that’s so adorable” to “that’s so adorable I almost can’t handle it!”

We were so excited about Andrew’s photography that we just had to interview him. Click through to read his photo shoot tips and challenges, equipment and wardrobe, even fave phone apps for adding text to photos!

Andrew Darlow’s Delightful Doggy Photography


Go-go GoPro Accessories

Go big or go home? Your GoPro is capable of both those things and so much more.

You’re gonna go big and beyond with these GoPro Accessories.

Four items that’ll elevate, concentrate, protect and stabilize your GoPro shots.

See Photojojo’s GoPro Accessories