New Year’s Resolutions for Photographers

Last night the confetti dropped and we cheered our way right out of 2014!

Now the time has come to get started on those New Year Resolutions. But hey, no need to fear. Resolutions can be fun!

This is especially true if you decide to try one or all seven of our Resolutions for Photogs in 2015.

Trust us, these are resolutions you’ll actually want to follow through on. Not only are they fun, but they’re sure to make this upcoming year the best ever in terms of some seriously cool photo feats.

7 Resolutions To Rock Your Photos This Year 


Gift Guide 4
Our Last All New Guide of 2014

Your house is lit, the tree is up, the stockings are hung, and the boxes are wrapped.

But wait, are those boxes and stockings still empty?! Fill ’em up with photo gear and capture the holiday memories.

In our very last gift guide of the year, we’ve got 7 all new gift ideas.

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Meet the Socialmatic
from Polaroid

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

The camera of the future is here! Well, in the very near future of 2015 it will be. And you can be the first in line to snag one.

The Socialmatic from Polaroid is half top-of-the-line digital camera, half instant-photo-printer, and half social-sharing machine. That’s too many halves! All this goodness cannot be constrained by math.

This 14MP camera has a big ol’ touchscreen and Android built in. So you can edit using your favorite apps, print your masterpiece and post it online right then and there.

There’s even a 2MP selfie-cam on the back! Polaroid really thought of everything.

Order now and you’ll be first in line when they ship out. It’ll be worth the wait, even if you hand a Socialmatic IOU to your BFF this Xmas.
Pre-Order the Socialmatic or Learn More
$299 at the Photojojo Shop

Gift Guide 3
Seven New Gifts for Photographers

Gifting time is inching closer and we’ve got another bunch of new products to wrap up in paper and bows.

From the adorablest backup battery to the magical gizmo we used to light paint those floaty words ^^ up there ^^, these gifts are sure to add a little merry and bright to your holidays.

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7 Instant Cameras + Free Film with Every One

“Oh my good gracious.” “How did you know?” “Eeeeeek!”

That’s just the kinds of things you should get used to hearing if you put any instant cameras under the tree this year.

To make sure your lucky giftees can start shooting on Christmas morning, we’re giving you (and untimately them) a free pack of film with every instant camera in our shop. TODAY ONLY!

So hurry up and browse our instant cams below and pick the perfect one for each of your lucky pals. The film’s on us.

See All 7 of Our Instant Cameras (and get FREE film)

Woohoo! It’s Gift Guide 2

The tree is up. Ornaments abound. It’s time to pile up the presents underneath it.

Well, you’re in luck! This gift guide contains 6 BRAND NEW photo gifts (and stocking stuffers too).

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It’s Here! Gift Guide 1
Six NEW Photo Gifts

The holidays snuck up on you a bit last year resulting in some less than stellar “gifts”… a stocking stuffed with actual socks and canned fruit?

Get a jump on things now and grab the stuff your friends and fam really want!

Take a gander at these 6 six brand new photo goodies (and a few old faves) we hand-picked to maximize your gift giving glory this year.

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5 Festive Ways to Craft Your Engineer Prints

Extra photos for bloggers: 123

Want seriously impressive seasonal decor?

Some lo-fi black and white Engineer Prints may be just what you’re looking for!

They’re super BIG (3 feet x 4 feet!) but lightweight and therefore perfect for decorating/crafting.

So check out our five ideas on how to use your prints around the house this holiday season. They’ll look amazing whether you keep them larger than life or cut ’em down in size.

5 Ways Your Prints Can Spread Cheer This Season

p.s. Know a friend who loves crafts as much as we do? Put a smile on their face by putting an Engineer Print Gift Kit under their tree!


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We’re giving away gift codes in the Photojojo Shop!

You can grab either $2, $5, $7 or $10 off anything in the shop, just by following us on Twitter and giving us a RT.

It’s a good ol’ fashion swap. Head to the Shop to get all the detailz. This only lasts one day, so get to it (and get some fun new gear).

Get a jump on things now and grab the stuff your friends and fam really want! Check out these top-notch goodies we’ve hand-picked to maximize your gift giving glory this year.

Use Photo Drones for Fun Family Portraits

Extra photos for bloggers: 123

You don’t have to fret over getting your youngins to say cheese for this year’s family portrait.

Why? Because family photo shoots turn into playtime once a Photography Drone is involved!

We’ve thought of 8 entertaining ways to not only make the most of your drone’s high-flying perspective, but to also keep your photogenic family having a blast from beginning to end.

So gather the fam and get ready for some up-up-and-away fun!

8 Amazing Family-Friendly Drone-tography ideas!
Learn More About the Phantom 2 Drone