It Happened to Me: I Made a Photo Book in Less Than 15 Minutes

Scrolling through your camera roll is cool and all, but leafing through the pages of a photo book is just more magical.

We’d make a photo book for every occasion, but who has the time?

Turns out, if you’ve got 15 minutes, you do!

Photojojo-er and all around great gal, Laurel, just got back from a trip to Thailand, and put together a photo book of her adventures in less than 15 minutes.

And, she’s here to tell you just how she did it.

How to Photograph a Rainbow

Wanna learn alchemy?

Then listen up because there’s photography gold at the end of this rainbow.

More specifically, we’re gonna show you three ways to create a rainbow and then photograph it.

Pick up a tip or two and you’ll be gold baby, solid gold.

How To Make a 360° Timelapse

Have you ever watched a sunset and thought, I wish mother nature would hurry it up, I can’t look away, but I’ve got things to do.

Have you ever tried to take in a beautiful vista and thought, this would be even BETTER if I could spin my head 360°, like an owl?

Same here.

So we’ve put together a few quick notes on how to reach your spherical time lapse dreams. Learn how to take in a scene at super speed … with a twist.


Our Amazing Photo-Fuel (aka Hot Cocoa) Recipe

A sip of hot chocolatey goodness from a lens mug always gets us in the photo making mood.

Please enjoy our favorite recipe, with tonso options for customization, passed down from the collective wisdom of our mothers’ mothers, the internet, and our insatiable appetite for all chocolate. All of it.

Amazing Macros from Photojojo-ers Around the World

For your viewing pleasure, we have gathered a ton of photos taken by YOU, our Photojojo pals, using our macro lenses and their phones.

Yup. telephones. What a talented bunch you are!

Take a look, then grab your own phone lenses in the shop.

Tips for Making Your Own Oscar-Worthy Film

It’s that time of year – the stars will soon be on the red carpet, and the golden statues given once again. It’s Oscar Season!

The 2017 Academy Award nominations run the gamut of filmmaking, but they all have one thing in common – they are filmed beautifully, feature perfect lighting, and capture breathtaking audio.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Oscar nominations and winners, of this year and years past, along with some tips for using Photojojo gadgets when creating your own Oscar-worthy piece of cinema.


10 Reasons to Use a Shutter Remote

The Shutter Remote is pretty much the magic wand of the photography world.

Being able to snap a photo without touching your camera or EVEN BEING NEAR IT is downright magical.

Consider us your owl. We’re here to deliver ten reasons you should be using a shutter remote of your own.


Making the Switch from Phoneographer to PRO-tographer

Your Instagram feed is looking incredible these days. You’ve mastered VSCO and your point of view is strong.

But now what? Ready to go from Insta to pro? We’ve got a few pointers to help you make the change.

We chatted with Jackie Barr, a New York based photographer who has gradually made the switch from Instagram-only to professional freelancer.

She shared a few tips with us for getting feedback, finding a starter camera and more.


10 DIY Valentine Ideas Featuring Your Photos

There are a certain three little words everyone wants to hear this Valentine’s Day.

But aren’t 1,000 words even better?

Use a photo (they’re worth 1,000 words!) to make a Valentine this year, and you’ll say so much more than “I love you.”

Valentines for Photographers

Are you in love with a photographer?

They’re quite loveable (if we may say so ourselves).

Well, we just so happen to have made the perfect Valentine for your favorite photo snapper.

Print one of our Valentine’s for Photographers, pick up a prezzy from the Photojojo Shop and your love is sure to develop into something special.