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Sam Horine:
Travel Photography Tips and Tricks

How do you capture the magical feeling of traveling to a new city for the first time?

Heck if we know! So … We found someone who does.

Sam Horine shoots cityscapes so stunning a scroll through his Instagram feed feels like a trip around a whole new world.

We wanted to know just how he captures the cities he visits so very well, so we asked him … and he told us!

Learn to Shoot Cityscapes Like a Pro (Sam Horine Specifically)


A Compact Solar Charger that Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

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Your morning yoga routine brings you energy to make it through the day.

The Solio Sun Powered Charger has its own yoga-like abilities, turning sun salutations into battery power to recharge your phone.

Position the Solio outside on a sunny day, or plug it directly into an outlet and it will gather power.

This li’l guy can soak up enough sun to give your phone an 80% boost. It’ll even hold on to that power for up to a year, so it’s there when you need it.

The Solio is compact and travel friendly. Tuck it along side your yoga mat for a boost anywhere and anytime you need photo taking power.

Find Power in the Sun, Namaste
$70 at the Photojojo Shop

How To Upcycle Any Book Into A Photo Album
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If a picture tells a thousand words, how many words would a book turned into a photo album tell?

Give your loose photos a new home by turning any old book into a rad new photo album.

Rewrite history (books) or be the hero in a graphic novel with a quick snip and a slide.

Hardback, paperback or horseback, we’ll show you how to turn any book into a photo album!

Learn How to Turn All Your Books Into Photo Albums


Add Felty Pockets to
Keep Your Camera Bag Organized

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You love all of your photog accessories equally, but some of the big guys like to beat up on the little ones in your camera bag.

Tuck away your phone, extra lenses, batteries and more in a warm and snuggly Photographer’s Pouch for safe keeping.

The Photographer’s Pouch is soft enough to keep your thingies safe, but strong and confident enough to fight off bullies when things get rough.

Plus it’s pretty darn handsome, made of heather gray felt with a velcro back and an elastic band to keep everything secure.

Throw a few Photographer’s Pouches in your camera bag to help keep everyone safe and happy until they can learn to get along.

Get Organized with a Photographer’s Pouch (or Three)
$12 at the Photojojo Shop

Yeehaw! It’s a Firework Photography Roundup

History Fact: Shortly after signing the Declaration of Independence Benjamin Franklin invented fireproof pants. He knew … Freedom = Fireworks.

Before tomorrow night’s celebrations of freedom sparkle across the sky, brush up on your firework photo taking skills.

Study 11 Tips for Photoing Fireworks

Learn to Light-Paint with Sparklers

Or, if you dislike following rules as much as you dislike tea taxes, exercise creative freedom with these twists on firework photography.

  • Shoot a video completely out of focus. Stanislas Giroux did, and it’s so dreamy.
  • Make your firework photos look like sea creature pix with a simple focusing trick á la David Johnson.
  • Or, simply film your fireworks then reverse the video like Julian Tay.

Now, grab your camera, go out, and make ol’ Ben proud.

Meet the Dream Scope, An IRL Filter Kit

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

When you snooze, you have visions of flying on a unicorn over a cloud raining glitter, through fields of rainbow-y color never seen in the waking world … until now.

The Dream Scope Filter Kit will make your dreams a reality.

The Dream Scope comes with a true blue (and red, and yellow) set of 37mm pro-grade glass and aluminum gradient color filters.

Use one or all three. Stack and spin them to get awesome technicolor patterns, lens flare and swirly rainbow hues in-camera, without an app.

The kit attaches to any phone even includes a tripod mount! Set it up next to your bedside and maybe some of those colorful filters will take your dreams to a whole new level of technicolor.

Color Your World with the Dream Scope
$30 at the Photojojo Shop

Happy Camera Day!
What Kind of Camera are YOU?
Extra photos for bloggers: 12, 3

“What kind of camera am I?”

It’s a burning question we’ve all had in the back of our minds, and today it shall be answered.

In honor of National Camera Day this Sunday, June 29th, we are going to help you find out what kind of camera you would be if you were reborn as the best invention ever.

Now sit back and put on your virtual Sorting Hat to discover what kind camera TRULY represents your personality.

Discover Your Camera Alter Ego for National Camera Day!


Cooking up Photography in the Kitchen

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Let your photography obsession and your love for sweets collide – magic and sprinkles and beautiful photographs everywhere!

Grab these three photo themed kitchen help-ccessories that are cute as all get out and also quite functional.

When the timer strikes zero, wrap your hot and fresh camera cookies up in your tea towel. Quick! Snap a pic before you snap a bite. Now, if only cameras could capture that fresh baked cookie smell.

The Photo ParTEA Towel

Food photography might seem like a simple task, but there are some rules to the game.

Artist Emily McDowell designed the Photo ParTEA Towel, covered it in food photography tips, to look snazzier than your average towel, oh and to dry things too!

Learn More or Buy

Camera Cookie Cutter Set

Your camera collection is so cute you could just gobble it up! Wait. Right. There.

Maybe a camera cookie would be a better choice? Grab the Camera Cookie Cutter Set, bake ‘em up and gobble away!

Learn More or Buy

f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer

Your lens collection is vast and bordering on obsession. Feed your appetite with the f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer.

It will keep track of your cookie baking so you can get back to instagraming selfies while you lick the spoon.

Learn More or Buy

Metadata: Uncover Your Photos’ Secrets
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Metadata is data about data.

When it comes to photo metadata, that means it’s data/facts/figures/info about your photos.

In the olden days (or last week, if you’re a film shooter) photographers had to carry around a notebook to collect metadata. “Roll 6 Shot 7 was set at f/16 1/100 sec and shot at Tamarack Park.”

These days, digital cameras are writing down all these fun fact for you. They’re not just capturing pictures, they’re taking in metadata too!

You’ve got all kinds of data about your photos you didn’t even know about. And, it turns out there are all sorts of nifty things you can do when you’ve got data about your data.

Learn to Access Your Photos’ Metadata and Why You’d Wanna


Start Filming with the iOgrapher Bundle

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a well made video with high quality sound all made on an iPad? There are no words.

Pair your iPad with the pro quality Rode VidMic Pro Boom and iOgrapher video rig, to really get a handle on your next film project.

The iOgrapher will really step up your film making game with a wide angle lens, accessory mounts a plenty, a tripod mount and handy handles for fearless filming.

The VidMic Pro is small but packs a lot of power. It picks up the voices and sounds you want to hear while cutting out the buzz and background noise you don’t.

Your high standards, striking visuals and clear sounds will soon leave audiences in silent awe as they witness the glory of your vision.

Get the whole iOgrapher Bundle


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