Meet the Double Exposure Digi Cam!

If it’s true that good things come in small packages, then the Double Exposure Digi Cam is *it*.

Why? Because at the push of a button, this digital camera can make double exposures in a single frame!

You also get an added bonus of super saturated colors, awesome vignetting and the look of old-school film grain.

Plus, it’s so tiny, it fits on your key ring! Now you’ll never leave home without a camera!

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$130 at the Photojojo Shop

How to Turn a Flatbed Scanner into a Handheld Camera for Spooky Photos!

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Pumpkins, witches and Wes Craven.

That time of year has come again when the ghouls and ghosts come out to play, but why should they have all the fun?

With the help of the homemade scanner camera, you can set up your own warped and wonderful photo booth.

Celebrate all things spooky by taking eerie and distorted images complete with long exposures, glitches and vignetting! It’ll turn you and your pals into unearthly creatures and make your party the talk of the town.

Give yourself two heads, wiggle your fingers or simply smile. Just hit scan, say cheese and let the freak show commence.

How to Make a Scanner Camera

p.s. Rad! There’s an iPhone photography conference called 1197 on Oct. 22nd in SF. We’ll be there demoing some goodies!


How to Make a Fun Interlocking Photo Display!

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What happens when you combine the idea of building blocks with photo prints?

An unconventional way to show off your pictures — that’s what!

Turn your photos into an awesome and interactive tower o’ pictures that flaunts your photo and construction skills!

Leave it unassembled for friends to put together at a party or see how high you can make it tower.

Cuz who says photos can only be in frames or albums?

Make a Buildable Photo Display!


How to Photograph the Galaxy…in 3D!

The minute Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic takes off, you’ll be first in line. Where else can you get a better photo of the Milky Way than in space?

‘Til then, you’ll have to bring the stars down to Earth.

That’s what Ignacio Torres did in his photo project Stellar! He simulated an awesomely convincing galaxy with confetti, dust, and a 3-D camera (that’s where the wiggle GIF comes in!).

The combination of floating people and sparkling clouds is supreme space eye candy.

Here’s how to make your own — Have your friends jump and throw the flour and confetti at the same time. The flash will get the confetti to sparkle like stars and catch your friend floating in space! Meanwhile, the 3-D camera (see our DIY version) gives your galaxy the depth that makes it look real.

Your friends will officially be the first space tourists, and they won’t even have to buy a $2million ticket. Rawk.

Stellar — Ignacio Torres’ Galactic GIFs

How to Make Your Own DSLR Viewfinder

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You’re walking down the beach on a sunny day and spot a sweet shot, but the sun is making it impossible to see anything, including the LCD screen on your camera!

Your sweet shot? Your friend’s head is chopped off, and you’ve focused in on a surly seagull. Not cool.

Fortunately, there’s a smart solution to using live view mode outdoors: a DIY DSLR viewfinder!

This crafty viewfinder is kinda like the DSLR equivalent of an old timey photographer using a cloak with a large format camera.

It shades your screen from the sun, letting you compose your shots 10x more easily. With a little DIY action, you’ll get the shot you meant to get from here on out!

Make a DIY DSLR Viewfinder


The Capture Camera Clip — A Hands Free Holster for Your Camera

The number one lesson photographers should learn from the Wild West: shoot from the hip.

With the Capture Camera Clip you’re as ready to draw as the slickest cowboy in town.

It’s a sturdy, yet lightweight camera mount that clips to your belt or bag strap so your camera is always at the ready.

One quick push of the release button frees your camera. No more digging through your bag, no more missed shots!

Lucky for your enemies, we’re playing with cameras.

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Be Mario — A Public Photo Experiment with Nerd Style

After a 10 hour video game binge, reality transforms into a Scott Pilgrim-esque fantasy.

Is that dinosaur shaped shrub Yoshi incarnate? If you stomp on this mushroom, will you have an instant 2 foot growth spurt?!

Redditor NullPoint84 took note. He hung a handmade Mario question block in public, stood by with camera in hand and invited anyone to reenact the Mario fist jump!

His public experiment resulted in a fantastic photo series of strangers caught mid-air.

Make your own and add a small trampoline for extra high jumps. Make a themed photobooth or fill one with chocolate coins for tasty motivation!

For more Mario inspiration, see Poster Child!

Be Mario — Real Life Video Gaming [via My Modern MET]

p.s. Our chums at Scoutmob are giving away Public Bikes for you to explore your city and snap photos!

The Camera Day Pack — A Camera Bag You’ll Actually Want to Carry!

You and your camera have a good thing goin’ on. But your bulky, awkward camera bag always insists on third-wheeling it.

No longer! The Camera Day Pack is a perfectly sized camera bag that you’ll actually want to carry.

It holds everything you need (your SLR, one lens, a couple personal items) and is mobile enough to never hold you back.

It’s a third-wheel match made in camera heaven.

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How to Make a Journal With Photos for Pages

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When one of us was a wee youngster, she wrote her initials plus Cody Henderson’s in big hearts on every available surface.

On the walls.
On the sidewalk.
On the carpet.

She got in a lot of trouble.

If only she’d known then what she knows now, she’d have made this book instead. A journal with pages made of photos of walls, sidewalks, bathroom mirrors: anything you could write graffiti on in real life.

Note to self: next time.

How to Make Journals With Photo Pages
[Inspired by The Walls Notebook!]

p.s. Our pals at Smugmug are giving away a set of our cell phone lenses. Check it!


Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70 Cameras

We knew deep down that it still had to be out there somewhere.

So we embarked on a pilgrimage. Halfway around the world our faith in the camera gods was finally rewarded.

Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70 Cameras: Fully functional, lovingly restored folding SX-70 cameras.

Each SX-70 has been completely restored and hand-inspected, so it’s guaranteed to be in tip-top instant photo taking shape.

Sounds like instant camera love to us.

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