Return of the GIF: 5+ Rad Ways to Play with GIFs

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Like instant film and harem pants, GIFs are making quite the comeback.

They may have had an awkward start back in their earlier days, but now GIFs are easier to craft and looking better than ever thanks to lasers, smart phones, and good old fashioned creativity.

We found the raddest and baddest ways to make and show off GIFs from real-life GIF zoetropes to making your phone’s background animated.

Creepy dancing Ally McBeal baby, step aside. There are new GIFs in town.

How to Kick Your GIFs Up a Notch

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The Shot Glass Lens Set

You can hold your liquor, and now your lens can, too.

Our set of Shot Glass Lenses includes 3 intricately detailed mini lens replicas made of solid kiln-set ceramic.

They’re made with every feature of your own SLR lens — from the AF/MF switch to the ridges on the focusing ring!

Because these little photo nerd vessels are multi-talented, you can use them to sip on tiny refreshments, make mini flower planters, or turn them into handy holders o’ things (like paperclips or toothpicks!).

Taking shots just took on a whole new meaning.

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Turn Old CD Cases into Wondrous Spinning Photo Carousels

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Why would you settle for photos that just sit there when you can get photos that *spin*?

With a few CD jewel cases, you can make a free and E-Z photo frame carousel, a rad DIY photo project from Tiffany Threadgould’s DIY book, ReMake It.

It’s a frame-holder that fits 10 photos and delightfully spins around a base just like your favorite childhood ride of yore.

Best of all, when one photo starts feeling played out (kinda like your old Eminem CD), you can simply give it a spin for a whole new photo to decorate your desk.

Start digging through your CD bin and give your garbage and/or Garbage another go.

Make a Sweet Spinny Photo Carousel

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5 Fantastic DIY Ways To Take Your Cell Photos Off-Screen

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We’ll admit it, we’re obsessed with iPhoneography.

We take our cell phone lenses everywhere we go, we share our photos in real time, we even dress up our phones to look like our favorite cameras!

We thought it was about time that we started taking our photos out of our phones and sharing them with the material world.

Today we’re showing you how you can make your own phone photo stickers, magnets, photobooth-style strips, lamps, and more with your iPhone photos using your household inkjet printer!

Use Your Cell Phone Shots To Make DIY Projects!

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Make Time-Lapses & Tilt-Shift Photos with These 2 New Cameras

Time-lapses and tilt-shifts are like the Iron Man of photography.

They take weeks of practice, sweaty brows, and expensive entry fees, but after you get through it, you get mad respect!

Meet two cameras that’ll deliver the cred (and fun) while doing all the hard work for you.

The Time-Lapse Camera records time-lapse videos in HD at the push of one button. No editing needed.

The Tilt-Shift Camera is a tiny camera with a real tilt-shift lens at 1/10th the cost of a tilt-shift camera. Scroll on!

The Time-Lapse Camera

Here’s a camera that’ll give you all the time-lapse fun you’ve dreamed of minus the hours of editing.

Just set the time and press a single button, and BAM, it’ll deliver a finished HD video.

He comes with a standard tripod mount, 7 settings from 5 seconds to 24 hours, and can shoot for up to 6 months!

The Time-Lapse Camera
$149 each in The Photojojo Shop

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The Tilt-Shift Camera

This camera is a real tilt-shift camera that fits in your pocket!

Its lens is mounted at an angle giving you incredible “miniaturized’ photos.

Vignetting and filter options give your photos a lo-fi look. Plus, a video setting lets you make tilt-shift videos!

The Tilt-Shift Camera
$149 in the Photojojo Shop

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All New Telephoto Cell Lens!

If humans were designed to have retractable zoom eyeballs, the world would be like 50x cooler, right?

Wrong. No one wants a creepy cyborg hanging around.

Thanks to the Telephoto Cell Lens – the newest addition to our popular line of cell phone lenses – you can get 2x the zoomy powers sans the robot.

Equip yourself with all 3 of our Fisheye, Macro/Wide Angle, and Telephoto lenses, and your phone camera will get shots it’s never been able to get before!

The Telephoto Cell Lens Tweet It!
$20 or all 3 Cell Lenses for $49 at the Photojojo Shop

Embrace Your Inner Artist — How to Doodle on Your Photos and Bring Them To Life!

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Since the dawn of time people have doodled: caves, note pads, post-its.

Even your friend’s cast has enjoyed being a doodler’s canvas.

Now our photos want to get in on the fun! You can spruce up your friend’s wardrobe, hand tint your black and white photos, and even add a frame right onto your print.

We’ll show you all you need to know to create epic photo-meets-imagination images with just a print and a pen.

The Why, How and What to Draw on Your Photos

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Summertime DIY! Make a Film Candle Holder in 3 Steps

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Poor, neglected photo negatives.

Ever since digital photography has come into play, these photographic beings have lost their heyday and are quite the endangered species in the photography world.

Well, neglect them no further—time to use those negatives for something positively enlightening!

Brighten up their lives—and yours—by using them to make a lightbox-esque candle holders!

It’s a super simple and fun way to dress up your candle lights for these lovely summer nights!

How to Make a Film Negative Candle Holder!

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How to Make a Difference with Photography: Post Your Portrait!

The Banksy of the photo world wants you to be in his next project!

2011’s TED Prize winner JR is known for combating social inequalities with photography. He’s plastered massive 20 foot tall portraits from Paris to Brazil, Nairobi, and Cambodia.

Inside Out is a photo project that asks anyone to upload their portrait with their personal story.

After uploading, your photo’s then mailed to you as a poster that you can post in public*.

The goal? To give individuals a voice and unveil the untold stories of people around the world. Awareness and mutual respect are the aim!

8,000 photographers from everywhere have already posted their own portraits and awesome/inspiring/fascinating stories which you can browse in the online gallery.

INSIDE OUT: Be a Part of a Global Photo Project [Watch JR’s short vid about the project.]

*No defacing necessary. Prop it in a window or tie it to a fence, bench or balcony.

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Polaroid Week 2011: Our Favorite Projects, Tips, and Ways To Use Instant Film

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It’s that time of the year again…

Polaroid Week!

Also Known As: A magical week when photographers around the world celebrate all things instant and make photos like crazy.

We’re already having a blast celebrating,
and want you to join us!

Because we ♥ you, we’ve rounded up our favorite projects, tips, & inspiration to get your instant ideas developing! (See what we did there? har har.)

Grab your camera, feed it some film, and read on to learn how to use instant photos to decorate, stay organized, make hand-made photograms, and even see-through instant prints!

Tips, DIY Projects and Where to Get Film

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