3 Mind-Bending Time-Twisting Road Trip Photo Projects

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Ahh, road trips. Get out on the open road jamming to your favorite tunes with the wind in your hair, and time stands still.

Seriously, road trips can warp time! And we’ve got a few photo projects to prove it.

Next time you’re gonna hit the road, pack your camera and try one of these time-bending projects.

Read on to learn how to animate your road trip mascot, slow down your road trip buddy and add some magic to what you see out your window.

3 Time-Twisting Road Trip Photo Projects

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The Handy Dandy Hand Strap

Necks weren’t made to hold cameras. Hands were.

Nix strained necks and excess bulk with the Handy Dandy Hand Strap, an ergonomic hand strap made of ultra-plush padded leather.

Since your camera’s already in your hand, you’ll never miss a shot!

Quite handy, indeed.

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How to Walk Across a Photo — Multiple Exposure Magic!

Since the invention of photography, photo DIY-ers have hacked their way around its limits.

Not enough light? Ohai, here’s a mega powerful flash. Too far away? Let’s just whip up a longer focal length for ya.

Photo too still? Jeremy Blanchard found his way around that.

During an engagement shoot, he made this single image of his friends traveling across a photo! And he didn’t even use a pricey strobe.

In fact, you can make one of these at home with a photo editing program.

Jeremy wrote up a how-to. Here’s an abbreviation:

1) Take multiple shots of your friends walking across the frame.
2) Layer the photos into a single image in Photoshop.
3) Erase the surroundings leaving only the subjects. (Except on the main background.)
4) Lower the opacity on the ones that you want to appear lighter.

If you’re looking for more engagement photo ideas, you can always throw in a zombie.

Make Your Subjects Move with Multiple Exposures
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The Wood Camera iPhone Case

They say you should dress for the job you want–and your iPhone? It really wants to be your camera.

With the new Wood Camera iPhone Case, your phone can look just like a classic camera.

It’s a sleek cover that combines the natural charm of wood with the style of a classic camera to be the most unique iPhone case out there.

Because it’s made from natural materials (bamboo or walnut), it offers an environmentally sustainable option for protecting your phone all while making it look old-school camera cool.

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World Photography Day — Ideas & Inspiration to Celebrate All Things Photo

Do you remember the first time you held a camera?

Pushing on a button somehow procured a preserved rectangular memory that you could hold in your hand.

From that day on you never looked back…mostly because you were too busy looking into the viewfinder.

World Photography Day is tomorrow, August 19th, and it’s the perfect day to show your camera some love!

Whether your preferred camera is plastic, pinhole, or also known as your phone, we’ve collected the most inspiring ideas and even a photo themed mixtape to celebrate your very own photo day at home.

Hats off to you, Mr. Daguerre.

Photojojo’s Guide to World Photography Day

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Return of the GIF: 5+ Rad Ways to Play with GIFs

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Like instant film and harem pants, GIFs are making quite the comeback.

They may have had an awkward start back in their earlier days, but now GIFs are easier to craft and looking better than ever thanks to lasers, smart phones, and good old fashioned creativity.

We found the raddest and baddest ways to make and show off GIFs from real-life GIF zoetropes to making your phone’s background animated.

Creepy dancing Ally McBeal baby, step aside. There are new GIFs in town.

How to Kick Your GIFs Up a Notch

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The Shot Glass Lens Set

You can hold your liquor, and now your lens can, too.

Our set of Shot Glass Lenses includes 3 intricately detailed mini lens replicas made of solid kiln-set ceramic.

They’re made with every feature of your own SLR lens — from the AF/MF switch to the ridges on the focusing ring!

Because these little photo nerd vessels are multi-talented, you can use them to sip on tiny refreshments, make mini flower planters, or turn them into handy holders o’ things (like paperclips or toothpicks!).

Taking shots just took on a whole new meaning.

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Turn Old CD Cases into Wondrous Spinning Photo Carousels

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Why would you settle for photos that just sit there when you can get photos that *spin*?

With a few CD jewel cases, you can make a free and E-Z photo frame carousel, a rad DIY photo project from Tiffany Threadgould’s DIY book, ReMake It.

It’s a frame-holder that fits 10 photos and delightfully spins around a base just like your favorite childhood ride of yore.

Best of all, when one photo starts feeling played out (kinda like your old Eminem CD), you can simply give it a spin for a whole new photo to decorate your desk.

Start digging through your CD bin and give your garbage and/or Garbage another go.

Make a Sweet Spinny Photo Carousel

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5 Fantastic DIY Ways To Take Your Cell Photos Off-Screen

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We’ll admit it, we’re obsessed with iPhoneography.

We take our cell phone lenses everywhere we go, we share our photos in real time, we even dress up our phones to look like our favorite cameras!

We thought it was about time that we started taking our photos out of our phones and sharing them with the material world.

Today we’re showing you how you can make your own phone photo stickers, magnets, photobooth-style strips, lamps, and more with your iPhone photos using your household inkjet printer!

Use Your Cell Phone Shots To Make DIY Projects!

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Make Time-Lapses & Tilt-Shift Photos with These 2 New Cameras

Time-lapses and tilt-shifts are like the Iron Man of photography.

They take weeks of practice, sweaty brows, and expensive entry fees, but after you get through it, you get mad respect!

Meet two cameras that’ll deliver the cred (and fun) while doing all the hard work for you.

The Time-Lapse Camera records time-lapse videos in HD at the push of one button. No editing needed.

The Tilt-Shift Camera is a tiny camera with a real tilt-shift lens at 1/10th the cost of a tilt-shift camera. Scroll on!

The Time-Lapse Camera

Here’s a camera that’ll give you all the time-lapse fun you’ve dreamed of minus the hours of editing.

Just set the time and press a single button, and BAM, it’ll deliver a finished HD video.

He comes with a standard tripod mount, 7 settings from 5 seconds to 24 hours, and can shoot for up to 6 months!

The Time-Lapse Camera
$149 each in The Photojojo Shop

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The Tilt-Shift Camera

This camera is a real tilt-shift camera that fits in your pocket!

Its lens is mounted at an angle giving you incredible “miniaturized’ photos.

Vignetting and filter options give your photos a lo-fi look. Plus, a video setting lets you make tilt-shift videos!

The Tilt-Shift Camera
$149 in the Photojojo Shop

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