Father’s Day: The Alite Twig Pod — A Monopod Optimized for Outdoor Photo Fun!

Your dad taught you all you know about the outdoors.

What better nod to all the campfire fun the two of you had than the Twig Pod?

It’s the coolest collapsible lightweight monopod that your dad’s ever seen!

A cleverly designed foot lets him prop the ‘pod into the ground, and a flexible ball-head mount makes shooting from any angle easy.

Think of all the places your dad can take it — hikes, picnics, concerts. After all, he’s an active dude!

Make sure you nab one today, cause we’ve teamed up with Alite Designs – makers of the Twig Pod – to offer something special.

You’ll get $28 credit to the Photojojo Store after you send in a review to Alite! With your expert photog feedback, Alite will be able to make even more bad-ass camera goodies.

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$28 at the Photojojo Shop

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Make a DIY Photo Flip-Flap — Hipper Than Your Average Photo Album

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Move over humdrum photo albums, cuz we got a new photo case in town.

It’s the fantastic photo flip-flap!

A cheap and simple way to display your photos in neat-o book form, the flip-flap is named for the unique noise it makes when you open it!

Flip flaps are neat because you can see all the photos in the book at once instead of flipping through page by page by page, as is the case with regular ol’ photo albums.

Why go out and get some generic photo album when you can make your own that just requires some scrap paper, some folding, and some adhesive?

Make a Photo Flip-Flap Album

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The Underwater Digi Cam — Take Your Camera Swimming!

Taking your camera to the beach is like giving your cat a bath: it gets finicky when wet.

Don’t let your camera short-out (or claw you in the face)!

Presenting your new swimming buddy: the Underwater Digi Cam, an underwater digital camera that shoots photo and video.

Dunk this digi cam as deep as 100 feet for ethereal underwater scenes Cousteau could only dream of. Shooting through a plastic lens, you’ll get that classic analog look reminiscent of film while fitting up to 90 photos in one outing!

It’s so much more than just a pool-adventuring snapper. It’s a sturdy, affordable digital camera you can toss into the ocean or even the Bering Strait!

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$35 at the Photojojo Shop

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The Ultimate Guide to Photo Shadow Play: 30 Ways to Show Shadows Some Love

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In Photo 101 the third thing they teach you, after “remove your lens cap” and “this is a shutter button,” is to keep shadows out of your photos.

In Photojojo’s Photo 1-0-FUN, shadows are chillin’ at the cool kids’ table.

The secret to success is in knowing how to work with them. Our list-o-awesome shadow ideas can help you get started.

Learn how to make your shadows multi-colored, transform teeny props into massive monsters, or create a cinematic scene with dramatic light.

Unless you’re a Vampire, grab your shadow and head towards the light!

30 Shadow Play Ideas

Photos that Go Bump in the Night

beforeDark shadows can be downright creepy. So get in touch with your dark side and take some frightening shadow shots.

Stage a menacing shadow creeping after your friend and give your local photo lab technician nightmares for a week!

Pro tip: the closer you are to the light source the bigger your shadow will be.

Shadow Monsters!

beforeAnother fun and easy way to make scary shadow photos is with little ol’ harmless toys.

Just put them real close to a bright lamp and get ready to defend yourself from their giant shadows!

Our toy dinos (if you’ve ever ordered from our shop you’ve got one) would work great for this!

Shadows in Technicolor!

beforeTranslucent colored objects make colored shadows… science is so cool!

Be on the lookout for colored glass, balloons, and–if you’re lucky–translucent umbrellas.

And if that isn’t cool enough, you can even put food coloring in water, throw it in the air and get colored splash shadows!

Interact with Your Shadow

beforeWith the right set up your shadow can do it’s own thing rather than just copy you.

It’s really quite simple:

  • Have one friend (the Shadow) stand in front of a light source and outside of the frame
  • Have another friend stand in the frame and line up with Friend #1’s shadow.

With a little bit of arranging you can make it look like Friend #1’s shadow belongs to Friend #2.

Ponder while your shadow acts out your dreams. Sing while your shadow plays shadow air guitar. Or you could always threaten your shadow with a finger gun like Bader Kamal did (but I doubt he got much money out of ‘em!)

Give Your Shadow Some Props

beforeYour shadow is tired of watching you have all the fun.  Put a prop in the right spot and let your shadow have a go at interactng with the real world.

Pass that soccer ball to your shadow and see what happens.

Shadows also love to throw Frisbees, open doors, and climb ladders. Angie_c even caught hers trying to leave its hand prints on the wall!

(Frogmanor has a whole set of photos over at flickr proving that shadows are also good at climbing stairs!)

Hand Puppets!

beforeIt seems like only yesterday when a flashlight at a slumber party meant there would soon be bunnies dancing on the wall. Or maybe it actually was yesterday…

Check out this hand puppet guide, grab your camera, and maybe with a whole lot of practice you can make a dino as cool as Anandham’s.

Shoot Silhouettes

beforeLetting long shadows stretch past the frame of your image can make your photos look oh so deep and profound.

Back-light your subject so the shadow comes towards your camera.  It will help the image pop and can tell a powerful story.

Turn That Shadow Up-side Down

beforeTake a photo of a crowd in the early afternoon sun. Then flip it upside-down so the shadows have real people for … well, shadows!

You can do this to your pooch too!

Shoot Subjects in Half-Shadow, Half-Light

beforeHiding part of your subject in shadows adds mystery and drama to your photo.

Try hiding different amounts of your subject’s face for a variety of effects. You’ll learn a lot about portrait lighting this way too.

This split-light portrait by Jorege Moreno, Jr. is a stunning example of shadow intrigue. Drama! Drama! Drama!

Give Everyday Scenes Some 3D Wow Factor

beforeRich and rhythmic shadows can make photographs of common places look AMAZING!

The shadow from this fence makes a flat image seem 3D.

Shadows that produce patterns can give interest to bland ground and make all your photog buddies jealous of your skillz.

Perspective Play: Long Shadows from Above

beforeGet up above the crowds (tall buildings help) in the late afternoon. Once the sun is low enough that the shadows get nice and long you can capture some gorgeous shots from this perspective.

The subject has to depend on the shape of its shadow to explain what it is it, the effect can be quite striking!

The Anonymous Crowd

beforeA crowd is a crowd. After awhile, crowd photos all start to look the same.

Shift your perspective and try to capture the crowd’s silhouettes instead. It’s a refreshing change when your candid street shots get in a rut.

Shadow Boxing

beforeSince shadows don’t feel pain, they love to fight.

Let them duke it out; you’ll release all those angry feelings and there won’t be any black eyes in the morning.

A Little Shadow Lovin’

beforeWhat’s more romantic than a photo of your shadows cuddling?

Pretty much nothing.

Shadow Prints without a Camera!

beforeHave you tried out Sunprint paper yet? It’s light sensitive paper that can make a photo out of any shadow!

Cast a (very steady) shadow on a sheet then dunk it in H2O – easy peasy!

Even More Ideas!

P.S. We like to give credit where credit is due. Big thanks to Dave Bond, Ekaterina Nosenko, Natalie Villalobos, Joel “Boy_Wonder”, Carolyn Cochrane, Stefano Corso, Color de la Vida, Jason E.N., Fadzly Mubin, and procrastinatingxnipples for allowing us to use your photos under Creative Commons licenses or special permission! You guys are awesome!

The Classic Mini Digital Camera – A Spy Cam for Photo Lovers

What if we told you Minox, the guys who made spy cameras for the CIA in the 1940s, were still designing sneaky little photo-makers?

Indeed they are, and get ready to fall in love with their latest, a Leica M3 look-alike: the Classic Mini Digital Camera.

It’s a 2″x3″ mini digital camera that hails from the days of secret spy missions, vocoders, and dudes named Boris.

Plus, make sure to scope out our newest and easiest photo-holder yet, the Snapshot Dot. Minimal in design, these hip lil’ dots let your photos shine by giving you a clean and colorful way to show them off.

p.s. You like cameras right? Right! Think you could answer these two questions for us? It’d mean the world.

The Classic Mini Digital Camera

Made by the same company who designed spy cameras for the CIA in the ’40s, the Classic Mini Digital Camera is a tiny digital camera with dapper analog looks.

This 2″x3″ digi cam is a finely detailed replica of the Leica M3 right down to the film advance lever and German-engineered glass lens.

It wears a clever disguise: Analog on the outside, digital on the inside — how can you resist?

Classic Mini Digital Camera
$179 each in The Photojojo Shop

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The Snapshot Dot

Instead of giving your photos an acupuncture session (pins=ouch), try a kinder option.

With a gentle grip, these hip 2″ silicone dots sit flat on your desk, holding your prints upright for a clean and colorful display.

Switching photos is extra easy — just slip prints in and out, all the while keeping them free from rips and bends.

The Snapshot Dot
5 dots for $12 in the Photojojo Shop

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How to Use Your Android as a Photo Tool + Top 10 Apps

Nikon vs Canon, Mac vs PC, Rebecca Black vs Justin Bieber.

2-sided feuds aren’t a foreign concept considering you’re a Canon/Mac/Bieber appreciator.

When it comes to phones, you’re an Android lover.

This week, our Twitter and Facebook peeps voted on their favorite Android photo apps – apps for editing, filtering, friend-sharing, and even afternoon snacking (i.e. Pudding Cam!).

These are the top 10 crowd favorites!

Plus, as an added bonus, we rounded up apps designed to make life easier while you’re out shooting with your non-phone camera.

Whether you’re working with a gingerbread, cupcake, or a little green robot, your photo app folder is about to get real happy.

Use Your Android as a Photo Tool & Top Voted Apps

p.s. We’re throwing a Facebook giveaway today with our pals at Fracture! Fracture turns your photos into gorgeous glass prints that make snazzy wall hangings! READ MORE

Photo Science: How 5 Photo Techniques Work & How You Can Play With Them!

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3, 4

Ever wonder how your camera works?

…If instant photos are actually made of something other than magic?

We sure as heck do!

In fact, we think the science of photography is half of the reason that being a photographer is so freakin’ cool.

While photography usually feels like magic, it’s actually very scientific and mathematical. (We even know the ISO of the human eye!)

We’re going to show you some of our favorite basic photography techniques, what makes them tick, and how you can try them all yourself for a hands-on view of how all your favorite photo stuff works!

5 Ways to Play with Photo Science


What iPhoneography Apps Are Hot Right Now

We’ve been wondering what photo apps the cool kids are using on their phones these days. Instagram? Hipstamatic? Diptic maybe?

So we rounded up 12 of our favorite smarties and asked for their top 3 faves.

Who’d we ask? Photographers (of course), web entrepreneurs, illustrators, designers, the guy who invented the #hashtag, and even a Mythbuster!

Here’s what we found out.

[BTW, we’ve got Android apps in here, too!]

The Top iPhoneography Apps Right Now

p.s. We’ve teamed up with our buddies at Fracture for a Twitter giveaway TODAY! Fracture prints your best photos directly onto glass, is ready to hang and looks super sleek. READ MORE

Same Hill, Different Day — A Daily Photo Project

Scientists claim it takes hundreds of years and a couple of glaciers to transform a hill.

For Paul Octavious, it took a little over 3 years and a camera.

Ever since he found the hill in 2007 while walking around Chicago, he’s photographed it hundreds, probably thousands of times.

Yet every time, the hill looks different.

Humble and nondescript, it’s the way the seasons and people interact with it that transforms the hill into exquisite, otherworldly scenes:

First snow falls, kite festivals, outdoor movies. Paul even captured the Ghana World Cup team practicing on the hill one foggy day.

He sums it up beautifully, “The hill is my stage and the locals are the actors in this daily play.” This may inspire you to wonder: What everyday place is your stage?

EXTRA!: The beauty of this project is that Paul’s always capturing new images. Today he posted a new video of the kite festival! It’s amazing.

Same Hill, Different Day by Paul Octavious

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The USB Film Roll — A Film Roll That Holds 1,000 Photos!

Your typical film roll will hold 12, 24, or a whopping 36 exposures.

What if we told you we managed to get 1,000 photos all onto one roll?

True story! The USB Film Roll is a 4GB USB drive cleverly dressed up in a recycled film canister.

Instead of getting tossed, these canisters get to fulfill their photo geek destiny by metamorphosing into glorious photo file-holding gizmos.

Whether you hand ’em out to clients or snap one into own your computer’s USB, your analog-digi prestige will certainly be propelled to levels not yet experienced by mankind.

USB Film Roll Tweet It!
$20 each at the Photojojo Shop