Snazzy Engineer Prints, Limited Supplies!

Spruce up your digs and support awesome photographers!

We teamed up with a few of our fave photo makers to offer a limited run (hurry! hurry!) of their work printed up as big beautiful 3 foot x 4 foot Engineer Prints.

See Our Selection of Engineer Prints

Leprechaun Approved Gear for St Paddy’s Day

Whoo, Saint Patrick’s Day Eve, time to pour some Guinness in your Lucky Charms!

Ok … don’t actually do that. Ever.

Instead, feast your smiling eyes on these rainbow treasures, and test your Irish luck finding our gold.

See What Lies Beyond the Rainbow

Stuck Inside?
Indoor Photo Ideas
Save the Day

Non-stop snow have you stranded indoors? Or maybe the flu has you quarantined?

Either way, keep hold of your camera ’cause there’s tons of cool stuff to photograph right there under your own roof!

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got ideas to help you get the ball rolling, from shadows on the wall to everything macro. Together we’ll prove that there’s no need to go far for a great shot. It’s right around the corner. Literally!

4 Ideas For Stuck-At-Home Photos


Show and Tell:
PJers’ Favorite Gear

Ever wonder what products we here at Photojojo can’t live without? All the time, right?

Well you’re in luck!

We’ve rounded up our faves and corralled ’em right here for your browsing pleasure.

Find Out Who Loves What At Photojojo HQ

Yum! Ideas for Fun,
Flavorful Food Photos

Taking photos of food is a tasty endeavor (especially if you get to stuff your belly afterwards).

But because food photos are so popular, it can sometimes be hard to get a shot that is not only appetizing but original.

So we’ve put together some unique food photo ideas with tips ranging from backdrops to dainty dishware. Whether you’re a foodie-photo pro or a nom-nom-photo novice, the results will be both yum and fun. Bon appétit!

5 Delish Ideas for Food Photography


New Gizmos for Instant Photo Saticfaction

Things are a-changin’ in the world of instant prints. The new Impossible Lab turns any phone or tablet into an instant cam.

Plus, Polaroids now come in round. Yeah, round. :-O

Click on through then scroll along to see the latest.

See Our Instant Photo Tools Roundup

Snag Yourself a
Photo Job!

Want to take photos? (Yes!) Want to make money? (Yes!) Want to do both at once? (Double yes!)

Photo jobs aren’t as rare as one may think. Whether you’re looking for a full-time gig or simply want to make a little extra cash, you just gotta know where to look and how to market yourself.

So we’ve got tips to help you find work while simultaneously making it easier for employers and customers to find you.

Get ready to call yourself a working photographer! Cha-ching!

Photo Jobs Are Calling You!


You’ve Got the Talent, Now Get the Gear!

You’ve been honing your skills, now it’s time to pick up some gear and elevate your phoneography talent to top-status.

See Our Mobile Photography Tools Roundup!

Keep Your Night Light Looking Natural

Just ’cause the sun disappears after a certain time of day doesn’t mean your camera has to!

If you prefer using natural light in your photos, then shooting after dark (both indoors and out) can feel a little intimidating.

That’s why we’re here with four solutions for tricky nighttime lighting! You’ll make friends with flash, tripods, and everything else you need so your photo-taking can continue late into the night.

Say goodbye to camera curfews. Night owls, rejoice!

4 Tips For Taking Photos After Dark


Make Magical Photo Special FX (no spells required)

Ta-da! We’re about to reveal our best tricks for creating magical photo effects.

With a little collection of ordinary objects you can make your photos extraordinary.

Turn the whole world into a whole rainbow party, transform a handful of flour into a majestic cloud, paint the night sky with light and more.

Read on and you too can put the special in special effect photography.

Photojojo’s Guide to Special FX Photography