Halloween Special: Dust Off Your Camera for Killer Ghostly Photos

We had always pictured ghosts as levitating hole-punched bed sheets, but apparently, we were wrong. Ghosts come in all shapes and sizes!

Some are transparent and grumpy, some jolly and made of marshmallow. Others float and induce sadistic sneezing sessions.

…Like the spooky figures in Ujin Lee and Tom Edward’s “Dust” series. Their powdery explosions take the form of ghostly figures photographed in eerie locations, like abandoned playgrounds and empty museum halls.

Another photographer, Marie Hanhnhon Nguyen, experiments with flour, creating images of floating clouds and phantom-like human figures.

The flour envelops her subjects in a white transparent glow, giving the photos a deliciously haunting mood.

If you’re inspired to try your own powdery phantom photos, we rounded up a few more projects to whet your appetite!:

  • Use smoke drops, which are perfect for spooky-fying your photos (example: The scariest photo you’ll ever see).
  • Use mystifying color smoke balls, like those in Ólafur Arnalds’ music video.
  • Take a look at The Flour Hour Flickr pool, which is packed with flour photo play.
  • Check out Wizard Smoke by Salazar, a short video featuring phantom-esque skateboarders dressed in flour and tempera powder paint. Their movements leave ghostly trails of human-shaped clouds behind them.

Ujin Lee and Marie Hanhnhon’s Powdery Phantoms

Bubble Photography: 3 Insanely Cool Techniques

Frolicking about the garden chasing butterflies and bubbles with camera in hand…

An outsider might call this a case of fallen-and-bumped-your-head, but we call it a great time!

Richard Heeks, better known as The Bubble Master (and who we posted about on our Tumblr recently!), introduced us to these three sure fire ways to capture incredible photos of bubbles.

1) Make your bubble look like a planet
Quicktips: Use a macro lens or settings, close-up where the sun reflects off the surface, capture the bubble against a shadow (this will make it look like a planet floating in space!)

2) Capture the pop
Quicktips: Use a fast shutter speed (around 1/500). Use rapid fire shoot settings. Take lots of photos (it took Richard a month to capture his series).

3) Shoot your self portrait in a bubble (and other reflections!)
Quicktips: Shoot on a non windy day. Try these settings: f/5, 1/400, ISO 400 (this is what Richard used in his bubble reflection self portrait). Use a telephoto lens (you can use zoom, also). For example, Richard usually shot at 70mm.

More Bubble Photo Tips:
1) Photograph when the air is still.
2) Shoot at sunrise or sunset.
3) Use manual focus if possible (since auto focus doesn’t always focus correctly with transparent subjects).
4) Try different brands of bubble formula since the thickness of a bubble affects color change and how long it lasts.

Bubbles. Who’da thought? They’ve only been floating in front of our noses all these years.

Richard Heeks’ Bubble Photography

The SLR Pinhole Body Cap: Transform Your DSLR into a Pinhole Camera!

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We often forget that photography comes down to one delightfully simple equation: hole + box = photo.

A pinhole is all it takes!

And now we can have all the gorgeous lo-fi pinhole photos we’ve dreamed of with the SLR Pinhole Body Cap.

The Pinhole Body Cap’s wizadrous powers magically transform our DSLR into a pinhole camera (it works with film SLRs, too!), supplying us with a never ending stream of dreamy-fied photos.

And the best part is that we can instantly view our pinhole photos!

It’s specially designed with a *precision perfect* pinhole for just the right diffusion and a plate that keeps our delicate camera insides safe from evil little dust particles.

You can just call our camera a DSLRa obscura (or something like that)!

The SLR Pinhole Body Cap Tweet It!
$50 each at the Photojojo Shop!

Host a Photography Show by Ripping Apart Old Books (aka Photo Gold Mines)!

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Lately we’ve been seeing lots of cheap (and free!) books around town.

Sure, some of those books might be filled with boring old words, but after some careful investigation, we’ve also discovered that many of these books are full of fantastic photos!

So we wondered: How often do super great photos go unnoticed just because they’re tucked away inside of books?

If there’s photo injustice anywhere, we’re hot on the case.

Naturally, we found a way to flip photo injustice around on itself.

Ready? Get your (so called) “junky” books out (and put away your most treasured texts), we’re gonna teach ya…

How To Curate a Photo Show in Your Livingroom by Tearing Apart an Old Book!

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Two New Impossible Project Instant Films! PX 600 Silver Shade & PX 70 Color Shade

Harvest moons, nippy weather, technicolor leaves.

*Sigh* This is what fills us with the fuzzy nostalgia of turkey days of autumns past.

But that’s not the only thing this time of year makes us miss. It was almost exactly a year ago that the last Polaroid films expired.

Some might call it a miracle then that only one year later The Impossible Project has developed two *new* ground-breaking instant films.

And Photojojo’s the first and only shop to bring them to you! Presenting the PX 600 Silver Shade and PX 70 Color Shade Films.

PX 600 Silver Shade

Stable and consistent, this version is a step up from the First Flush of Silver Shade.

This sepia-toned monochrome film delivers dreamy, warm-toned prints.

And, you’re in luck! This gorgeous film is optimized to be used with the most popular Polaroid cameras – the 600 series.

PX 600 Silver Shade
$22 per pack in The Photojojo Shop

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PX 70 Color Shade

The Impossible Project’s first instant color film!

No one thought it could be done – but Impossible gathered up their best German chemists and did it!

This beauty has a soft, desaturated look similar to expired Time Zero film and is optimized for SX-70 Polaroid cameras.

PX 70 Color Shade
$44 per 3 pack in the Photojojo Shop

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Jean Francois Rauzier’s Hyper-Detailed Photos, Creating a Dreamworld with Thousands of Shots

A game!: Inception or Not Inception?

Mad man constructs faux reality by assembling deceivingly realistic structures that are maze-like when observed too closely.

Surprisingly, not Inception! Jean Francois Rauzier’s Hyperphotos are photographic reconstructions of real places often created from between 600-3,400 individual photos.

A bit like Hockney, Jean photographs a single place for one to two hours. He uses a telephoto lens to collect close-up shots of his scene.

The compilation is where his vision or dream, if you will, takes over and the thousands of photos translate into Babylones, Voyages Extraordinaries, and Cités Idéales. We can take a gander at what most of these French titles mean!

Looking at a single image will have you lost in its architecture for hours! (Kind of hoping we’ll find a Leo or Juno if we stare long enough.)

Try your own dreamworld reconstruction, but don’t forget to set your kick and spin your totem and all that good stuff (’cause we hear those dreamworlds get craaaaazy)!

Jean Francois Rauzier’s Hyperphoto Constructions
[via My Modern Met]

p.s. We’ll be at Photokina in Cologne this week! If you’re going, too, and want to meet up, send us a message at photokina@photojojo.com.

How To Make Your Cell Phone Look Like Your Favorite Camera!

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Photographers. We’re a funny bunch.

If there’s one thing we love (besides taking pictures), it’s getting all photo-geeky with our friends, discussing everything from apertures to Zeiss lenses.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to carry all our awesome cameras with us for bragging rights 100% of the time.

Most days, we’re only armed with our cell phones to take pictures, and that doesn’t make us feel as cool as we know we truly are.

Fortunately, our pal Joey found a fun solution!

With his help, we’re going to show you how you can dress up your cell phone so you’ll never be caught without your favorite camera ever again!

How to: Make Your Cell Phone Look Like Your Favorite Camera!


The Camera USB Drive & The Camera Strap Buddy

With all of the fun photo gizmos and gadgets you’ve collected, you might find yourself toting around a *bit* more with you on your daily outings.

Here are two new goodies that will help you carry your photo load.

One is designed to get your photos and files from point A to B, while the other revolutionizes the way you wear your camera!

Camera USB Drive

Our desk is a gallery of only the most unique and charming desk items (sculptural stapler from MOMA ftw!).

And now, we have a USB drive that will fit right in: The Camera USB Drive!

It’s a finely detailed mini camera replica that carries 4GB of photos and files in camera fashion style.

Camera USB Drive
$20 each in The Photojojo Shop

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Camera Strap Buddy

This little buddy transforms the way we wear our camera into a most comfy sling style.

It attaches one end of our camera strap to the bottom of our camera.

We can now non-awkwardly walk across the room without our camera using our stomach as a bounce house! Boo-ya.

Camera Strap Buddy
$15 in the Photojojo Shop

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Long Exposures + Facebook Albums = Gorgeously Layered Photos

We sign in, and within 10 minutes, we’ve seen photo albums of our our Art History professor’s gem collection and our crush’s trip to the Kennedy Space Center (swoon!).

Facebook hands us a magnifying glass, showing us see each others’ lives in an astoundingly close-up view.

Phillip Maisel got to thinking about that – about technology, photographs, and how memories are stored and shared.

He grabbed his digital camera, and setting it on a long exposure, took a photo of his computer screen while he clicked through a Facebook photo album.

The result? Gorgeously layered photographs that resemble double or triple exposures.

A day, a trip, or even a month’s worth of photos all relived in one photo! There’s something pretty magical there.

So, the next time you find yourself flipping through Facebook albums, see what happens when you set your camera in front of your screen! (’causewebetit’llbeamaaazing!)

Phillip Maisel’s Facebook Album Layered Exposures
[via Conscientious]

How To Make Macro Photos Without Buying An Expensive Macro Lens!

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Photography: it can bring people together and show us stuff that’s out of this world.

…We’ve also heard it can be a hard habit to keep up on a budget. Bummer.

Don’t get too bummed though, ’cause whether your kit contains one lens or ten, we’ve got some great news for you!

We’re going to show you how to take professional looking macro photos with the camera and lens you already have!

Read on and you’ll be making photos of all the miniature stuff in your life as fast as you can flip a lens!

How To Make Macro Photos With The Lens You Already Have