How to Turn a Photo into 175 Hours of Solar Power

Like Robin to Batman, your camera is your trusty sidekick, always by your side.

You’ve dreamed of the day you could help mankind with Photon (that’d be your camera’s superhero name). And, guess what? That day is finally here.

Simply upload a photo to Flickr through GE’s Ecomagination Photo Project site and tag with “Wind,” “Water,” or “Light.”

In turn, GE will donate:

  • 4.5kW hours of wind energy for every wind photo
  • 175 hours of solar power for every light photo
  • 480 gallons of drinking water for every water photo

(They’re working with three charities to make it all happen.)

Cool, right? Your photos combined will build wind turbines to power clinics in rural Peru, give families in East Timor solar-powered lanterns, and build wells to provide clean water.

In other words, it’s an easy breezy way to turn your photos into positive action. World, meet the best photog super action team this side of Gotham City: You (and Photon).

Upload a Photo, Help Mankind: GE’s Ecomagination Project

p.s. Check out the Ecomagination Flickr group with photos people have submitted so far!

Photo credit: Albert Valles, Xiahui, and Katie Kuberra.

Glow-in-the-Dark Photograms: Turn Your Photos into Spooky Glow-in-the-Dark Wonders

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

All Hallow’s Eve: it’s the holiday that summons our creative jojo powers from the beyond.

There’s something about the crafty sea serpent costumes and elaborate dino pumpkin sculptures that really gets our inner DIY-er pumped.

That’s why we’re harnessing our Halloween-infused excitement into a truly awesome photo project that our pal Ken Setzer taught us: glow-in-the-dark photograms!

This mystifying project will transform your very own photos into spooky glow-in-the-dark wonders and will even get you back into the dark room…if you dare!

Mua ha ha. Ha.

How to Turn Your Photos into Spooky Glow-in-the-Dark Images!

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Photo Treats: Wooden Cameras, Caption Kits, and Instax Mini Photo Windows!

‘Tis the season to trick or treat.

And boy, have we some photo treats for you!

No costumes, no doorbells, just a few of our favorite new finds.

One to satisfy your camera-loving appetite, one to dress up your instant prints, and another to give your Instax Mini prints a home of their own.

Wooden Camera Gift Set

These French vintage style wooden cameras are the ultimate photo gift for Francophile camera fans.

Treat your favorite photog to a camera stamp, photo stand, and magnet set.

Lovingly crafted and painted wooden “Poulain,” “Fotka,” and “Alpha ” cameras and even a “Coleur” film roll are included!

Wooden Camera Gift Set
$10-25 each in The Photojojo Shop

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Instant Photo Caption Kit

Dress up your prints with hip stickers that you can write on!

The pack comes with speech bubbles, caption squares, colorful banners, “Happy Birthdays,” and all sorts more.

You can even transform prints into postcards!

Instant Photo Caption Kit
$10-18 in the Photojojo Shop

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Instax Mini Print Window

Instead of tossing your precious Instax Mini prints into a box of no return, display them in a sleek Photo Window!

It’s your Instax Mini prints’ window to the world and is perfect for your wall or bookshelf.

Instax Mini Print Window
$12-20 each in The Photojojo Shop

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Instagram: Share Phone Photos with Friends, In the Moment

We’ll never stop <3ing our DSLR, polaroids, or film cams.

But it’s our camera phone that’s always with us. Like when we spotted a pug trotting down the street sporting goggles or that guy unicycling up the steepest hill of all time.

Enter Instagram.

Not just another camera app or more filters for your pix. Instagram is THE way to share the fleeting moments of your life.

What makes it different? It’s simple and fast. Take a photo, choose a filter (optional), you’re done. It uploads automatically.

Or tap the feed and see all your friends’ everyday lives through their eyes in about 20 seconds. The lack of editing + the immediacy of phone photography makes the experience raw, addicting, and kind of magical. In short, Instagram is what the camera phone was made for.

Download it, then peep our getting started guide (with help from Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram) for who to follow and the best tips for Instagram.

Our Instagram Tips and Best Users to Follow

p.s. Yes, it’s iPhone-only, but versions for other phones are in the works! (Let ’em know you want them.)

p.p.s. Today only, we’re running the 1st-ever Instagram photo contest on Instagram! Follow Photojojo to learn more!

Meet Mr. Digital Clover, A Keychain Camera with Film Camera Appeal

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Bus rides can be lonely. Strangers, mean bus drivers, bad phone reception…

Well, we’re turning the sad Radiohead songs down a notch because things are lookin’ up.

We met Mr. Digital Clover, the awesomest travel companion anyone could ask for. He’s a miniature 2.0 megapixel toy camera, designed to capture gorgeously lo-fi photos and vintage style videos.

From the tinge of vintage coloring to his unpredictability, this mini Japanese camera will have you nostalgic for the classic photography experience. He’s kind of like the Diana of keychain cameras.

And he’s going everywhere we’re going!

Mr. Digital Clover, Keychain Camera Tweet It!
$55 each at the Photojojo Shop!

p.s. We’re hiring! One part-time customer service champ (work from anywhere!) and one product photographer (San Francisco only). TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Learn more here.

DIY Photo Magic: How to Turn Black and White Photos into Full Color Images!

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

We love the ease of digital photography, but sometimes we get an itch for some experimentation.

We want to feel like old school photography masters: mixing chemicals in darkrooms and watching images as they slowly develop.

So, what did we do when we learned that some of the first color photographs were made almost 150 years ago, and they weren’t made with color film?

We learned how to use our digital cameras to party like it was 1909, of course!

Now we’re going to share everything we learned and show you how to bring out your inner mad-photo-scientist to make full color photographs using only black and white ones!

How to Use 3 Black and White Photographs to Make A Full Color Image!

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New! Adorable 12 Color Pocket Flash for Your Camera

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Has blinding your friends with a bright white flash become predictable and mundane?

We like to keep ’em on their toes with the 12-Color Splash Flash!

Compact and portable, it’s a self-contained filter flash system that lets us switch the color of our flash by simply turning the color wheel.

We just attach it to our favorite camera for bright, colorful pix wherever we go.

12 bold hues, ready at our fingertips.

12-Color Splash Flash Tweet It!
$30 each at the Photojojo Shop!

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Halloween Special: Dust Off Your Camera for Killer Ghostly Photos

We had always pictured ghosts as levitating hole-punched bed sheets, but apparently, we were wrong. Ghosts come in all shapes and sizes!

Some are transparent and grumpy, some jolly and made of marshmallow. Others float and induce sadistic sneezing sessions.

…Like the spooky figures in Ujin Lee and Tom Edward’s “Dust” series. Their powdery explosions take the form of ghostly figures photographed in eerie locations, like abandoned playgrounds and empty museum halls.

Another photographer, Marie Hanhnhon Nguyen, experiments with flour, creating images of floating clouds and phantom-like human figures.

The flour envelops her subjects in a white transparent glow, giving the photos a deliciously haunting mood.

If you’re inspired to try your own powdery phantom photos, we rounded up a few more projects to whet your appetite!:

  • Use smoke drops, which are perfect for spooky-fying your photos (example: The scariest photo you’ll ever see).
  • Use mystifying color smoke balls, like those in Ólafur Arnalds’ music video.
  • Take a look at The Flour Hour Flickr pool, which is packed with flour photo play.
  • Check out Wizard Smoke by Salazar, a short video featuring phantom-esque skateboarders dressed in flour and tempera powder paint. Their movements leave ghostly trails of human-shaped clouds behind them.

Ujin Lee and Marie Hanhnhon’s Powdery Phantoms

Bubble Photography: 3 Insanely Cool Techniques

Frolicking about the garden chasing butterflies and bubbles with camera in hand…

An outsider might call this a case of fallen-and-bumped-your-head, but we call it a great time!

Richard Heeks, better known as The Bubble Master (and who we posted about on our Tumblr recently!), introduced us to these three sure fire ways to capture incredible photos of bubbles.

1) Make your bubble look like a planet
Quicktips: Use a macro lens or settings, close-up where the sun reflects off the surface, capture the bubble against a shadow (this will make it look like a planet floating in space!)

2) Capture the pop
Quicktips: Use a fast shutter speed (around 1/500). Use rapid fire shoot settings. Take lots of photos (it took Richard a month to capture his series).

3) Shoot your self portrait in a bubble (and other reflections!)
Quicktips: Shoot on a non windy day. Try these settings: f/5, 1/400, ISO 400 (this is what Richard used in his bubble reflection self portrait). Use a telephoto lens (you can use zoom, also). For example, Richard usually shot at 70mm.

More Bubble Photo Tips:
1) Photograph when the air is still.
2) Shoot at sunrise or sunset.
3) Use manual focus if possible (since auto focus doesn’t always focus correctly with transparent subjects).
4) Try different brands of bubble formula since the thickness of a bubble affects color change and how long it lasts.

Bubbles. Who’da thought? They’ve only been floating in front of our noses all these years.

Richard Heeks’ Bubble Photography

The SLR Pinhole Body Cap: Transform Your DSLR into a Pinhole Camera!

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

We often forget that photography comes down to one delightfully simple equation: hole + box = photo.

A pinhole is all it takes!

And now we can have all the gorgeous lo-fi pinhole photos we’ve dreamed of with the SLR Pinhole Body Cap.

The Pinhole Body Cap’s wizadrous powers magically transform our DSLR into a pinhole camera (it works with film SLRs, too!), supplying us with a never ending stream of dreamy-fied photos.

And the best part is that we can instantly view our pinhole photos!

It’s specially designed with a *precision perfect* pinhole for just the right diffusion and a plate that keeps our delicate camera insides safe from evil little dust particles.

You can just call our camera a DSLRa obscura (or something like that)!

The SLR Pinhole Body Cap Tweet It!
$50 each at the Photojojo Shop!