The Photojojo Gift Guide 2010, Part Deux


We’re back! While strolling through the Arctic last week, we just so happened to stumble upon Santa’s secret photo stash.

Naturally, we crammed loads of camera lens bracelets into our sack and made like a reindeer (a.k.a. bolted).

So, here it is! The crème de la crème of 2010’s holiday photo goodie glory.

(Including an exclusive limited edition of Polaroid cameras: the Original SX-70, Rainbow One-Step, and Sun 660 Sonar!)

p.s. Live in SF? Come make photo ornaments with us Thursday!

For Christmas delivery, order by Fri, Dec 17 by Priority Mail or UPS Ground, Mon, Dec 20 by UPS 3-Day, Tues, Dec 21 by Express Mail or UPS 2-Day (by 1pm CST), and Wed, Dec 22 by UPS Next Day (by 1pm CST).


Limited Edition Polaroid Cameras

FREE SHIPPING! The Impossible Project are all about making dreams come true.

Presenting an exclusive limited edition of the three Polaroid cameras that changed photo history: the original SX-70, The Rainbow OneStep, and The Sun 660 Sonar.

Each one has been salvaged from dusty shelves, hand inspected, and polished like new. (Better hurry, we only have 20 to 40 of each!)

Impossible Project Polaroid Cameras
$200-350 at the Photojojo Store

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The F-Stop Wrist Watch

You’re fuzzy around 2, start feeling fine around 8, but at 11 you’re sharp, focused, and ready to party.

The F-Stop Watch tells time in increments of aperture.

Finally! A watch that gets you.

F-Stop Wrist Watch
$35 at the Photojojo Store

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      Darkroom in a Box

FREE SHIPPING! Discover your inner 19th c. badass with a portable darkroom and pinhole camera in one!

Designed and hand assembled in France, this mini photo lab lets you shoot and develop a photo all in one clever box.

No pixels here! It’s pure analog photo magic. Photo paper, developer, and fix included.

Darkroom in a Box
$50 at the Photojojo Store

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Camera Lens Bracelets

Designed exclusively for camera-obsessed photogs like yourself, the lens bracelet was made to look *just like* your lens focusing ring.

A charming bracelet indeed, it’ll push your zomg button to the limit with an embossed AF/MF switch and lens grip ridges.

So, why not wear your photo love on your sleeve? Wear yours in 50mm or 24-70mm.

Camera Lens Bracelets
$10-15 at the Photojojo Store

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Shutter Piece Pendant

FREE SHIPPING! Geeky, yet refined, this camera pendant was made for only the truest of photo lovers.

Hand cast in silver, it’s a teeny camera with every detail of your real life camera – a mounted flash, shutter, and even ridges on the lens.

Plus, the chain connects on each side, just like your own camera strap!

The Shutter Piece Pendant
$190 at the Photojojo Store

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One Click Pano Camera

Asking your camera to capture an entire cityscape is like double-dog daring someone to shove an entire pizza in their mouth.

That’s no prob for this talented 35mm Pano Camera. In a single shot, it’ll turn what you see before you into a glorious slim panoramic shot.

No extra stitching, gluing, or stapling – a simple visit to a one-hour lab will have bold, colorful panoramas in your hands!

One Click Pano Cam
$20 at the Photojojo Store

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The iPhone Video Rig

FREE SHIPPING! Were you excited to capture video with your iPhone, but disappointed by what you got?

Our iPhone Video Rig is like having a video crew in your hands!

The unibody anodized aluminum frame and two-handle grip get rid of video shake, while the high-sensitivity boom mic and 0.45x glass lens capture perfect sound and contrast.

Just slip in your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, and you’re good to go!

OWL-E iPhone Video Rig
$159-$169 at the Photojojo Store

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Scissor & Fold Photos into Origami-like Ornaments!

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

In preparation for holiday celebrations sweeping the nations, may we present:


With some simple perforations (and no lamentations) your festive decorations will garner adulation!

To feel the elation, click this link for the demonstration.

Origami Photo Ornaments in 5 Minutes! Squee!

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Shoot Miniscule Street Art in Macro!

Some street artists think they’re sooo hot just because their work is billboard-size big.

Well, we say Banksy is an overgrown dinosaur. Twist is a hulking mammoth. Even Phil Lumbang sometimes acts like he thinks size matters.

Tiny is where it’s at.

Our new fave Slinkachu’s street art is tiny. How tiny? Put it this way: the guy graffiti tags snails.

After making a teeny tableaux of itty-bitty model people, he leaves them on the street for anybody to find. But first he takes rad macro photos so the wee little scene is never really lost.

Wanna try it yourself? Snag some little plastic people at the local hobby shop and slap a macro lens on your camera or camera phone.

If you prefer staying indoors, photograph tiny people in clever food-scapes, like Mini Miam did. Now all you need is a tag name!

The Tiniest Street Art Around

p.s. Happy Cyber Monday kiddos! We’re giving everyone $5 for sharing their store favorites. Head to the shop for more tidbits.

p.p.s. Oh! Did you know that shipping is free on orders over $50? Cause yeah, it is.

Camera Hack: Transform the Shape of your Photos with a Film Mask

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Been in a rectangular rut? Do perfectly parallel lines induce uncontrollable yawning?

Here’s a fix: film masks! It’s a quick and easy trick that transforms the shape of your photos (and more!!).

Photos come out of your camera looking like rectangles because the inside of your camera IS a rectangle.

The rectangle fad was great, but we’re ready for something a little less…right-angle-ish.

With a little scissor, tape, and paper, you can actually tape a mask into your camera to turn your photos circles, clouds, stars, or pretty much any shape as you’re shooting.

But, oh there’s so much more, like layering words, colors, or drawings over your photos with transparencies or creating 4 frames within a single photo. Yawn no more, you’ve got shape-shifting photos.

Make a Film Mask for In-Camera Fun

Photo credit: Edithnine (star), Superlighter (kaleidoscope), Zach Ground (pointed), Shoujai (color), Susie Lomovitz (animal illustration)


Photojojo’s Gift Guide 2010, Part 1!


It’s the holidaze! Well, almost.

First up: the annual eating contest known as Turkey Day.

Then, it’s one grand slam holiday after another. (We call it Christmakawaanzikuhestivus!)

It’s our duty to make sure you’re prepared — by bringing you only the best, newest, most insanely fun photo goodies that you ever did see.

Plus, we’re offering free shipping on all domestic orders over $50! (Yay!)


Juice Box Camera

Sip on a this refreshing box of 100% photo juice.

It’s a 35mm camera jam packed with tasty, bold colors and gorgeous vignetting.

Our favorite part: the straw is the shutter.

Juice Box Camera
$25 at the Photojojo Store

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The Pocket Square

Free Shipping! Don’t let its sleek outer casing fool you. This pocket digi cam has the heart of a Rollei.

It shoots in square format! You’ll see the world in a whole new way: square sunsets, square portraits, square everything!

Plus, four vintage style filters will capture only the dreamiest lo-fi photos and vids.

The Pocket Square
$99 at the Photojojo Store

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      Wide Angle & Macro Lens Adapter

Free Shipping! How do you give your regular ‘ol lens the shooting power of two extra lenses (without breaking the bank)?

Attach a Wide Angle and Macro Adapter to your lens!

It’s the most genius way to fit twice as much into your photo and even snap incredible up-close macro detail.

Wide Angle & Macro Lens Adapter
$60-90 at the Photojojo Store

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Twin Lens Holga with Color Flash

Free Shipping! He isn’t one to brag, but TIM is pretty much 10 cameras rolled into 1.

With two lenses for eyes, he shoots half-frame and 3-D pics.

And just when he’s filled your mind with 50+ shooting experiments, he’ll multiply that 10-fold with a multi-exposure button and a 5-color flash.

Oh, TIM, what can’t you do?

Twin Lens Holga with Color Flash
$50-60 at the Photojojo Store

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Bokeh Filter Kit

Here’s a lens filter that turns out of focus light into any shape you want!

21 shapes are included to fill your night-scapes with hearts, birds, planes, and more. (Including a few blank sheets to make your own!).

Bokeh Kit
$25 at the Photojojo Store

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How to Turn Instant Photos into Dreamy Image Transfers with Impossible Project Film

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

It was just a year ago that Polaroid’s certain doom lurked around dark corners.

Incredibly, we were rescued from the extinction of instant life as we knew it: The Impossible Project created their very own instant PX films! What made these films especially wonderful was that they could be used with the Polaroid cameras we already had at home.

With practice, we discovered a fantastic little secret about these PX films…something no integral Polaroid film could do before.

Their emulsion can be lifted and transferred onto paper! Transferring your photos is a fun, hands-on way to transform your instant images into painterly works of art.

We can literally take the image off the film, play with it in our hands, and then, put it back on something else.

Wanna learn how? Then check out:

Create Image Transfers with PX Film

p.s. Tumblr’s kind of like our secret notebook where we keep track of our favorite photo stuff and mini projects, like this easy/friggin’ cool instant film frame idea.


Nikon Lens Mugs, The 360 Panoramic Camera, Plus Photojojo Tees!

Every year, November fills us with excitement! We look forward to pumpkin pie, apple cider, and electric carving knives (What? They’re fun!).

Well, here are three more reasons to get pumped this month:

(1) A mug that looks just like your Nikon lens, (2) a camera that takes amazing 360° panoramic photos like you’ve never seen before, and (3) a new tee that guarantees you’ll always have a camera around your neck.

The Photojojo Camera Strap Tee

Wine gets better with age. We thought t-shirts would, too.

Guaranteed pre-worn 5 years by a Photojojo team member, we present The Photojojo Camera Strap Tee!

Choose from two of our favorite cameras: Polaroid on grey or a Leica on red.

The Photojojo Camera Strap Tee
$20 each in The Photojojo Shop

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Nikon Zoom Lens Mug

Feeling out of focus? Here’s a mug that’ll snap you out of blurry mornings.

It’s a mug that looks just like a 24-70mm Nikon lens. The best part? It zooms!

Nikon Zoom Lens Mug
$30 in the Photojojo Shop

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The 360 Spinner Pano Camera

One pull on the Spinner’s ripcord (Shutters: out. Ripcords: So in) and you may never stitch another panorama in Photoshop again.

Custom-built for taking breathtaking, stitch-less, analog 360° photographs. There is nothing else like this.

The 360 Spinner Pano Camera
$145 each in The Photojojo Shop

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Re-Animation: Turn Found Photos into Mesmerizing Videos

Did you know you can make an animated video without picking up a camera?

Cassandra C. Jones creates mesmerizing animations using her method “Snap Motion Re-Animation.”

It started one day when she realized that if she collected enough photos of one thing, she could put those photos together in just the right sequence to make an animated movie.

Take a galloping horse: she was able to create a movie of a single galloping horse using photos of 12 different horses in mid-step. (She sifted through 5,000 photos to find ones that perfectly matched up!).

A few of her other animations include: 97 photos arranged to show snow melting in a person’s hand, 900 photos to show the moon waxing and waning across the screen, and 17 photos showing a car spinning while on fire.

With a whole lot of patience and an eye for movement, Cassandra has combined photo-hunting and animation into a whole new craft!

We’ll leave you with these two hypnotizing re-animation videos. May they inspire you to make your own: “After Muybridge” and “Stripes (Lightning Walk).”

Snap Motion Re-Animation
[Bonus! An awesome interview with more re-animation vids.]

p.s. Our pals Animoto make rad videos out of your uploaded photos, and they’re giving a free video (normally $3) to every Photojojo reader! Just use code “PHOTOJOJO” this week only. We even made our own video! Check it out: “A Day in the Life of Photojojo!”

Photo Forensics: How to Tell if a Photo’s Been Faked

Seen this 1940’s photo floating around the net with a “time-traveler” seemingly sporting an SLR, shades, and NIN t-shirt? Wondered if it’s real? So did we.

So, we decided to turn to photo forensics: the Error Level Analyzer!

Slip a photo URL into the Analyzer, and like a CSI computer, it instantly highlights possible alterations. Turns out our time traveler’s legit — there are no distinctive color differences. (Here’s the full story.)

Try this shark-meets-helicopter photo though, and the sharks show up pink and white. This photo’s been ‘shopped!

How does it work? The analyzer looks for decreases in the quality of a jpeg that happen every time you save it. Those areas are most likely to contain edits.

Sleuth away! Analyze internet photos that you’ve always wondered about: time traveler pics, anti-gravity photos, or fashion spreads.

Extras: Check out photo tampering through history and the Cottingley Fairies Hoax.

The Error Level Analyzer
[via Forgetomori]

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Photo Secrets: Show Off Your Photos Using Materials You Can Find for Free!

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

We LOVE mail.

Sending and receiving packages, mailing out photo postcards, and even that newfangled electronic “e-mail” stuff.

We love sending you emails packed with the coolest photo stuff, but we extra-specially love when you write us back!

Recently we’ve gotten a few emails asking for tips on what to do with all those extra photos you have around your house.

The thought of our photo friends being tucked away in a dark closet or between book pages for such a long time makes us sad!

In an effort to fix this photo nightmare ASAP, we’re going to let you in on two of our easiest, cost-free, and most creative ways to display your snapshots in DIY style.

How to Make Photo Displays Out of Free Materials!

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