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Introducing the Photojojo Time Capsule!
photojojo flickr time capsule

Ever feel like your photos are getting lost on your hard drive or on Flickr? That the more photos you take, the harder it is to find the great ones, and the less special each becomes?

So do we.

So we’ve been working on something new called Photojojo Time Capsule, and we’re really excited to release it!

Every couple weeks, Time Capsule digs up your photos on Flickr from a year ago, choosing the ones that are most interesting (most views, comments, and faves), then sends them to you in a quick email.

We’ve been using it for a while, and it’s amazing how nostalgia-inducing it’s been to get a little time capsule every couple weeks. :)

Give it a try and make your photos special again. (Just 7.5 seconds to set up!)

Photojojo’s Photo Time Capsule
Requires a Flickr account. Don’t have one?

~ Fun contests to get you shooting! ~

Photo contest: Monster Hoodies Monster Face Contest (ends Friday)

Prize: 5 awesome Monster Hoodies
How to Enter: Take a photo of yourself or a friend making your most gruesome monster face, and post it here.

Ideas contest: Photojojo Book Photo Project Contest

Prize: The best ideas get published, a credit and bio in the book, and $100
How to Enter: Send your best project ideas (with a photo, if applicable) to

Photo contest: Thrillist Funny Photo Contest (ends Friday)

Prize: Fully-stocked bar of boutique booze for the grand prize winner, from Thrillist
How to Enter: Take a crazy/funny/weird photo, then sign up and submit it.

Put Your Bad Self On Any Ol’ Magazine
Kelly on "Sexy" magazine

Okay, so we didn’t get on the cover of Time Magazine last year. Or the year before that.

We’ve come to terms with it, mostly because Mag My Pic puts our mug on whatever magazine cover we want.

There’s a nice part of us that thinks our dads would really like being on Time or GQ for their birthday.

But there’s another part of us that wants to use our newfound powers for evil. We’re gonna put our bratty little sister on the cover of Pet Fancy. We’re gonna dig up our brother’s “awkward phase” pictures and put them on Sports Illustrated.

Wooo, take that suckas! That’s how we do irony!

(Incidentally, do yourself a favor and browse some of the covers other people have done. There are days worth of entertainment in those archives.)

Go ahead, Mag My Pic!

p.s. Our friends at MonsterHoodies make hoodies that are so cute, they’re scary. Make your scariest monster face, and post a pic in the forum to win one for free! Details

Tired of Your Head? Make a New One Out Of Records and Money!
money and vinyl

Remember when you grew yourself a new head in a petri dish, and it all went horribly wrong, and they called in the National Guard? No? Hmmm… must’ve been someone else.

The point is, there’s a much easier way to get a new look:

Get a picture of yourself, fold a dollar bill in half, and put it over half of your face. Positively presidential.

Too punk rock to be co-opted by the almighty dollar? Hold a record sleeve up in front of your face and have somebody take a picture. Wow, Iggy looks really good on you.

It’s the noggin-swappin’ phenomenon that’s sweeping the globe, and Photojojo’s here to show you how it’s done.

Get a New Face In Seconds Flat


How Being Far Apart Can Bring You Closer Together
3191, A Year of Evenings

It’s winter. Plus it’s February, so it’s the worst bit of winter. The sky is cloudy and the leaves are gone and the only colors left are lead-gray and dog-doo-brown.

On top of that, since we loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly San Francisco, we miss our friends back on the wrong coast.

We were having ourselves a good sulk, but then we ran across 3191: A Year of Evenings.

Stephanie and Mav are friends that live 3191 miles apart. Each takes a photo every evening and they post them side-by-side on their photoblog.

It captures the feeling of each person’s day, like going to your best friend’s house whenever you want. So what if it’s still Frigiduary? 3191 is our mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night.

And if Stephanie and Mav can break down the Continental Divide, so can you.

3191: A Year of Evenings
See also: 3191: A Year of Mornings — Last year’s project, soon to be a book!

p.s. Thrillist wants your goofiest, most ridiculous photos for their Stupid Photo Contest! 3 winners get their photos published on Thrillist, plus some fine spirits. Thrillist finds the best food, drink and fun to be had in cities across America. Sign up and upload.

p.p.s. We’re writing a Photojojo book (zomg) and we want you in it! Send us your projects by February 29, and win fame and fortune. Learn more.

Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas: a Loaf of Bread, a Roll of Film, and Thou

Here it is almost Valentine’s Day, and once again you’re searching for that grand romantic gesture (GRG).

How, you ask yourself, how can I impress my one and only Schmoopy armed with only a camera and my boundless creativity?

Not to worry dear chum, Photojojo’s got your back.

We’ve got some great ideas to save the day and leave your S.O. positively chuffed. (Plus a little something for the anti-Valentines among us.)


The Amazing $1 Pocket-Ready Tripod Trick

If you could eliminate camera shake using only a pocketful of household items and your foot, how would you do it?

There’s a solution so simple, so elegant, that we can only sum up our feelings about it in haiku:

Farewell, cruel tripod.
I’ll steady my camera
with washers and string.

Serenity now.

$1 String Tripod

$1 String Tripod How-to Video

Tell a Life’s Story with Photos
life photo story

Ballet practice, the backyard pool, the denim jacket, the first car, the first love, self-discovery.

Jack Radcliffe’s photo series Alison reminds us that moments can be preserved, but never repeated.

Chronicling his daughter’s life in 30-odd photographs from childhood through adulthood, his candid black and white shots have the casual intimacy one only gets with a subject deeply familiar with the camera.

We’re drawn to this father-daughter collaboration just as we were to Diego Golberg’s Family Portrait Project.

We hope it serves as a reminder that people change faster than you realize, and that it compels you to train your lens on the ones you love.

Jack Radcliffe’s Alison

Unphotographable — Word Accounts of the Photographs That Got Away

Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words. But what happens if you miss the picture?

You know the ones we mean — those once-in-a-lifetime photos that got away. Because you left your camera at home. Or, if you’re like us, you left the darn thing on manual and got a nice solid black jpeg for your troubles.

When Michael David Murphy missed the perfect photo opp while in Ethiopia, he turned the moment into a vivid account of the photograph that wasn’t. Unphotographable was born.

The site catalogues “exceptional mistakes” — photographs that didn’t happen but whose stories he must tell anyway.

They’re the most real, perfect photographs you’ll never see.

Unphotographable [via Kottke]

p.s. Many thanks to squarespace for sponsoring the next few Photojojo newsletters. Squarespace takes the work out of building beautiful, ad-free portfolios for professional photographers.

Give Yourself Real-life Googly Cartoon Eyes

Ever wished that you could walk away from a hundred-foot fall with nary a scratch, or spend your days driving around in a van with your buddies and your pooch, solving mysteries?

Oh, don’t we all.

There is one thing we can share with our two-dimensional animated friends — their giant, saucer-like, cartoon eyes.

Our pal Jen Dunlap sent us a fun photo idea for turning you and your pals into live-action cartoons.

It’s easy:

1) Grab some craft eyeballs (intended for making stuffed animals) from your local craft store or online. The bigger, the better.

2) Have your friends place them over their eyes and squint down a bit to hold them in place.

3) Go wabbit hunting, or find some desert and have ‘em pose next to ACME-Brand rockets. Snap away!

Donnie Does Photoshop — Think Saturday Night Live + Photo Editing

We’ve seen our fair share of Photoshop tutorials, but when we came across this series of videos titled “You Suck at Photoshop”, we knew we were in for something different.

Join Donnie as he clone stamps self-deprecating snark while his wife airbrushes away his self-esteem. This spoof is worthy of SNL.

And be warned, though the intent is to amuse, you’re likely to pick up a Photoshop tip or two along the way.

(A real) ** Warning ** Some parts of Donnie’s tutorials may offend those with more refined sensibilities. If that could include you, please, don’t click through.

UPDATE: Now includes Donnie’s 11th episode!



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