Finesse your Flash with a 60-second Snoot

Slipping over the business-end of a flash, snoots are shaped like the cones worn around the necks of Elizabethan royalty… or recently neutered terriers.

While a naked strobe disperses light far and wide, a besnooted one will narrow your beam to a dainty spot — perfect when you need a spotlight effect.

It takes less than a minute to fashion your snoot: curl up some cardboard or grab a paper towel tube — and ka-flash, you’re done! Really!

Queen Elizabeth would be utterly bemused.

10 more Quick-Easy-Cheap Photo Hacks
(String tripod, cereal box softbox, tin can ringlight, etc.) Photo credit: mycael

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How to Make Momma Happy This Year

It’s Mom’s day again (May the 9th!), and you’re scratching your head asking, “Holy crap, wasn’t it just Mother’s Day like 2 months ago?”

The woman carried you for 9 months. You can’t be late this year.

We’ll help! Here’s three new goodies from your favorite photo shop (that’s us!) to save your scalp and Mother’s Day, too.

p.s. For Mum’s Day delivery order by April 29 by 1st class, Wed, May 3 by Priority Mail, Wed, May 5 by UPS 2-Day, and Thurs, Mayy 6 by UPS Next Day.

      Polapost Mailable Frames

Give the post office some business while spreading instant smiles ‘oer the land with these Polaroid shaped frames.

One regular photo + one stamp (NO envelope!) = instant happiness!

Polapost Mailable Frames
$15 for 7, $25 for 14

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Shinjuku Photo Scrap-Kit

If anyone can make scrapbooking—the once old-fashioned way to share photos—cool again, it’s Japan.

This kit includes our most favorite crafty photo bits from our recent trip to Tokyo. Because we’ve compeletely failed to explain Flickr to mom.

The Shinjuku Photo Scrap-Kit
$29 at the Photojojo Store

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Fuji Instax Instant Cam + Snapshot Book

Our Fuji Instax is great for Mums and even greater for their kiddos that’ll ‘ooo and ahh’ at the instant photo magic.

And what to do with those pretty prints? Fill up our Snapshot Book — made especially for Instax mini prints.

Fuji Instax Instant Cam + Snapshot Book
$125 for Camera, Film, and Snapshot Book

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500 Photographers – 100 Weeks of Photo Inspiration

Find 5 active, amazingly talented photographers every week. For 100 weeks. Share them with the world. Stop.

Pieter Wisse, we support your mission.

Only two weeks young, Pieter’s 500 Photographers already hit on the work of some of our faves, including Alex Prager and Denis Darzacq.

Looking for fresh new ideas from up and coming photographers? (YES, YOU ARE!) Then it’s a must subscribe.

500 Photographers

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The Chalkboard Speech Bubble

feature-keepcalmExtra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Are you tired of counting to three with your finger on the shutter, only to receive meek grins and stiff shoulders?

Well we’ve found just the thing to get your portraiture out of the dark ages: The Chalkboard Speech Bubble. It’s a security blanket for the photo fearing and inspiration for the photo fearless — a true savior indeed.

The Chalkboard Speech Bubble 
Twitter It!
$29 each at the Photojojo Shop!

p.s. Special thanks to our SF lovelies who attended the Photobooth Party. You were the bestest models we could ever ask for. Check out our Flickr for more shots of you being awesome.

Make a DIY Fisheye Lens from a Peephole and Soda Can

It’s ugly, green, and it’ll make people stare at you.

And that’s why we love it.

Our pal Bhautik is no stranger to camera hacking, so we were excited when he told us about his newest creation: an adjustable-focus fisheye lens you can make from a peephole and soda can.

Follow the step-by-step tutorial for an afternoon of fun photo hackery. (For an inexpensive readymade version, see: The Fisheye Lens Adapter.)

Make a Tin Can Fisheye Lens

*NEW* in the Photojojo Store: Smoke Drops! Pro-Grade Special Effects at home. A 4/20 special!

Smokey Photo EFX Drops

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2

Taking a great photo is kinda like making magic happen — leave it to us to really Houdini the heck out if it.

Introducing our new Pro-Grade Smoke EFX Drops. Magical elixirs that give you the power to make smoke appear out of thin air enticing endless photo inspiration.

Smokey Photo EFX Drops 
Twitter It! $49 at the Photojojo Shop!

Wondering how they work? Brave the jump young apprentice!


Why Richard Renaldi Makes Strangers Touch Each Other

A chasm between. An awkward lean. Arms draped around shoulders… loosely.

While most photographers sweat to make their subjects appear casual, their camera invisible, Richard Renaldi went another way.

He approaches strangers of all walks of life, and he asks them to touch each other.

Viewing the photos without knowing his setup, one can’t quite guess why they’re wrong or what’s going on, but there’s an inescapable mystery to them. In a country where physical touch is taboo, his project is daring.

And you thought taking ordinary portraits of strangers was hard!

Touching Strangers via Conscientious

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“What’s in your bag?” — a Photo Project


Atlanta photog Jason Travis approached attractive young people and asked them to hand over their bags and man-purses. Instead of slapping him, they complied.

Jason put a new spin on the purse-flotsam photo with two secret ingredients:

#1: A meticulous grid layout that lends the project an air of sculpture.

#2: His startling subjects: a mom who carries Versace glasses with her child’s pacifiers; a tattooed girl with a copy of Logan’s Run; and this collection of tiny hats.

Inspired to photograph your own carry-alongs? There’s no better place to begin than the “What’s In Your Bag” pool on Flickr.

“What’s in your Bag?”

p.s. Have you seen these fun videos we made for our friends at Sony? Learn how to turn a panorama into a lampshade, paint with light, play party games with your camera, take better photos in the dark, and make simple frames from cardboard boxes!

Aquatopiary: The Photo Trick that Sculpts Water into Shapes

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Bored of photographing plain old water?

Try an Aquatopiary, the incredible photo trick that sculpts water into shapes. (If you can splash around in a tub, you can make an Aquatopiary.)

All you need is something glass or plastic, a bucket of good old H20, and some digital jiggery-pokery.

Soon enough, magical shape-shifting splashes will become a swan, an elephant, a train, a face.

Bending water and reality? All in a day’s work for a photo wizard like you.

How to Make Aquatopiary


Did Simon Hogsberg Shoot the Widest Photo Ever Taken?

The trouble with photographers like Simon Hoegsberg is that it’s difficult to choose only one of his projects to tell you about.

To create We’re All Gonna Die – 100 meters of existence, he stood on a railroad bridge in Berlin for 20 days, photographing strangers.

The result: a print 30 inches high, and 100 METERS wide. Gasp.

He captured 178 people in all, each experiencing a beautifully simple moment of their lives, completely unaware.

Thanks, Simon, for reminding us that sometimes you don’t need to go far for inspiration, you just need to wait.

100 Meters of Existence
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