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Upload a Photo to Create a Simpsons Character with Simpsonize Me

In the world of flashy big-budget blockbuster viral marketing ploys, there are winners and there are losers. (We had high hopes for the Conan O’Brien-style “If they made it” babymaker game for Knocked Up. Alas, it disappointed.)

The new site promoting next week’s silver-screen Simpsons debut? A winner.

Upload a frontal portrait, push some buttons and pull some levers, and facial-recognition software goes to work. Soon enough, your fleshy visage is converted into a flat, yellow, cartoon version of yourself!

Note: The site’s quite busy. We needed to visit several times to get it to work.

Still, it’s the easiest way to find your way to Springfield. Unless you already live there.

The Simpsonizer

p.s. Visit the forums today for a fun secret giveaway. (We’re not gonna give you any hints… Ok, maybe just one… Mooooooooooo…)

We’re hiring! Wanted: One (1) superb writer & editor who luvs photography. $1000/month, part-time, and you get to have fun with photos all day. Tell your friends!

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Smooshtacts — iPhone Contact Photo Awesomeness

Stuck in an iphone photoSo you’ve got one o’ dem shiny new iPhones and you’ve been pinching and flicking and browsing and occasionally even making phone calls all week.

What next?

How about some killer custom contact photos? We adore these trapped-inside-the-iPhone style contact pics we found via our pal Brad Smith.

If you’ve got a Jesus phone, grab a friend, gently prod them face-first into the nearest scanner (or glass door) and get going! (And if you have a friend with an iPhone, be sure to forward this along.)

The technique yields amazing smooshed contact photos (“smooshtacts!”) for an iPhone, but it also makes a great background pic for any other mobile phone.

We’re hiring! Wanted: One (1) insanely great writer & editor who hearts photography. It’s part-time, and telecommuting is okay. Tell your friends!

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Track the Worldwide Photographic Zeitgeist with Flickrvision

flickrvisionAstronauts have it tough. Sure, they get to float in Zero-G and wear cool spacesuits and drink all the Tang they want. But we all know it can be lonely out in space. We feel for you, space men. (And women.) So we’ve thought of something that would help: giant binoculars. You know, so you can see us down here waving at you.

Fortunately for those astronauts, we’re not the only ones down here trying to make the world a little less lonely. Flickrvision swoops around the Google globe Superman-style, pausing every few seconds to show a photo that somebody, somewhere in the world, uploaded to Flickr just minutes ago.

People all over the world take photos, and Flickrvision tracks the worldwide photographic zeitgeist.

Our recent world tour showed us an adorable couple at the Great Wall, mermaids on parade at Coney Island, an Italian castle, and a hummingbird in Ohio. Wouldn’t that make the cold, vast, emptiness of space feel a little bit more warm and cozy?


p.s. Turn Flickrvision to 11: try the new 3D version and hit the full-screen button.
p.p.s. From the makers of Flickrvision, comes Twittervision!
p.p.p.s Make Flickrvision your screensaver!

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No light? No hot shoe? No problem. The Metz 28 CS-2 Digital Slave Flash to the Rescue!

metz 28 cs-2 digital slave flashNothing will ruin a shot quicker than on-camera flash.

Unless you’ve got an SLR, though, indoors you usually have no choice — it’s either shiny and straight-on with flash, or dark and blurry without.

No longer! Meet our newest friend: The German-engineered Metz 28 CS-2 Digital Slave Flash. (What will the naming geniuses at Metz think of next?)

Here’s how it works: The tiny Metz is an external flash that runs on AAAs. As soon as your camera’s own flash fires, the Metz fires, too. Automatically. Without wires. Within milliseconds. (Speed of light and all that.)

Since it’s far, far more powerful than your on-camera flash, your room fills light, and photos look, well, normal. Since it’s wireless, you can detach it and put it away from your camera, hold it in one hand while you take a photo with another, point it back, up, down, whatever. It’s even got a handy fold-up sliding rail that screws into your tripod socket.

We’ve been playing with the little guy for a couple weeks, and we adore him. (See sample shots.) If you want better indoor shots and don’t have a hot shoe on your camera, you’ve just found your solution!

Metz 28 CS-2 Digital Slave Flash
Thanks to Ben for tipping us off in the forum.

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An Inspiring Stop-Motion Video (Modest Mouse Fan Video)

modestmouse stop motion videoStop-motion photography ain’t easy. It requires patience, patience, planning, patience, and a whole lot of patience.

So we gotta hand it to Max Tyrie and his friends — to create their stop-motion rendition of Modest Mouse’s “Missed the Boat”, they took original footage from the group, printed it out frame-by-frame on 4,133 sheets of paper, then took photos of those sheets of paper with a digital camera. Finally, they assembled thousands of photos into a four-and-a-half minute stop-motion video.

Wow. It’s not that we can’t imagine the amount of effort that went into this, we can, it’s that it’s almost painful to think about. Still, watching the result brings a smile to our face. It’s magical.

Watch the video, then check out this Photojojo tutorial on How to Make Stop-Motion Video with your Digital Camera.

Max Tyrie’s Hand Made Modest Mouse Stop-Motion

p.s. Check it out — one of our favorite design blogs recently gave a shout-out to the unique design of the new Photojojo Forum!

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A DIY Windscreen for your Digital Camera: Silence the Wind Noise in your Digital Video

use gauze to make your own windscreenWoo-fooput-fooput-fooput-ey-whoooo ook-over-ooooo-ere.

Sound familiar? If you’ve taken digital video at the beach or anywhere on a windy day, you’ve probably dealt with sound cut-outs as wind whips past your camera’s built-in mic. Modern camcorders have had wind-dampening circuitry for ages. Alas, most digital cameras still don’t.

Thankfully, Stephen Uber sent a great DIY solution to the popphoto blog: Make a windscreen by taping the gauze-like padding of an adhesive bandage over your camera’s mic. (It’s usually a single pinhole on the front face of your camera.) Voila! Wind noise dramatically reduced.

(A perfect mod for the flip video so many of you told us you loved.)

Found a great camera hack recently, or come up with your own?

Post your camera hacks here!

Put Words in Anyone’s Mouth with Blabberize

talking alpacaNo longer will crudely-drawn talking heads the likes of which you’ve seen on Southpark and Homestar Runner be the sole province of animation sweatshops in Asia.

Yes friends, two enterprising young go-getters have finally cracked the code.

Surf on over to Blabberize, upload a photo of a human, animal, or your favorite anthropomorphic object, and carefully select the lower jaw with the tools provided. Next, hit record and speak some words of wisdom. A click or two later and your photo comes to life and repeats your words right back at you.

Share it with friends, embed it in your blog, you know the drill. Check out blabberized Alfred the guinea pig and Michael Arrington for a taste, then get to work!

Blabberize [via Lifehacker]

Digital Picassos — Use Digital Cameras to Create Modern Day Cubism

digital piccasoAs with many groundbreaking artistic techniques, the validity of art created with digital tools has been controversial.

But Sarah Schneider and Jake Hurwitz’s Digital Picassos are a revolution we can all get behind. Their simple method makes this truly the common man’s cubism.

Step 1: Find a couple digital cameras. (Ideally with large screens.)

Step 2: Hold each camera closely over a crucial part of your face as if you’re going to take a picture of it.

Step 3: Get a friend to take a picture of you. Rearrange and re-shoot as necessary to make yourself look as ugly as possible.

Check out the site to see more examples of the technique and submit your own!

Digital Picassos (Thanks for the tip, Nick!)

(The bug-zappers have been on full blast at The New Photojojo Forum. If you haven’t hopped aboard already, now’s the time.)

Spinning: Delightfully Joyous Photos via “Humans Reaching High Levels of Orbital Angular Momentum”

spinning-feature.jpgYou’re twirling. The warm sun is falling on your face, the soft grass is under your bare feet and an ecstatic child is beaming at you. That’s the sort of moment that makes us love summer.

No such a memory? Fear not! With a willing small human and a helpful friend, you can make your very own magic moment! (And a stunning photo record to boot.)

Step One
Position your friend behind you and the child in front, with your friend holding the camera above your arms and pointing it down toward the child. Select a slow-ish shutter speed of 1/15th sec to blur the background.

Step Two
Altogether now: spin!

Step Three
Once our giddy little subject is aloft, advise your friend to start snapping.

Step Four
Review your photos, and repeat as necessary. (We’d wait for your head to stop spinning first.)

Take it further…
Check out the Spinners and Saints group for more topsy-turvy fun. And have a little more fun with your shot with a Photojojo Photo Block kit.

Thanks to reader Linda LaSut for the tip! Photo Credit: Philipe Tarbouriech

p.s. Be the first to try the new Photojojo Super Awesome Photo Forum! Got questions about what camera to buy? Want critique for a photo you took recently? Got a great idea for a photo project you want to share? Our new forum is getting ready for its big debut, and we’re looking for some friendly beta testers. Jump on board and be the first to give it a try!

4 Easy Steps to Making Old-Fashioned Lenticular Images from Your Photos

A lenticular is an image that appears differently depending on how you look at it. If you’ve ever seen a postcard or movie poster that changes when you look at it from the left vs. the right, you’ve seen a lenticular.

Lenticulars usually require a special plastic sheet consisting of many tiny convex lenses, but you can make a super simple one with just two photos and some paper.

They make great, unique gifts, and it’s a cool way to show off more than one photo (especially related ones) in a single frame.

And it’s as simple as slicing, printing, folding and enjoying! Read our tutorial to learn how to do it!

p.s. Help spread the word: Digg this tutorial!



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