6 Amazing New Photo Goodies from Photojojo


Who doesn’t love the holidays?

Cornbread stuffing, pumpkin pie, tryptophan-laden birds, and a hot helping of the most raddest new photo goodies on the planet from your pals at Photojojo. ;-)

Scroll on down to see what we’ve got on our table.

      A simple camera…

… on a simple mission: to take beautiful wide angle shots with bold colors and awe-inspiring horizons at the click of a button.

Mission accomplished little one, you’re our latest fave that we can’t live without.

The Ultra Wide and Slim
$32 at the Photojojo Store (includes film)

Put Your DSLR in Retro Mode

This. Is. Huge. Lomography’s cult classic Diana+ lens now fits your Canon or Nikon DSLR. It’ll transform your beloved hunk of metal and glass into a digital toy camera.

Finally! A way for us digital fans to kick it lo-fi with the hip kids.

The Dreamy Diana Lens
$60 at the Photojojo Store (with adapter)

      Turn any photo into a polaroid!

There’s something about that classic white border that just makes our hearts sing.

Display any photo as if it were a Polaroid with these endlessly interchangeable frames that tack to your walls.

Polaroid Picture Frames
Set of 9 for $20 at the Photojojo Store

Picture Frame Piggy Bank

Combines two things we love most: money and photographs. (JK!)

But really, it’s the nicest looking piggy-bank-that-doubles-as-photo-frame around. Makes for a great gift certificate vehicle.

The Wish Bank Frame
$28 at the Photojojo Store


Camera Phone Filters

Give your camera phone the accessorizing attention it deserves.

See the world through Kaleidoscopes, Wide Angles, and Starbursts with these endlessly reusable sticky lenses.

Jelly Phone Filters
Set of 3 for $15 at the Photojojo Store

Instantly Awesome Blow-Up Frame

We’re always looking for the ideal no-fuss frame — and we think we’ve found it.

Slip in a print, pass it a bit of fresh air, and BLAMMO you have yourself one classy gilded frame that weighs practically nothing.

The Inflate-A-Frame
1 for $12 at the Photojojo Store


Unlock the Secrets of Photo Booth


Let’s say you’re fleeing from Interpol (because you’re an internationally renowned jewel thief) but you simply can’t resist a little video chat. You must, of course, disguise your identity.

Apple’s Photo Booth and iChat have a ton of fun effects to stretch and distort your lovely face — but do you know about the secret bonus filters?

Finesse a few files and you’ll find nifty image-enhancers like ASCII art, neon color effects, and a kaleidoscope. Don’t forget the mustache.

Add more effects to Photo Booth and iChat

p.s. Fear not, Windows users; websites like Cameroid, Seenly, and software like Dr. Jekill are only too happy to give your head a strange new twist.

p.p.s. Extra! Extra! Our pals at Nikon sent us a big box of goodies! Here’s how to win a Nikon D3000 this week.

Your Own Page-a-Day Photo Calendars Make Your Photo-a-Day Even More Gorgeous


Oh, sure, a diary (or as the kids call them, “a web-blog”) is a fun way to write about your day. But we demand pictures, and lots of them!

And that’s why we love Shuttercal, the adorable offspring of a calendar, a blog, and a photo album.

Drop one picture per day into a calendar, and over time a portrait of your year emerges: foliage in September, swimming in August, llama husbandry in July. (July was weird.)

Plus! Shuttercal will print your daily images as page-a-day calendars, making it easier than ever to bask in the memories. Ahh, memories … so baskable.

Mark Every Day with a Photo on Shuttercal

Wedding Photos You’ll Love (Even if You Hate Wedding Photos)


We thought wedding photos were just something that came free with the double Elvis special in Las Vegas.

Fancy our surprise when we saw the lush spread from Design*Sponge’s wedding extravaganza!

Design*Sponge is one of our most favoritest design blogs ever, so you know it’s gonna look good when two of those kids get hitched.

What we really love are the shots of small details, like a glass of tea or a vase of flowers, because we don’t always photograph the little things that keep a memory fresh in our minds.

Keep the details in mind the next time you want to remember something well, whether it’s your wedding day, your trip to Croatia, or just a lazy sunlit picnic in the grass.

The Design*Sponge Wedding Gallery: Part One

Part Two: Decor

Part Three: DIY

Part Four: Flowers

Part Five: Food

Photo credits: Belatheé


Funny Face Photo Invites: Two-Faced, In a Good Way

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Party season is upon us, so break out your dancing shoes, piñata hitting stick, and fruit-punch-proof camera case!

But take note: this season, e-vites are out, and funny face photo invites are sooo in.

Our pal Laura recently made some neat custom photo invites for her crazy photographer’s workshop slash camping trip, Phoot Camp.

The smiling faces of her invitees, on some very inviting postcards, let her guests-to-be know that tons of fun was headed their way!

Make your own funny face invites and we bet you’ll earn a coveted spot on your friend’s fridges AND great attendance.

How to Make Funny Face Photo Invites

p.s. Check out the über-creative portfolios from Phoot Camp and let us know what you’d like to learn how to do next!


The Pushpin Masterpiece Frame

feature-pushpinExtra photos for bloggers: 1, 2

Band-Aids, bubble gum, Velcro, spit … you name it. We’ve used everything to avoid the good ‘ol hammer and nail approach.

Which is why we’re nuts for stuff that makes displaying photos a breeze.

Hence, The Pushpin Masterpiece Frame.

It’s a super (duper) lightweight frame that you hang with thumbtacks! Face it, pushpins have never looked better.

The Pushpin Masterpiece Frame  Twitter It!
$26.00 at the Photojojo Shop!

p.s. It’s the last day to get free Magnetic Photo Rope when you grab over $50 worth of goodies in the shop! Hurry hurry ;)

How to Photograph a Ghost — A Spooky Photographic Trick (That’s Quite a Treat)!

This tutorial is not for the faint of heart.

We’re about to tell you how to photograph a ghost and it’s going to be terrifying(ly simple).

In just three little steps you can have a photo of a real live ghost that looks a lot like one of your real live friends.

A photo so spooky it’ll send you running for mommy (to get her to pose for more ghosty photos).

But wait, sneak over to our archives for more ghastly photo misadventures like our Halloween Photo Tips, How to Carve Photo Pumpkins

Photograph Ghosts in 3 Steps
(This idea came from reader Julliette)


How to Make Picture-Perfect Pads of Paper

feature-notepadsExtra photos for bloggers: 1, 2

iPhones and Crackberries are all very well, what with their apps and widgets and electronic functionality.

But there are moments in life when the prosaic pressed-pulp appeal of proper paper is preferred.

For those particular purposes, we proudly present these paper pads, complete with pictures on the cover.

Fabricate a few fetching folios with photos of your friends, or pair them with pencils to make pleasant presents!

You’ll swoon for these sleek stacks of stationery sheets, so let’s get started!

How to Make Picture-Perfect Pads of Paper

p.s. Happy Halloween week! We ate all the bite size snickers — so we filled our candy bowl with free Magnetic Photo Rope instead. Just spend over $50 bux in our lovely shop to get your treat!

p.p.s. Help us find cool new stuff for the Photojojo Store and get a $50 gift card. (More info…)

Photo credits: geoftheref, Ferdinand Reus, Michael (mx5tx), Capitan Giona


A Whole New Do, a Whole New You. Here’s how.

Have you heard? “There’s no headbands in college!” WHAAAT?!!

It’s time for a whole new style!

Lucky for you, we’ve found a couple of great photo makeover sites to help visualize the possibilities.

InStyle has a star-studded makeover site — just upload a photo of yourself (or friend or foe) and you, too, can sport the hottest celeb styles.

From Robert Pattinson bed-head to the Victoria Beckham reverse mullet, they’ve dozens of do’s for you to try on.

For a little more kick, check out the very creepy Motion Portrait from Japan. (Click “change” to get started… you’ll see what we mean.)

If Leighton can go sans band, we can all branch out.

Give yourself a digital makeover

Creepy Motion Portraits

Photo Credits: i_am_today and Kim Marius Flakstad

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p.p.s. It’s the final day for our Light Painting Challenge at JPG, where you can win one of 10 copies of you know what.

The Dashing DIY Hand Strap

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2

“Butterfingers”, they called us. “Slippery Sam.” “Ol’ Johnny Drop-a-Lot.”

Fine, we said. Names can’t hurt us.

But then we dropped our 17th battered camera for the 143rd time and we knew it had to stop.

That’s why we’ve whipped up this natty lil’ hand strap for our SLR!

It’s simple to make from simple materials, plus it’s fetching as can be.

And since we love you (and your cameras), we’re teaching you how to make one too! Click on through for the full scoop.

How to Make a Dashing DIY Hand Strap

p.s. Thanks to ScanCafe for sponsoring Photojojo this week. And BIG UPs for giving all Photojojo readers a free photo restoration today only! (Up to $50-worth.)

Help us spread the word and your followers can get a free restoration, too!

p.p.s. We’re hiring a writer/editor/DIYer in San Francisco. Apply or pass it on!