Make Your Own Cork Photo Coasters: Corksters!

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

There’s one sure-fire way to make mom throw her hands in the air and scream this holiday season… Coasters!

No, not the roller type. Super fun photo-coasters made of cork! Corksters!

They’re the perfect gift for a mom who loves nothing more than seeing your smiling face stare up at her from under a beverage AND keeping water rings off of her coffee table.

Really, your mom HATES those rings.

So make her shriek with delight this Christmas, by making her some photo-coasters … and promising to use ’em.

How to Make Photo-Corksters


Our Best-Sellers & 3 Final New Photo Goodies for 2009


It’s our last gift guide (*sniff*) and the Photojojo elves are nearly out of midnight oil.

But with 3 new goodies, our best-sellers, and some easy-gifty bundles that are sure to please.

p.s. For Christmas delivery order by Mon, Dec 14 by 1st class, Wed, Dec 16 by Priority Mail, Fri, Dec 18 by UPS 2-Day, and Mon, Dec 21 by UPS Next Day.

BACK IN STOCK & ready to ship.

Popular Gifts
IN STOCK and ready to ship.

Three fun bundles for the loves in your life

DSLR Starter Kit
Bad-ass Bowler bag, Diana Lens adapter (Canon or Nikon), Level Camera Cube. $100 $122

Photojojo Lover Kit
The Photojojo Book, $25 Gift Card, and Camera Keychain. $50

The Stocking Stuffer
Magnetic Photo Rope, Squirt Gun Camera, Fotoclips. $25

And… the last new goodies of 2009!

      You-Vision Video Glasses

We’re like the Alfred to your Bruce Wane, the Q to your James Bond.

Here’s a pair of glasses with a teeny tiny camera in the bridge to record what you’re seeing with the press of a button.

You-Vision Video Glasses
$150 at the Photojojo Store

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The Double Shot Camera

Two halves make a whole lotta great photos!

This petite cam takes two shots per frame in bold and beautiful colors (yes that’s twice the amount of photos per roll).

The Double Shot Camera
$45 at the Photojojo Store

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Photoshop Fridge Magnets

Photoshop has been adding the secret sauce to our digital photos for years now. So why not our printed ones, in the kitchen?

Here’s your chance to stylishly surround your photos in the real world with their adobe counterparts. Love!

Photoshop Fridge Magnets
$25 at the Photojojo Store

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Photo Project: Before I Die I Want to…


Some people want to travel the world before they die.

Some want to be rich and famous.

And others just want to knit themselves a bodystocking out of albino poodle fur.

What do you want to do before you shuffle off this mortal coil?

Wait, wait, don’t answer yet.

Get a pal to snap a Polaroid as you tell them your dream. Then write your answer on the photo and send it off to the kids who thought up this crazy project.

New pictures go up each month from people all the planet, people just like you who appreciate travel, riches, and the comfort of discarded poodle hair.

The “Before I Die I Want To…” Polaroid Project

p.s. They’re only accepting Polaroids, so what if you’re outta film? Start your own project! with Instax or digital prints. ‘Cause nobody puts you in the corner, pally.

p.p.s. Still plenty of time for Photojojo Goodies for Christmas! Order by Mon, Dec 14 by First class (or FREE SHIPPING) and Wed, Dec 16 by Priority Mail (other methods available for later).

The Photojojo Gift Guide 2009, Part 2


Just when you thought we couldn’t possibly find more amazing photo goodies… We’re back with our second installment for Holidaze ’09.

Nü today: Super-cool new gift cards, custom gift wrapping, and a fistfull of brand-new photo goodies for your enjoyment.


p.s. Shopping for the ho-ho-holidays? For Christmas delivery, order by… Mon, Dec 14 by 1st class, Wed, Dec 16 by Priority Mail, Fri, Dec 18 by UPS 2-Day, and Mon, Dec 21 by UPS Next Day.


The Fisheye Lens Adapter

Finally, a way to get that wide angle Fisheye look without dropping bank.

Our Fisheye Lens Adapter is a thrillingly circular solution to a rectangular world, and works with any DSLR or SLR.

The Fisheye Lens Adapter
$50-55 at the Photojojo Store

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The New Zumi 2.0

NOW IN STOCK! A store fave, the Zumi cam takes digital images and videos that have the look and feel of vintage film.

The just-released Zumi 2.0 now records sound and has a new B&W mode — same lovable camera, two new ways to make a masterpiece!

The Zumi 2.0
$170 at the Photojojo Store

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      Polaroid’s Little Brother

BACK IN STOCK! It’s Fuji’s answer to instant film and our answer to fun.

This brand-new mini cam spits out tack-sharp prints that develop in the palm of your hand. We’re smitten.

The Fuji Instax
$90 at the Photojojo Store

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Do-it-yourself Photo Kits

Two DIY photo kits to remind us that photos are made with light and magic — not just gigabytes.

Make your own working camera, and print your own prints! Great for the crafty photographer that loves to get their hands dirty.

Pinhole Camera & Sunprint Kits
$25 for both at the Photojojo Store

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Magically Magnetic Photo Frames

They’re wood, they’re magnetic, they’re marvelously modern looking.

Tack photos of any shape or size to these natural wood beauties with neodymium magnets included with each frame. Slick!

Woodnetic Frames
$20 at the Photojojo Store

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Super-Secret Spy Lens

A sneaky shop favorite that allows you to take photos undetected.

The camera-shy, candid moments, those hammy kids — all victims to your sleuth-like Spy Lens. Muahaha. hah. hah.

The Super-Secret Spy Lens
$50-55 at the Photojojo Store

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Pictory: The Photo Magazine, Re-imagined


Take one part’s Big Picture, one part This American Life, and one part Laura Brunow Miner. Simmer for 8 months.

The result? Pictory.

Launched last night by the former Editor-in-Chief of JPG Magazine, Pictory is a photo magazine, re-imagined for the web.

The mission: Tell the best stories with photos.

Her formula is simple — anyone can submit a picture and a story, and the best are featured in lush photo essays. The first essay and interview only whet our appetite for what’s to come.

This one’s worth a bookmark. We mean it.

Pictory: The Photo Magazine, Re-imagined

Starting Your Photo Biz… Part 4: Fame and Fortune


O tiny fledglings, the time has come to spread your wings and graduate from Photojojo’s School of Photographical Biznezz.

Before we send you out to conquer the world, allow us to impart a few more nacreous accumulations* of wisdom.

In a fit of journalistic fervor, we interviewed Dane Sanders (’cause he’s Mr. Profitable Photo Business Guy) about getting your business noticed, keeping it successful and having a fine old time in the process.

Pop open the bubbly and prepare to break it over the prow of the S.S. Photo Biz!

Starting Your Photo Biz… Part 4: Fame and Fortune

p.s. TODAY ONLY: We’re giving away Fuji Instant Cameras and our Ultra Wide Cameras on Facebook and Twitter. Find out how to win!

p.p.s. LAST DAY for free shipping in the Photojojo Store!

p.p.p.s. Read the guides that went before: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Photo credit: Banalities


Browse the World’s Best Photos at Print Society


Nothing makes us giddier than printing photos ginormous, whether they’re of parasailing in Provence, summers at Space Camp, or that one time we lept into a stranger’s wedding photos.

Brand-new site Print Society encourages our obsession, gathering the world’s best prints so we can rate ’em, buy ’em, and find endless inspiration.

That inspiration comes in handy: on Print Society, you can peddle your own prints alongside your faves. Sling photos with the best of them!

Founder Sahadeva slipped us some sanguine advice for sellers: the best-selling photos are playful, positive, and cheap. Coincidentally, also a good dating motto.

Print Society: The World’s Best Prints

p.s. Free shipping over $50 through Monday in the Photojojo Store! (gobble, gobble)

6 Amazing New Photo Goodies from Photojojo


Who doesn’t love the holidays?

Cornbread stuffing, pumpkin pie, tryptophan-laden birds, and a hot helping of the most raddest new photo goodies on the planet from your pals at Photojojo. ;-)

Scroll on down to see what we’ve got on our table.

      A simple camera…

… on a simple mission: to take beautiful wide angle shots with bold colors and awe-inspiring horizons at the click of a button.

Mission accomplished little one, you’re our latest fave that we can’t live without.

The Ultra Wide and Slim
$32 at the Photojojo Store (includes film)

Put Your DSLR in Retro Mode

This. Is. Huge. Lomography’s cult classic Diana+ lens now fits your Canon or Nikon DSLR. It’ll transform your beloved hunk of metal and glass into a digital toy camera.

Finally! A way for us digital fans to kick it lo-fi with the hip kids.

The Dreamy Diana Lens
$60 at the Photojojo Store (with adapter)

      Turn any photo into a polaroid!

There’s something about that classic white border that just makes our hearts sing.

Display any photo as if it were a Polaroid with these endlessly interchangeable frames that tack to your walls.

Polaroid Picture Frames
Set of 9 for $20 at the Photojojo Store

Picture Frame Piggy Bank

Combines two things we love most: money and photographs. (JK!)

But really, it’s the nicest looking piggy-bank-that-doubles-as-photo-frame around. Makes for a great gift certificate vehicle.

The Wish Bank Frame
$28 at the Photojojo Store


Camera Phone Filters

Give your camera phone the accessorizing attention it deserves.

See the world through Kaleidoscopes, Wide Angles, and Starbursts with these endlessly reusable sticky lenses.

Jelly Phone Filters
Set of 3 for $15 at the Photojojo Store

Instantly Awesome Blow-Up Frame

We’re always looking for the ideal no-fuss frame — and we think we’ve found it.

Slip in a print, pass it a bit of fresh air, and BLAMMO you have yourself one classy gilded frame that weighs practically nothing.

The Inflate-A-Frame
1 for $12 at the Photojojo Store


Unlock the Secrets of Photo Booth


Let’s say you’re fleeing from Interpol (because you’re an internationally renowned jewel thief) but you simply can’t resist a little video chat. You must, of course, disguise your identity.

Apple’s Photo Booth and iChat have a ton of fun effects to stretch and distort your lovely face — but do you know about the secret bonus filters?

Finesse a few files and you’ll find nifty image-enhancers like ASCII art, neon color effects, and a kaleidoscope. Don’t forget the mustache.

Add more effects to Photo Booth and iChat

p.s. Fear not, Windows users; websites like Cameroid, Seenly, and software like Dr. Jekill are only too happy to give your head a strange new twist.

p.p.s. Extra! Extra! Our pals at Nikon sent us a big box of goodies! Here’s how to win a Nikon D3000 this week.

Your Own Page-a-Day Photo Calendars Make Your Photo-a-Day Even More Gorgeous


Oh, sure, a diary (or as the kids call them, “a web-blog”) is a fun way to write about your day. But we demand pictures, and lots of them!

And that’s why we love Shuttercal, the adorable offspring of a calendar, a blog, and a photo album.

Drop one picture per day into a calendar, and over time a portrait of your year emerges: foliage in September, swimming in August, llama husbandry in July. (July was weird.)

Plus! Shuttercal will print your daily images as page-a-day calendars, making it easier than ever to bask in the memories. Ahh, memories … so baskable.

Mark Every Day with a Photo on Shuttercal