12 Ways to Use Your Camera as a Tool


Never leave the house without two things:

  1. a Swiss Army knife, and
  2. your camera.

Why the knife? Because it’s a multitasking tool that you can use a kajillion different ways.

Why a camera? For exactly the same reason.

We’ve rounded up so many alternate uses for your camera that you’ll start bringing it everywhere. Use it as a flashlight, a memory aid, or a mirror, and you’ll never let it leave your side again.

Your camera may be a toy, but there’s no reason it can’t also be a tool.

12 Ways to Use Your Camera as a Tool


Hello, Photo Corner Stick’ums!

sticker-cornersExtra photos for bloggers: 1, 2

Photojojo is pumped to be introducing a colorful newbie this week that’s both versatile and tactile: Photo Corner Stick’ums!

Use Stick’ums to display your most precious papery goods — then remove them without damage and re-stick’um elsewhere!

Each delightful decal package contains 28 L-shaped colorful stick’ums with matching nameplates for maximum post-ability.

We <3 the infinite amount of uses for these little corner-shaped ditties. Here at Photojojo HQ we've stick'rd our laptops, walls, and even our cats. But don’t stop there, refrigerators, cabinets, windows, laptops… Nothing too small! Nothing too big! Nothing too complicated!

Well howdy, Photo Corner Stick’ums!

p.s. Been meaning to get your hands on something sticky? We’ve got a brand new bundle with Corner Stick’ums and Re-Stickable Decal Frames that we think you’ll be interested in.

The Lensbaby Composer — A Quick ’n’ Dirty Review


We’ve been trying out the Lensbaby* Composer lately: it’s an odd little lens that gives you a moveable area of sharp focus, surrounded by a dreamy halo of blurriness.

After knocking around with it for a few weeks, here’s what we think:

The Good:

  • Easier to focus and sharper optics than the original Lensbaby.
  • Easier to move the “sweet spot” of focus and get repeatable results.
  • Good for photos where you want to draw the eye to one particular detail, like food, product or portrait shots.
  • If you decide you don’t want the Lensbaby “look” for a particular shot, you can reduce the effect dramatically by using the narrowest aperture. A friend of ours uses it as his go-to lens because of the sharp optics and light weight.
  • Gadgets! Optional, interchangeable optics and wide-angle or telephoto adapters give you lots of different looks from one lens.

The Bad:

  • Having to change the apertures manually can slow you down a lot.
  • Manual focus makes it harder to capture fast-moving action, and it’s tricky to focus in low light.
  • Wider apertures are prone to some pretty serious lens flare.
  • The Lensbaby takes some getting used to. It’s a good idea to practice with it for a while before taking it on an important shoot.

The Ugly:

  • Sorry, we’re fresh out of ugly.

If we got stranded on a desert island with only one lens, we might make it this one (with the possible addition of a wide-angle adapter). It’s light, versatile, sharp (when you want it to be) and really fun to use.

The Lensbaby Composer

*Full disclosure: Lensbaby is a Photojojo advertiser, but our love for them is true. (Their first lens was one of the first things we reviewed when we were just starting out almost three years ago.)

p.s. We put our test shots up here in case you guys wanna see ’em.

How to Develop Film Using Coffee and Vitamin C! Srsly!

feature-caffenolExtra photos for bloggers: 1, 2

Survival scenario #117:
You’re trapped in a grocery store. Zombies are closing in from all sides. You have a crucial photo that could end the carnage, if only you had some way to develop the film.

What do you do?

You grab some instant coffee and vitamin C, you develop the film, and you vanquish the zombies.

What, you don’t think we’re serious?
First of all, zombies are an inevitable part of life.
And secondly, you really can develop film using vitamin C and coffee. For reals.

Read on, and we’ll show you everything you need to know. Quick, before the zombies regroup!

How to Develop Film with Coffee and Vitamin C
via Found Photography


Make Your Own Motivational Posters


Ever picked up the SkyMall catalog on a long flight and been struck dumb by the motivational posters?

Now really, who (besides Angela) ever got motivated by a picture of a kitten and a pithy slogan?

You’re better off making your own motivational posters. And with these two tools, it’s easy — upload your photo, slap on a caption, and skip the corporate dreck.

Pro tip: If your office actually has motivational posters, replace ’em with your versions and see how long it takes for your boss to notice. Heh heh heh.

Make Your Own (De)Motivational Posters at Big Huge Labs

…Or at Despair, Inc.

p.s. What’s the difference? Well, both of ’em are free, and both of ’em let you buy prints. But if you use the code JOJO25, our pals at Big Huge Labs will give you 25% off!

p.p.s. We heart iHeartFaces. Check out their latest giveaway featuring yours truly.

Photo credit: sirgabe

Photojojo Presents… The Wrap-Around-the-Corner Frame!

feature-corner-framesExtra photos for bloggers: 1, 2

Introducing the Wrap-Around-the-Corner Frame, a modern geometrical marvel of rectangularity! You thought our magnetic photo rope was radical — well, the newest addition to our store is even more mind bending (and wall bending)!

The Wrap-Around-the-Corner frame is an all-in-one stack o’ frames that’s guaranteed to hug corners better than a Ferrari Enzo.

This puppy is truly a turning point in frame design, displaying up to 12 photos at a time whilst clinging to the corners of your wall.

Espresso stained wood keeps it classy, and ordinary frame brackets make it easy for the frame to grab your walls.

The All-New Wrap-Around-the-Corner Frame!

p.s. Wanna save some sweet sweet dollaroos? Get in our extra-special week-long promotion for the Wrap-Around-the-Corner frame! Find out more here.

12 Awesome Photography Business Card Ideas


What do David LaChapelle, Steve McCurry, and the cute art student who sells prints at the local coffee shop have in common?

Business cards.

Wait! Don’t change the channel yet!

We promise you that business cards don’t have to be stuffy, expensive or soul-crushingly dull, especially photographers’ cards.

In fact, your cards should be more creative than anybody’s, especially when the economy’s gone all pear-shaped. An artistic card will make people remember you/ think you’re awesome/ give you money.

Want proof? OK! We’ve found 12 smart, well-designed cards that deserve a place of honor in any art buyer’s contact list.

12 Awesome Photography Business Card Ideas

Photo credit: dailypoetics


Make Your Own Photo Cuffs

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2

So here’s the thing: we know you guys are crafty sometimes, but crafty doesn’t necessarily mean girly.

Dainty? No need for it. Lady-like? Not our style.

With a little inkjet-printable canvas and a few minutes of time, you can make yourself a set of badass photo cuffs. Use any photo you want on them and you’ll instantly be the envy of all your friends with their sad, naked little wrists.

Best of all: no sewing required! Read on to find out how…

Photojojo’s Make Your Own Photo Cuffs


The State You’re In


Here’s how the 50 States Project works:

Photographers from each of the United States receive the same 6 assignments throughout the year. The results of each assignment represent both the photographer’s style and their state.

It makes us really think about where we’re from, which we don’t often do. We take it for granted because it’s always been there.

What would you show about your neck of the woods? Would it be what people assume it’s like, or how it really is?

Try some of the assignments yourself (“People” just finished and “Habitat” just started). We’d love to see what you come up with, whether you live in a state, a province, or a sovereign city-state. (We’re looking at you, Monaco.)

The 50 States Project
via Conscientious

Photo credits: Ben Huff, Alex Moomey, Katie Koti, and Peter Kearns.

20 Photographers Whose Work You Can Actually Afford


People say that art is a great investment.

Well yeah, for people who are already rich. We are fabulous, yes, but rich? Not so much.

What to do if you want art on your walls that’s not your own? Search the web for an artistic windfall?

No, silly! Get Photojojo to do it for you! We’ve been combing the market and found 20 great photographers you can afford, even on a wee skimpy budget. Most of them sell prints for $25 or less.

So give your piggy-bank a friendly pat and put him back on the shelf. The little guy can remain happily unbroken.

20 Photographers Whose Work You Can Actually Afford

p.s. At PMA this week? If you wanna meet up with the Photojojo crew, drop us a line!

p.p.s. Hey, remember when we wrote about JPG Magazine going under? We’re happy to report that they’re back!

Photo credits: Yijun (Pixy) Liao, Carlo Van de Roer, and Joseph O. Holmes