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DIY Photo Ornaments in 15 Minutes or Less

Eggnog, gingerbread houses, Santa Clause, Sinterklaas (for our Dutch friends), “Christmas Man” (any Germans in the house?), holiday cards, endless holiday shopping, and lots and lots of holiday cheer.

We love the holidays.

Just in time for this year’s festivities, we’ll show you how to make beautiful ornaments using your photos in just 15 minutes. They look great on a Christmas tree, but they’re just as awesome as decorations to hang from your mantle or from the ceiling.

Better yet, they can be sent easily through the mail and make great gifts! Let’s get started…

This is our second week of tasty photo treats to help you share the photo love this holiday season. In case you missed it, check out the fotoclips, technicolor camera cases, and Photo Block Kit we featured last week.


Make Perfect Photo Gifts in 15 Minutes — Introducing the Photojojo DIY Photo Block Kit

We’re very proud of this one.

We’ve been working for months to perfect our Do-It-Yourself Photo Blocks — the perfectly simple photo gifts you can make in just 15 minutes with your photos.

We’ve improved the process, improved the finish, even improved the quality of the fine hardwood blocks. And now you get it all in one box.

It’s the Photojojo DIY Photo Block Kit, available today.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who likes to make stuff, a great project to do on a rainy afternoon, or something fun to do with your kids, giddyup.

The Photojojo DIY Photo Block Kit
$25 at the Photojojo Shop. Available Now.

This week and next we’re bringing you tasty photo treats to help you share the photo love this holiday season. In case you missed it, check out installment one.

Fotoclips and The Electric Pocket — Picture-Perfect Stocking Stuffers

The Electric PocketSeeing as it’s December, you’ve been good all year, and the holidays are just around the corner, you’re due some tasty photo treats. And here they come.

We’ve been working night and day to find the awesomest photo goodies in the land, and for the next two weeks, we’ll be bringing you something new and rad with every newsletter.

And since the best goodies are the ones that no one feels guilty about afterward, everything we feature will cost less than $50.

Our first installment comes to you with two wonderfully colorful photo gifts that belong in everyone’s stockings.


The Electric Pocket: The only camera case you’ll ever want.
Electric Pocket in boxCamera cases tend to be pretty drab, which is why we adore these colorful camera cocoons from BuiltNY. Lined with fleece on the inside and made from stretchy and durable neoprene, the tiny cases attach easily to backpacks and handbags.

Forget those boring black nylon or leather snore cases. The Electric Pocket molds to fit svelte new subcompact cameras (those tiny Canons, Nikons, Sonys, Casios, etc.) like a glove. If you or someone in your life got a snazzy new camera recently, you can’t do better than this case. It’s a dreamboat.

The Electric Pocket
$22 at the Photojojo Shop. Starts shipping Friday.


Fotoclips: Build things with your photos.
Fotoclips!It’s difficult to explain how astonishingly simple and fun these Fotoclips are. Each box contains 110 plastic clips that allow you to make photo walls, castles, mosaics, 3D sculptures… pretty much anything, by clipping together your photos.

At $10, they’re the ultimate photo stocking stuffer. Get everyone a box and spend the holidays assembling all of your photos into a family photo tapestry.

Fotoclips (110 pcs)
$10 for one, $27 for three at the Photojojo Shop. Available Now.


Remember: no matter how much you order, Domestic 2-3 day shipping is just $5 at the Photojojo Shop!

The Ultimate Party Photographer

photoboothfeature.jpgNo, we’re not talking about Nikola Tamindzic [careful, some images NSFW], this is about the digital reinvention of the photo booth.

Party photos are tough to take, especially if you’re the host and your guests are camera-shy. A surefire method to great snaps? Power to the people!

Yes, friends, the photo booth is back. And it’s not just for drug stores and shopping malls any more — several enterprising photographers have reimagined the humble automatic photographic machine as the life of the party.

Here’s a couple of our favorites along with instructions for rolling your own:

Mark Van S’s Futuristic Digital Photobooth [via A VC]
It’s been to parties at the Whitney, celebrity bashes, even bar mitzvahs. But Mark’s booth follows a deceptively simple formula: beautiful, flattering lighting, instant feedback (every photo is projected onto a wall as soon as it’s taken, and cycles with other photos for the rest of the night), and a printout to go. As a bonus, all the photos are available online the very next day.

The Shine Flickr Photobooth
Brian Walsh’s Flickr Photo Booth at the Shine bar in San Francisco looks just like a traditional photo booth. It even sets your photos in the traditional 4-to-a-strip format. And then it uploads them straight to Flickr. We hear on some nights, the booth is more popular than the dance floor.

The Do it Yourself Digital Photobooth
Grab a couple friends and hunker down with this tutorial and you’ll combine a computer, camera, and printer to build your own modern-day photo booth. (For extra help, check out this DIY photo booth forum.)

Help support Photojojo! Do your holiday shopping at Amazon using this link and *anything* you buy will help support Photojojo!

Need ideas? Our favorite point and shoot, the Canon SD800 IS is only $369 at Amazon. Also a good bet: its little brother, the Canon SD600, for an amazing $219! Or check out Amazon’s Camera and Photo Store!

The Photojojo Holiday Gift Guide – What to Buy and Why in 2006

Canon SD800ISThe holidays aren’t just a great time to take pictures, they’re also a great time to spread the photo love (to yourself, or to others.)

Since many of you are probably looking for great photo gift ideas right about now, we thought we’d give you a hand by telling you about a few of our favorites.

For each of the categories below, there are dozens, often hundreds of options. We’re not going to tell you about all of them–we’ve picked the best of the best. It’s the stuff we’d buy (or have already bought) ourselves. We’ll tell you why, and leave rest up to you.

Without further ado…


Give Your Aquarium a Photo Makeover, and Make Goldie the Envy of His Fishy Friends

Photo AquariumLook, when you went on that awesome roadtrip last summer, you left Goldie at home. And that rockin’ concert you went to last weekend, same deal. Goldie held down the fort. He did that for you.

Sure, it’s not “practical” to take Goldie with you wherever you go… and we’ve all heard that goldfish only remember the last 30 seconds anyway, but even Goldie deserves a vacation, right?

Here’s a project that’ll help you satisfy Goldie’s wanderlust while keeping him safely submerged in his aquatic home.

Give the ole fishtank a photo makeover. It’s easy, looks great, and Goldie gets a glamorous new view!

Read our tutorial to find out how…


From Photo to Screenprinted Tee in Just a Jiff

At last count, there are about a kajillion and three websites where you can upload a photo and have it printed on a t-shirt.

That stuff ain’t new; and this ain’t that.

Kristy’s got a simple and cheap tutorial on how you can turn a full-color photo into a one-color screen print. Use it on a t-shirt, a canvas tote, your walls, chest, it’s up to you.

A great way to make beautiful, customized gifts this holiday season.

Photo to Screenprint Tutorial

p.s. Kristy uses Microsoft Paint in one of her steps, but you can do the same in Photoshop or The Gimp.

Get Out and Shoot! — 3 Great Ideas for Shooting Outside in Your Town or City

There’s one sure-fire way to improve all of your shots: practice. Sure, you think, easy enough to say.

We can relate… Sometimes having a mission and some snap-happy friends can be just the motivation you need to get off your tuchus and start shooting.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few fun ideas to get you out having fun with your camera with friends or fellow photo enthusiasts. Read on to learn how you can make your town or city your photo playground.


LikeBetter — The Brain Knows Too Much

This website knows more about you than any website should know.

And it figures it out using photography.

LikeBetter is a quirky, photo-based experiment made by the kids at Pairwise. Visit, and you’ll be presented two images. Pick the one you like better. Rinse, repeat.

After a few rounds, an eerie-looking pink brain starts pulsing on your screen. Click it to learn something about yourself that no website could possibly know. It’s like a modern-day, artificially-intelligent fortune teller.

An excellent way to while away a few minutes at work today.

Mailable Photo Frames are a hit! If you ordered some Mailable Photo Frames and haven’t gotten them yet, sit tight. They sold out far more quickly than we’d expected, but we expect a new batch on Monday. Still sitting on the fence? We’ll be filling orders first-come, first-served. Get your order in now!

How to Turn a Photo into a Mailable Mosaic (or, a Photo a Day and They’ll Think You’re Monet)

In the age of the Internet, keeping in touch when your chum or sweetheart is miles away is a lot easier than it used to be. A quick call, a text message, a little “I miss you” e-mail — they’re all well and good…

But what if you really want to show that special guy, gal, or pal just how important they are to you?

Our pal Bryan Zmijewski has got an idea that’s easy, inexpensive and guaranteed to earn rave reviews… All it takes is a few minutes a day, some photos, some stamps, and a pair of scissors.

Read our tutorial to find out how!



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