Supercharge Your Point & Shoot


Your point & shoot camera has been keeping things from you.

Has it mentioned, for example, that it has a motion sensor for photographing lightning, or that it can shoot in RAW format? We’ll bet it hasn’t even told you that it can shoot at speeds up to 1/25,000th of a second.

Well, if it happens to be a Canon, it can.

The Canon Hacker’s Development Kit (CHDK) is a free download that can expand your camera’s options like strapping a JATO rocket on a Chevy Impala.

CHDK’s been around for a while, but Lifehacker just wrote an article that makes it understandable for mere mortals. What is it? Why do you want it? How do you use it? It’s all there.

Open up communications with your camera. Let the healing begin.

Supercharge Your Point & Shoot

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Photo credit: Fir0002

Inkjet Image Transfers

inkjet image transfers
Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2

We recently saw this cool post on Craft Chi* about inkjet transfer stamping, and our brains nearly exploded.

“Hmmm,” we thought, “we could use our inkjet printer to mimic rubber stamps, only we could use our own pictures.”

“In fact,” we mused, “we could go beyond plain old stamps and go full-color. Golly Moses,” we postulated, “we could transfer photos onto paper, or wood, or nearly anything, just like Xerox transfers but without the fumes!”

We would have gone on thinking huge and glorious thoughts, except the bus driver got tired of our muttering to ourselves and waving our arms around and kicked us off the bus.

But our humiliation is your gain, sweet reader, because after we walked home, we wrote an image transfer tutorial just for you. Armed only with an inkjet and some copier transparencies, you too can put images on anything you like.

*via Craft!

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Make Some Guy Draw Your Face

Draw Your Face

If you send Damien Weighill a photo, he will draw your face and put it on his blog.

When he does you will have a mustache. Or perhaps there will be a gorilla behind you. Maybe you will be a dinosaur.

He is unpredictable. Approach with caution.

Your Face
via Jennifer Daniel. Send us links!

p.s. Remember that Squarespace Portfolio Makeover Contest we had? We hear our winner Jennifer Konig is pretty excited about her new website:

“It’s gorgeous!!! You ROCK!
The admin UI is really, really intuitive.
I’m seriously impressed.”

Check out her swank new portfolio!

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Photojojo Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2008


Add this to your calendar: Sunday May 11th is Mother’s Day.

Now if you forget you can’t tell your mom it was our fault. Not again.

Since you’ve remembered, you might as well get her something nice.

Of course your mom would say it’s the thought that counts, but after you’ve gotten her lavender bath oil three years in a row, it’s getting harder for her to say that without grinding her teeth.

We’re looking out for your mama’s dental work, so here’s a list of gifts that will secure your position as her favorite child.

Do not under any circumstances share this list with your siblings.

Photojojo Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2008

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Mysterious Photographic Time Machine Found In Japan

pet alpaca

The Japanese have gotten hold of a time machine.

We knew it would happen sooner or later.

The weird thing is, this time machine only works on photographs. You feed it a sharp modern photo, and it comes back to you looking like it was taken sixty years ago.

Maybe it came from The Future! Or Outer Space! Or the Underground Lair of the Mole People (yikes)! We don’t know because, well, we can’t read Japanese.

All we know is, if you click “browse”, upload a photo, and then click on the blue button in the middle, the time machine magically oldifies your picture. It might also summon an army of cranky Mole People, we’re not sure.

Click if you must, just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Eerie Photo Time Machine
via Mareen Fischinger

p.s. We’re looking for more Long Portraits! Email us a link if you’ve got one. This one is happy and cute, and this one rocks our socks.

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Photo credit: Jim Abraham

10 Tips for Being a Greener Photographer


You know us, we’re not really the preachy type.

But hey, it’s Earth Day tomorrow, right? So we’ve gathered a few useful pointers on how to keep your photographic habits from smacking the environment around too much. We’re firmly anti-smacking.

If you want some help cleaning up your act, we got ya covered. If not, that’s cool too.

We like you either way.

Ten Green Photography Tips

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Free Pinhole Cameras for Everybody!

pinhole camera

Merry Chrismukkahwanzaa, everybody!

Yeah, we know it’s only April. But we just got brightly colored camera toys. For free. So you tell us, doesn’t that sound like Chrismukkahwanzaa?

Corbis just came out with a line of printable pinhole cameras. There are a bunch of designs by different illustrators, and they’re super-duper fantastico. And free! We just can’t get over it.

Pick up some film, print these babies out, and spread the Chrismukkahwanzaa spirit.

Printable Pinhole Cameras
Thanks Danielle!

p.s. Check out one of the first long portraits! We also think Heather Champ’s 10 Seconds series rules.

Long Portraits

long portraits

The thing about the best portraits is how they capture the essence of a person.

Maybe the wrinkles on their hands, or the expression in their eyes, tell you about the life they’ve had.

So what if you had 30 seconds to capture that person, instead of a nanosecond shutter-click? And what if the person could talk? Whoa. Crazy, we know. We call it a long portrait.

Ask the person a question. Have them sing you their favorite song. Whatever. We 100 percent guarantee you’ll end up with a great living portrait.

To learn how to shoot your long portrait, and for great questions to ask, read on…

How To Create a Long Portrait
(we got the idea from Kottke)

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The Secret Lives of Benches

kid on bench

Ahhh, your friendly local park bench.

You’ve always suspected it’s up to no good.

Want proof? Tie a disposable camera to it, leave it there for a day, then come back and develop the pictures.

That’s what Jay did, and he got a bunch of pictures of all the friendly people who hung out at his bench that day. Here’s the note he tied to the camera:

Good afternoon,
I attached this camera to the bench so you could take pictures. Seriously. So have fun. I’ll be back later this evening to pick it up.
Love, Jay

Try it for yourself! Get a cheap disposable camera, tie it to a bench with a friendly note, and collect it at the end of the day. Pick a bench in an interesting place that gets a lot of foot traffic, like outside a cafe on a sunny weekend. If you’re shy about taking portraits of strangers, here’s your solution!

Go on, you know you’re curious about that bench now.

The Secret Lives of Benches
Thanks for the tip, Adam!

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Shoot to Sell: Taking Better Photos for eBay, Etsy & Instructables


eBay: Last bastion of the truly awful product shot.

The fuzzy focus, the baleful tinge of the fluorescent lights, the blinding glare of the flash. It’s almost depressing.

(Except for that one listing where you could see the naked photographer in the reflection of the mirror he was trying to sell. That was hilarious.)

If you sell stuff online, you know that you need attractive pictures to sell your wares. If you’ve ever done a tutorial for sites like Instructables, you’ve run into the same issues.

Don’t sweat it. It’s not really too difficult, you just have to put a little thought into it.

Remember, if you can make somebody want to buy Aunt Tilly’s ceramic owl collection, you can conquer the world.

How to Take Better Photos for eBay, Etsy & Instructables

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