Eternal Sunset — Watch Sunsets All Over the World, from Your Desk


When we were little, we hated going to bed more than anything.

Sweet slumber is a much more appreciated commodity nowadays, but we still find ourselves wishing there were more hours in each day. If only we could race across the skies in a private 767, outrunning the sunset and never seeing darkness.

Well, we’ve found the next best thing.

Eternal Sunset is a website that tracks 250 webcams across 49 countries. At any given time, the sun’s setting somewhere, and Eternal Sunset will show it to you.

It won’t add hours to your day (quite the contrary) but if you’ve always dreamed of seeing the perfect sunset in Napoli, Egypt, or from atop Mount Fuji, park yourself in front of your ‘puter and watch that fiery globe fall. Over and over again.

Eternal Sunset

p.s. If it’s as beautiful in your neck of the woods as it is here, do yourself a favor and go out and shoot this weekend. Here’s a list of photo projects to get you going!

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Make Your Own Camera Case


If you don’t have one of our snazzy Electric Pocket camera cases, chances are your digi-baby spends its life swaddled in black nylon and TKK zippers.

Not the most nurturing or colorful of environments for your little one, is it?

But don’t despair! If you’re feeling crafty, our friends at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have a tutorial that shows you how to make your own camera pouch from scratch. Well, from scraps. And they take you through it step-by-step, so even those of us who fear the needle can give it a go.

Make Your Own Camera Cozy

p.s. If you’re the sort that’s gonna be up early this morning (we’re gonna try), we recommend skipping the denim and using space-age reflective mylar instead.

Find Out What Your Kids Will Look Like, It’s Just an Upload Away with MorphThing


Late night host Conan O’Brien has been combining celeb snaps to produce hypothetical images of their offspring for years.

Finally finally finally, we can do it with our own photos right at home — pictures of you and Dr McDreamy, you and your girl, or you and whoever!

Follow the image suggestions, upload a couple photos, and let your imagination run wild.

Advance warning: It doesn’t work with robots. We tried.

Combine two People with MorphThing

Take Portraits on Your Hands and Knees — a Photo Project

feet photo project

They say you can learn a lot about a person by looking at their hands, but what about their feet?

Ellen Ugelstad’s The Shoe Project is a decidedly unusual series of portraits. Focusing first on her subjects’ feet, then comparing them with their face and shoulders, she’s found new perspective on the oft-tired portrait.

It turns out feet are surprisingly expressive. Who knew?

Page through her gallery of children, fashionistas, and grandparent feet for inspiration, then get down low and give this a try next weekend!

Ellen Ugelstad’s The Shoe Project

11 Super Awesome Photoshop Movie Effects

photoshop photos for movie effectsTall glasses of lemonade, your legs sticking to the seat of your car, the days stretching languorously into the evening. What’s not to love about summer?

Oh, right. The stifling heat.

But that just brings us to another of summer’s joys: The cool comfort of the cinema.

In honor of some of our favorite summer blockbusters (Harry Potter and Transformers), we bring you our 10 11 most-favorite movie-effect tutorials. From Scarface to Sin City to Pirates of the Carribean to 300, we’ve got 11 great ways to go Hollywood on your photos. Read on!

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Upload your Photo and Try a New Hairstyle or Grow a Mustache, Virtually

makeover studio

Whether you prefer the presidential $400 cut, the corner barber shop, or something in between, chances are you’ve spent too many braincycles on those tendrils of dead skin cells emerging from your body.

Lest your next ’bout of hairy experimentation go awry, we offer two alternatives that will let you safely test your hairstyles before committing to them.

For the ladies (and men with ladyfriends), there’s Makeover Studio. Upload a photo, define your hairtype, and browse a library of hairstyles and colors to see how your favorite doo would look on you.

For dudes (and bearded ladies) in need of a stylin’ ‘stache, there’s the Mustache Maker. You know the drill: upload your pic, choose a mustache, and trim, groom, and wax your way to cowboy perfection. You can even make it sing when you’re done.

With an average growth rate of 0.44 mm a day, badly cut hair can be a long-lasting mistake.

Makeover Studio [via PJ friend Rachel Clarke]

Mustache Maker [via Photojojo Uncut]

p.s. Maybe you’d prefer a beard?

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Quick Tip: Use a PEZ Dispenser to Get Kids to Smile

pez dispensor smile hackIf we’ve learned anything from Hollywood’s recent penchant for pairing muscle-bound leading lads with toddlers, it’s that taking care of tykes ain’t easy.

But if you think changing diapers is the hard part, just try getting one to smile on demand.

We’ve already shown you how to get adults to smile, so here’s a quick tip for the little humans in your life.

1) Acquire PEZ dispenser. 2) Carefully cut away at the bottom with an exacto until it’ll slide into your camera’s hot shoe. 3) Train camera at unsuspecting child. 4) Capture a rare moment of unexpected joy.

Mix and match dispensers for variety, and take a gander at the how-to pics by Federico Sartorio for the details. [via reader sarah lee]

Tell us your favorite way to get kids to smile!

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4 Step DIY Wine Glass Photo Frames!

photo wine glassesWhat could be better than gazing longingly into a glass of white wine?

How about gazing into that same glass and seeing someone gazing right back at you? :)

That might sound a tad creepy now, but take a closer look at our awesome photo wine glass photo frames and pretty soon you’ll be scowling, growling, and grinning… whatever it takes to make the perfect cup-bottom portrait.

Wine glass photo frames are a cinch to make, but the amusement is endless. Read our tutorial to find out how!

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Coloring Pages from Your Photos in 3 Easy Steps

So we were walking around Toys R Us the other day, something we do pretty frequently, and we discovered Crayola Color Wonder. It’s this new coloring book-like thing with markers that only work on special Crayola paper… paper that doesn’t let you color outside the lines.

That made us a little sad, especially coming from Crayola.

Coloring books are one of the great joys of childhood, and we think every child should have the opportunity to scribble outside the lines, on the lines, or even on the walls (just once.)

Luckily, you can still buy regular old-fashioned coloring books. Heck, you can even make your own! In fact, Photojojo friend Karina Benson has a great tutorial that shows you how to do just that in three simple steps!

Coloring Pages from Your Photos [via Lifehacker & Parenthacks]

p.s. Check more by Karina on Photojojo: Photo Toys and Photo Gifts for Dad.

We’re hiring! Wanted: One (1) superb writer & editor who luvs photography. $1000/month, part-time, and you get to have fun with photos all day. Tell your friends!

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Upload a Photo to Create a Simpsons Character with Simpsonize Me

In the world of flashy big-budget blockbuster viral marketing ploys, there are winners and there are losers. (We had high hopes for the Conan O’Brien-style “If they made it” babymaker game for Knocked Up. Alas, it disappointed.)

The new site promoting next week’s silver-screen Simpsons debut? A winner.

Upload a frontal portrait, push some buttons and pull some levers, and facial-recognition software goes to work. Soon enough, your fleshy visage is converted into a flat, yellow, cartoon version of yourself!

Note: The site’s quite busy. We needed to visit several times to get it to work.

Still, it’s the easiest way to find your way to Springfield. Unless you already live there.

The Simpsonizer

p.s. Visit the forums today for a fun secret giveaway. (We’re not gonna give you any hints… Ok, maybe just one… Mooooooooooo…)

We’re hiring! Wanted: One (1) superb writer & editor who luvs photography. $1000/month, part-time, and you get to have fun with photos all day. Tell your friends!

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