The Fastest Film Scanner in the World & More from Photo Hack Day Berlin!

If you could make your own photo hack, what would it be? Personally, we’d figure out a way to make CatPaint real life.

Over a hundred developers dreamed even bigger at Photo Hack Day Berlin last week!

With judges from Facebook, Getty Images, and EyeEm and participants like the Loopcam & InstaCRT team, competition was fierce and yielded some amazing apps that we actually wish we had on our phone right now.

These were the top three winners!

1.Helmut: The fastest scanner in the world! A simple box in which you place a film negative. The accompanying app shoots a photo of the film & inverts it into a positive image. We watched them scan a frame in under 5 seconds.
2. Tourist Eraser: Kinda like Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill for your phone. It detects tourists in your photo and erases them without you having to do any work.
3. Visual Weather: Pulls together Flickr photos of what the weather looked like on a day similar to today’s. (To figure out what to wear & such!)

EXTRA COOL THING! We helped celebrate with an online photo challenge with EyeEm. See the winners’ photos, which were actually shown at Photo Hack Day!

The Best Photo Hacks from Photo Hack Day Berlin

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