Dirk Dallas Shares His Favorite Phoneography Apps, Tips & More!

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If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a phone photo is worth a thousand mentions:

“@phoneographer WHOA—what app did you use for that?”

We Love Phoneography (our phoneography blog) got all the answers to your phone photo questions in a photo-based interview with one of our favorite phoneographers, Dirk Dallas.

If you have yet to see Dirk’s photos, there’s a good chance his eye for colors, lines, and light capture will make him one of your favorites, too.

Phoneography Tips with Dirk Dallas

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Who’s This Dirk Dude?

Dirk first caught our attention for his totally amazing phoneography experiments with macro lenses & bokeh.

He got into phoneography ’cause he likes not having to worry about having a camera on hand anymore—he always does now with his handy iPhone.

Besides being an avid iPhoneographer, Dirk is a a graphic designer living in sunny Southern California.

Secret tidbit: You might catch blasting electronic music and dancing with his daughter on his downtime—he can’t help but groove to the beat.

1. What’s your typical phoneography shooting stance?

“The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”: I always try look at a scene from different angles, exploring perspectives that we might often overlook.

I love shooting from low angles because everything looks different from way down there.

Dirk’s stance shot by Christian Cannon.

2. What place you do always find yourself snap-happy?

beforeDefinitely at the beach.

I just love the crisp ocean breeze and warm golden light that is unique to the beach atmosphere. It’s hard not to just keep taking pictures of everything because there is so much beauty down there.

3. Your camera roll is 93% of these kinds of pics.

beforeStrong lines and varied perspectives.

4. Your most favorite phoneography moment ever.

beforeMy favorite phoneography moment would have to be this shot I captured of my daughter running on the water.

5. Your Top 3 can’t-live-without-these apps.

beforeSnapseed: Almost all my photos first hit Snapseed before they go anywhere else. The controls inside this app are extremely powerful.

My “Hot Tip” for readers is to check out the “structure” adjustment under the “details” section. This is a unique adjustment that really brings out the texture in objects and gives photos a really nice pop!

Photoforge2: So far this app has been the closest I have gotten to having Photoshop on my iPhone.

Photoforge2 allows me to make real in-depth adjustments to my pictures. I especially love playing with the color of my photos via the curves panel.

CrossProcess: This app really gives your photos an amazing punch with beautiful tones in just a couple clicks. Since there is no slider to control the intensity of the effects I will sometimes use the Blender app and merge my original photo with the Crossprocessed photo to get the desired intensity I want.

6. The craziest story behind getting a phoneograph.

beforeLast summer when we visited the Santa Monica pier I noticed lots of seagulls on the edge of the rail. I love taking pictures of birds, especially in flight, and in order to capture that specific scenario I needed to get them to fly off and away.

So I ran up, scared the whole flock with my iPhone in hand and snapped away. I got a couple decent shots, and at the same time a nice pooping on my head and shoulder from one of the seagulls that flew overhead.

7. Your go-to photo accessory for your camera phone.

beforeMy favorite photo accessory right now is definitely the Olloclip.

I love using it for wide-angle and macro shots, but I especially love using it to get nice silky smooth bokeh.You can do that by using the macro lens and shooting lights from a distance. It really makes for a neat effect.

8. Who’s your phoneographer crush?

beforeI have so many people who inspire me, just take a look at my Instagram followings, but if I had to pick one person right now I would have to say Olivier Vanbiervliet. He captures such stunning images of the Belgium countryside that you wonder if that place is even real. Each photo of his can be summed up in the following words: breathtaking, majestic, peaceful, inspiring, and magical.

Phone photo taken by Olivier Vanbiervliet.

9. Describe yourself in 4 words & in one pic.





Dirk’s Tips on Getting into Phoneography:

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