Keep the Juice Flowing — Digital Camera Battery Life Tips

A pretty blue batteryThis one isn’t so much about your photos as it is about keeping your digital camera in tip-top shape.

If you’ve ever had to buy a replacement or a backup battery for your digital camera, you know they aren’t cheap. And as rechargeable batteries have gotten increasingly powerful and more complex, the prevailing wisdom for extending their life actually does the very opposite!

All rechargeable batteries eventually die and go to battery heaven (where we hear you can lie around in your charging cradle all day if you wanna) but follow some simple advice and your little guy will be kicking around for a while to come. Better yet, it’s a lot easier than you think!

How to Take Care of Your Digital Camera Battery (via reader Liji Jinaraj)

p.s. Want a more technical explanation? Try this Battery University article on lithium-ion cells.