Five Tips for Fun Family Photos

It’s family photo time!

Grab a tripod for your phone or DSLR, a shutter remote (if you don’t want to mess with the self timer) and some candy to bribe the kiddos.

We’ve got just a few tips from arranging your pretty faces, to going totally nuts, that’ll ensure a fun time taking the pics and an even funner time enjoying them forever.

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Tip 1: Set Up Before You Gather the Troops


Grab your most patient family member and have them sit or stand where you want the crew to pose.

Line up your shot with a tripod (if you’re planning on running into the shot). Take a test shot to make sure the lighting is a-okay, and give the self timer or shutter remote a whirl.

This’ll help you avoid stressed out smiles and disappearing attention spans.

Tip 2: Get Your Faces in a Similar Spaces


Tall people are used to being relegated to the back row, but that’s really not your best bet for a pretty pose.

The trick is to group your faces at similar levels and not have any outliers.

Have your tallest family members sit with kids standing, in arms, or on laps. With medium sized folks standing, everyone’s faces will be closer together.

Tip 3: Make Triangles


About those faces …

A good strategy for a visually pleasing arrangement, is to make triangles with your family member’s heads.

If you’ve got a kid on a lap, make sure they scooch to the side so they don’t block Dad’s chin.

Avoid stick straight rows of people, like an old school class photo. Bring in chairs and stools of different heights to stager those smiles.

Tip 4: Designate a Baby/Pup Attention Getter


There’s no need for everyone to wiggle around and ruin your perfect arrangement trying to get the baby to smile or the doggo to sit just so.

Direct everyone to look at the camera and smile, while just one person wrangles the family member least clear on the concept of photographs.

Alternatively: Let the kiddos cry and pets go a bit berserk. They’re just showing off their personality, and years from now, total meltdowns make for some of the funniest pics.

Tip 5: Always Go for the Crazy One


Do not under any circumstances forget to yell “crazy one!” at the end of your portrait sesh, and get to snapping.

This is where your wonderful fam really shines.

Taking it Further

  • Mini stylists – Let the littlest family member choose the wardrobe for your family portrait. It’s sure to be very creative.
  • Race the Self Timer – Have everyone stand behind the camera when you fire the self timer, and race into place before the snap.
  • Check out even more of our tips and tricks for group photo mastery.
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