How to Use Your Android as a Photo Tool + Top 10 Apps

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Nikon vs Canon, Mac vs PC, Rebecca Black vs Justin Bieber.

2-sided feuds aren’t a foreign concept considering you’re a Canon/Mac/Bieber appreciator.

When it comes to phones, you’re an Android lover.

This week, our Twitter and Facebook peeps voted on their favorite Android photo apps – apps for editing, filtering, friend-sharing, and even afternoon snacking (i.e. Pudding Cam!).

These are the top 10 crowd favorites!

Plus, as an added bonus, we rounded up apps designed to make life easier while you’re out shooting with your non-phone camera.

Whether you’re working with a gingerbread, cupcake, or a little green robot, your photo app folder is about to get real happy.

Use Your Android as a Photo Tool & Top Voted Apps

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Your Android as a Handy Photo Tool

Let the gadget that’s always in your pocket (your phone) help you use the gadget that’s always around your neck (your camera).

In no particular order, here are a few apps that’ll make your shooting life easier and maybe even more fun.

  1. Remote Your Cam – Lets you take photos with your DSLR from your phone. Adjust settings + instantly view photos on your phone.
  2. Location Scout – Find filming locations from movies. Makes for cool backdrops.
  3. Golden Hour – Tells you exactly when the golden hour of sunlight will be wherever you may be.
  4. Color Flashlight – Turns your phone into a color flashlight – fun for light painting!
  5. Wuala – Super secure way to access and edit your backed-up photo files from anywhere. Made by LaCie.
  6. Bubble Level – Keeps your camera shooting straight.
  7. PixelPipe – Lets you share your photos on multiple social networks at once.
  8. Photometric – Pick an ISO and an F-stop and get the calculated exposure.
  9. Light Meter – Uses your camera’s light sensor to calculate what your exposure should be for your (D)SLR.
  10. Photography Assistant – Designed to calculate exposures + depth of field distances for SLRs. Also light meters.

Top 10 Voted Apps

beforeThese are the photo apps you guys (our Twitter and Facebook community) said are the absolute best photo apps right now.

They might even be amazing enough to convert an iPhone user! (Maybe.) Guess you’ll just have to try them out and see.

  1. Vignette – Like experimenting with different films; it has 68 filters and 56 kinds of frames. Shoot with filters like Velvia and add effects like grain and soft focus. Check the options you want and shoot through the app. This is voted the #1 favorite!
  2. PicSay – Consider this your go-to app when you want to adjust exposure, contrast, crop, and refine your photos with post processing in general. Get the Pro version for even more effects.
  3. Retro Camera – Most like Hipstamatic. It gives your photos a vintage analog look with filters inspired by Lomo, Holga, Polaroid etc. plus other effects like film scratch, vignettes, and cross-processing.
  4. Little Photo – Popular for its filters that update often and are up to 60+. Find sweet effects like adding text over your photos and creating bokeh. Also loved for being easy to use and having slick UI.
  5. Picplz – Quick, good results and easy to share on multiple social networks at once. This app has filters to give your photos an artsy edge.
  6. FxCamera – Lovable for its simplicity. Take a photo and add 1 of 5 effects: Fisheye, Polandroid, ToyCam, Warhol or SymmetriCam.
  7. Pudding Camera – Choose what effects you want to use by scrolling through hip little film and camera icons. Lets you save in different image sizes and share on Twitter and Facebook.
  8. Camera 360 – The do-it-all app, it packs 6 shooting modes, 30 effects (like selective focus and grids), tilt-shift, color-shift, and “scenery” which embeds your photo into another photo (i.e. your face is on a billboard).
  9. HDR Camera – Combines 2 photos to make a single super-photo that’s evenly exposed throughout. Even lets you fine-tune the process.
  10. Action Snap – A four-frame sampler! This app takes 4 photos in a row very quickly and combines them into a four-frame image – perfect for capturing fast motion.

Even More Apps to Try!

beforeApps that’ll make you go “whoa, I can do that?,” these are the honorable mentions.

  1. A World of Photo – This is like a LIVE photo exchange. Open the app, find someone else who’s online and exchange a photo from your phone on the spot.
  2. Photoshop Express– A phone version of a basic Photoshop. Make quick fixes with this one – straighten, crop, and fine-tune your pics.
  3. 3D Camera – Shoots 2 photos and lets you make and share a 3D wiggle .gif.
  4. Face Blender – What would your kids look like? Find out the easy way by mashing up pictures of you and your friends!
  5. Mini Instax Cam – Turn your photos into Instax Mini instant photos (looks like a skinny Polaroid!).
  6. Flickr Explorer – Easy (and nice lookin’) way to browse photos on Flickr – view photos on a Google Map, search keywords, and make photos your background.
  7. MyCloset – Take photos of your clothing, and this app will keep track of what you’ve worn, plus suggest outfits based on weather and past outfits.
  8. Mobile Hidden Camera – Shoot in stealth mode. No sound or image – just a blank screen.
  9. Mytubo – Most like Instagram. Share your photos, filters optional, with friends in a live stream.

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