6 Actionable Tips For Better Videos With Your DSLR

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Today's DSLR cameras can capture full HD videos, with fantastic audio quality, irrespective of whether there is an external microphone. Here are a few tips that will help you take quality videos with a DSLR:

You’ll need:

  1. DSLR Camera
  2. External Microphone
  3. Tripod

Step 1 : Plan Things

The very first thing you must do is map out what you intend to shoot. Generate a storyboard, and map out how you want to film your movie. You don't have to create anything complex, but a sturdy plan can help you figure out just how to use your camera to make quality films that individuals will want to view.

Step 2 : Think with a Photographer Mindset

Taking photos and videos are a great deal alike, so if you are creating any video, it may be beneficial to think like a photographer. Utilize the same guidelines that you use in picture taking, including concepts such as centering, arranging apertures, etc. Generally, you won't be shooting natural files, and that means you won't have as much room to learn with white balance and visibility.

Step 3 : Experiment with the Zoom

After some time you'll likely have a zoom lens preference, but for now it's better to stick with the basics. A zoom lens is far more versatile compared to a fixed lens, and it'll enable you to go from restricted to wide shots easily. There are a number of shots you can take with a zoom lens, including focus rolls, where you move in or out while changing the focus at exactly the same time. Or, you might prefer to physically move towards the subject while zooming out for a fascinating effect.

Step 4 : Time to Stop Using Auto Focus

This is the perfect time to develop the habit of using manual focus instead of the auto focus. Despite the fact that auto is a helpful feature, it isn't as reliable as carrying it out yourself. It might take a little bit of practice, but you'll find it really worth your while when you start to see the quality of your videos. An exterior screen or an LCD magnifier will help you obtain a perfect focus each and every time. You can also try using a tiny aperture to offer you more depth of field.

Step 5 : Think About Your Audio

One of the primary issues folks have with using DSLR cams for videos is the audio quality, which is not necessarily the greatest. This matter can be addressed by using an exterior microphone, preferably one with a good quality music recorder. A shotgun mike is also a good option for a variety of film styles, which can be easily mounted onto your camera.

Step 6 : Practice Panning and Tilting

You want your camera to move as smoothly as possible, so attach it to a tripod for extra stability. While your camera is on the tripod, practice panning it, or moving the camera laterally. Remember to practice tilting the camera as well to ensure placement for the perfect shot.


Nalin is a camcorder enthusiast. Of late he has started exploring the usefulness of DSLR cameras in taking high quality videos. He blogs at What Camcorders offering tips about videography and information on camcorders suitable for every purpose. In his free time, he likes to travel, hike and engage in social work.

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