As Seen on TV: Distorted Long Exposure Portraits

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I call these my horror-portraits. I love making these, and you can literally spend hours at a time having fun trying to perfect the technique!

You’ll need:

  1. Camera or phone with camera
  2. TV or laptop
  3. A darkened room

Step 1 : Point and wait and shoot!

It's a very simple technique, but one that will often give you surprising and creative results. Simply point your camera phone close up to the screen of your tv or laptop. (I use an iPhone SE with an app called ProCam that allows for longer exposure photos). Wait for interesting looking faces and snap a long exposure. You can vary the exposure time for different results, but I prefer to shoot around 1 second. Hold your phone around 3 or 4 inches from the screen (but again, vary this to experiment!).

It's simply a case of taking many shots, and finding the ones you like best. Often when the people on the screen turn their heads or are talking, these distorted faces will be captured (with stretched mouths, or repeated eyes, etc).

This technique works best if your room is relatively dark (so as not to cause any light reflections bouncing off the tv/laptop screen)

If you wish, you can tweak the photos later in an editing app to enhance the unusual colours that you get from this method to suit your taste. :)

Bobby Klang

I live for long exposure and unorthodox photo-taking techniques.

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