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The smell of the road, the wind at your back, infinity miles per gallon…

Riding your bike sure is sweet. But you know what would make it even sweeter? The tried-and-tested, make-it-yourself, $10 + 10 minutes Photojojo BikeCam!

Just don’t assemble it while moving. And stop at all red lights. And stop signs. And use your hand signals. And wear a helmet, for pete’s sake. Your brain’s in there.

Read on to find out how…

The Photojojo DIY BikeCam — $10/10 minutes

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Why It’s Cool

Cameras are cool and bikes are cool, and the two together are downright freezing. Plus, the Tour de France is in full swing. It’s the season of the bike!

What You’ll Need

DSC_9426_thumb.jpgEverything you need for this project is pretty cheap. You’ll find it all at your local bike shop and hardware store.

  • Camera (smaller is better)
  • A reflector mount, reflector removed (ask at your local, loving bike shop)
  • Rubber shims for reflector mount (a shim is the small rubber strip that fits inside the round part of the mount)
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • 2″x1/4″x20 thread screw
  • Nut for said screw
  • 1/4″ wing nut
  • 1/4″ metal washer
  • Two 1/4″ rubber washers (these work best if flat, as in not an o-ring)
  • Helmet (remember: brains)

Step 1: The Mount

DSC_9346_thumb.jpgUnscrew the screw that came with the reflector mount and wrap the rubber shim inside it. This keeps the mount from sliding around.

Next, fit the mount around the handlebars toward the middle, where the stem meets the handlebars.

Screw the mount shut.

Step 2: The Screw

DSC_9352_thumb.jpgPush the 2″-long screw up through the other hole in the mount. Hold it in place from underneath, as you move to…

Step 3: The Stack, Part 1

DSC_9360_thumb.jpgSlide one of the rubber washers onto the screw, then the metal washer, then the nut. Use your wrench to tighten the nut.

Step 4: The Stack, Part 2

DSC_9371_thumb.jpgWind the wing nut (wings pointed down) onto the screw, then slide the second rubber washer on so that about 1/4 inch of the screw is left at the top.

Step 5: The Camera

DSC_9444_thumb.jpgWind your camera onto the screw nice and tight. Point it forward (or backward, or sideways) and use the wing nut to tighten it some more if there’s any looseness.

You’re done!

Wear your helmet. Start pedaling. Snap, record, repeat!

p.s. This mount is pretty secure, and we take full responsibility for any fun times and awesome photos taken while using it.

Now what?

Your camera can now boldly go wherever your bike goes! Here are some ideas…

  • Cross a bridge or head down a single-track mountain bike trail
  • Weave through rush hour traffic (Market St in SF? Times Square in NYC?) Use the video mode on your camera for some great action videos.
  • Attach your bike to your car (or a bus, if you’re in the city) and hit record!
  • Does Critical Mass ride in your city? DO NOT forget your bike cam on the next ride!
  • Turn the camera to face you and pretend you’re in the Tour.
  • Ride through the scariest neighborhood in town. Fast. At 4 in the morning.

But, Can’t I Just Buy One?

If the do-it-yourself spirit hasn’t moved you and you just want to buy a mount, give the all-purpose Gorillapod a shake. Wrap it around the stem, handlebars, top tube. Coolest thing about it as a bike mount: its articulated head makes it easy to pan.

See it in action!

Music: Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John


You love love, and you love it big time. So, go BIG this Valentine’s Day.

Print up a 3 foot x 4 foot Engineer Print to show your love BIG time.

Read along to see three fun ways to spread the love to friends, crushes and soulmates using photos!


1. Mailbox Surprise

Just fold up your Engineer Print, pop it in an envelope and mail it to your long-distance love.

Parabo Press’s EPs (as the cool kids call ‘em) are printed on extra thin paper, perfect for easy hanging and mailing too!

Yeah, your print will get creases in it, but we just love the idea of your giftee unfolding and unfolding and unfolding to reveal the biggest Valentine they’ve ever received.


2. Pin the Heart on the Babe

We may have spent a bit extra time on this part of the photoshoot in the Photojojo Office … this game is serious fun! Everyone gave it a go.

Print up a photo of your favorite heartthrob, cut out some hearts, procure a blindfold, give the first contestant a good spin, and watch them just try to find their way to that cutie’s heart.

It’s the perfect pastime for a Galentine’s Party or a cozy night in – just you, mood music, a box of chocolates and an EP of Michael B. Jordan.


3. Surprise! I love you!

Engineer Prints (available in color and B&W) are the perfect width to tape in your
standard door.

Tape your face looking into a room with an inward opening door to give your favorite someone a BIG surprise.

Just make sure your intended recipient is in the room when you stick up that print.



What are you waiting for?


Three Lovely Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Using Photos

We get it. You need the perfect costume idea.

Whelp, if you like snapping photos and having fun (you sound like our favorite kind of person) look no further!

Check out four easy costume ideas that’ll get you all the best candy (full size only).

Inspector Gadget

Fill a trench coat with gizmos and give your friends a fright followed by relief when they realize you did not dress as a streaker.



Hang the Photo Rope from your neck and use magnets to hang your favorite photos. You’re everyone’s favorite stream of photos. *Liked*


  • A Black Outfit
  • Photo Rope
  • Square Prints (get ‘em free from Parabo Press)

A Beautiful Unicorn

Throw magical colorful clouds around, wherever you go! The more color you fling the more colorful your costume will become.


A Real-Live Photo Booth

Document your favorite costumes and hand out prints as you go. You can even charge your pals for print … just like a real photo booth.


Do you have a super photo-related costume idea? Tell us over on Instagram – we’re @photojojo. Or, show us with #photojojo.

Simple and Silly Costume Ideas for Photographers

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