How I learned darkroom photography… on my phone!

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What is this App called?


What does it do?

Darkr is a really fun and educational app that demonstrates the processes of darkroom photography all on your iphone! You learn techniques like burning and dodging (terms I didn't even know before I downloaded Darkr), test strips, and film negatives. In the end you come out with beautiful contrasty images that you really made yourself.

When is most useful?

Darkr is most useful if you have never had the opportunity to take a darkroom photography class but still want to delve deeper into the art without spending allot of money on cameras and classes. It is also useful for tweaking photos that aren't quite right!

This is the "test strip" section of the app. In a darkroom, a photographer would first make a test strip to see which exposure suits the photo best before they print it. This app allows you to do this process with your iphone photos! I chose 40.

Here's my final photo. I love those California Bougainvilleas!

Ben Donehower

My name is Ben Donehower. I am a musician and photographer out of Denver, Colorado.

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