Make a Macro Lens with Just a Drop of Water

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That's just a drop of water on the lens there.

This is the easiest way to put a macro lens on your phone cam! Just put your phone facedown and carefully place a drop of water right on the lens.

**Do this at your own risk! You know what ... don't do it. (Now, if you do try it, and ruin your phone, it's not my fault or Photojojo's fault).**

You’ll need:

  1. A Phone
  2. A Drop of Water
  3. Something Small to Photograph

Step 1 : Keep Your Phone Flat and Snap

I hung my phone over the edge of my desk, so I could see the screen while I used my watery lens.

Simply hold your little object over the camera and snap. You have to get the distance just right so try moving your object closer and further.

Look! You can see up that dino's nose!

Step 2 : Extra Tip: Use Your Headphones

Since photoing tiny things at just the right distance can get tricky, it's best to keep your phone perfectly still.

So, I plugged my headphones in and used the volume buttons as a remote trigger.

Laurel Link

Editor of Parabo.Press and! I either wrote this up myself, or resurrected a post from a Photojojo-er of the past. I think YOU should submit an article. I'd love to approve it!

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