Make Super Simple DIY Photo Coasters

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Get your photos off of your phone and under a drink!

Turn your photos into Photo Coasters to show off your photography skills, crafting skills and ring-free coffee table.

These coasters are simple to make, fully functional, totally waterproof and super-dee-duper gifty.

Plus, they’re a heck of a lot safer than setting a hot coffee mug on your phone.



  • 4″ Square Ceramic Tiles – We used these from Lowe’s and they were perfect, and only 16 cents!
  • Printed Photos – One per tile
  • Felt
  • Foam Brushes
  • Mod Podge – We used the Gloss/Lustre
  • Mod Podge Matte Clear Acrylic Sealing Spray
  • A Ruler
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors (or an x-acto knife)

Step One: Get Square!

beforeOnce you have your materials, use your ruler to trace a 4” x 4” square over your favorite part of each photo and cut it down to size.

When you’ve done it once, you can use your newly cut photo to trace a square onto your other photos – it’s a bit easier than the ruler.

Step Two: Get Your Glue On

beforePut a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the back of your photo and use your foam brushes to spread it evenly. Then gently place the photo, glue side down, onto the tile.

Make sure it’s centered and press firmly! Do this for each photo and leave them to dry for an hour or so.

Step Three: Seal and Repeat

beforePut a bit of Mod Podge onto your photo and spread it from left to right with your foam brush. Use firm, even strokes or it’ll streak! Eek.

Do this three times, giving each layer time to dry in between. We created an assembly line and by the time we finished the first layer on our last coaster, we went back and put another layer on the first.

Step Four: Fuzzy Four-by-Fours

beforeMeasure and cut your felt into 4” x 4” squares.

This fuzzy wuzzy fabric will keep your coasters from scratching your furniture.

Step Five: Use the Force

beforeUsing a hot glue gun, trace the outside edge of your tiles and then put an X through the middle. The more glue the merrier.

Press your felt firmly on all the corners and use your palm to push it flat against the whole tile.

Step Six: Spray Time

beforeIt’s best to set up an area outside to do your spraying.

Put some newspaper or poster board down, line up your coasters and spray them (downwind)! Pay attention to the instructions on the can, and leave them to dry.

We put three coats on ours.

Step Seven: Put ’em to Good Use

beforeYou did it!

The felt keeps them from scratching each other, so try stacking them and wrapping them with a ribbon if you’re thinking of gifting them.

Article by: Eric Niloff, the co-founder and CEO of EverPresent, a team of 40 scanning technicians, digital organizers, designers and editors based in Newton, Massachusetts. Eric and his team help thousands of families every year to digitize, organize and share their family photos and videos. Eric writes and advises on how to make family history preservation part of family events, estate plans and other family moments.

Taking it Further

  • Create a theme for the coasters. Create coaster groups for different branches of your family, for a special vacation or dig up holiday photos from past years and use those.
  • Don’t use photos. Get professional scans of your children’s artwork and use that! Even if the scan is large, you can print it at 4” x 6” and it’s a fun way to hold onto these special items without stacking them in a closet.
  • Need prints? Use Photojojo’s print app Parabo Press.
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You love love, and you love it big time. So, go BIG this Valentine’s Day.

Print up a 3 foot x 4 foot Engineer Print to show your love BIG time.

Read along to see three fun ways to spread the love to friends, crushes and soulmates using photos!


1. Mailbox Surprise

Just fold up your Engineer Print, pop it in an envelope and mail it to your long-distance love.

Parabo Press’s EPs (as the cool kids call ‘em) are printed on extra thin paper, perfect for easy hanging and mailing too!

Yeah, your print will get creases in it, but we just love the idea of your giftee unfolding and unfolding and unfolding to reveal the biggest Valentine they’ve ever received.


2. Pin the Heart on the Babe

We may have spent a bit extra time on this part of the photoshoot in the Photojojo Office … this game is serious fun! Everyone gave it a go.

Print up a photo of your favorite heartthrob, cut out some hearts, procure a blindfold, give the first contestant a good spin, and watch them just try to find their way to that cutie’s heart.

It’s the perfect pastime for a Galentine’s Party or a cozy night in – just you, mood music, a box of chocolates and an EP of Michael B. Jordan.


3. Surprise! I love you!

Engineer Prints (available in color and B&W) are the perfect width to tape in your
standard door.

Tape your face looking into a room with an inward opening door to give your favorite someone a BIG surprise.

Just make sure your intended recipient is in the room when you stick up that print.



What are you waiting for?


Three Lovely Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Using Photos

We get it. You need the perfect costume idea.

Whelp, if you like snapping photos and having fun (you sound like our favorite kind of person) look no further!

Check out four easy costume ideas that’ll get you all the best candy (full size only).

Inspector Gadget

Fill a trench coat with gizmos and give your friends a fright followed by relief when they realize you did not dress as a streaker.



Hang the Photo Rope from your neck and use magnets to hang your favorite photos. You’re everyone’s favorite stream of photos. *Liked*


  • A Black Outfit
  • Photo Rope
  • Square Prints (get ‘em free from Parabo Press)

A Beautiful Unicorn

Throw magical colorful clouds around, wherever you go! The more color you fling the more colorful your costume will become.


A Real-Live Photo Booth

Document your favorite costumes and hand out prints as you go. You can even charge your pals for print … just like a real photo booth.


Do you have a super photo-related costume idea? Tell us over on Instagram – we’re @photojojo. Or, show us with #photojojo.

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