Metal Photo Print Stress Test

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It turns out the Metal Prints we make from your photos over at Parabo Press are just too blessed to be stressed.

We put them up against water, fire, dirt, feet and A CAR.

Read along to see who won each match up.

Or, make a Metal Print of your very own.

Water Challenge


Call this beautiful photo print on a metal square Aquaman.

It can hold its breath ’till infinity and comes out of the water good as new.

Take that, plain ol’ paper.

Winner: Metal Print!

Dirt Challenge


We like our Metal Prints like we like our movies – rated G.

When this one got a little dirty we simply wiped it clean. You can open your eyes again there, kiddo.

Winner: That very same Metal Print!

Stomp Challenge


You ever have a photo make you so mad, you just want to stomp on it?

We haven’t either, but we did do a little dance on this print just to see what would happen.

The print is totally a-okay!

Winner: Metal Print!

Fire Challenge


This was a close one. Fire pulled ahead with some sooty streaks threatening our perfectly clean record.

But Metal Print brought in a secret weapon – Cleaning Wipe – and cleaned up good as new.

Winner: Metal Print!

Squisharoo Challenge


We wanted to see how our prints do under pressure, so we drove over one.

Our precious Metal Print did not bend or break or lose any of it’s lustre.

Winner: Metal Print!

5/5. Would print again. Highly recommend.

You heard it here folks, science says you should print your pics on metal. We even include a cute acrylic stand, what’s not to love. LEARN MORE

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