Nature Sets the Scene in Hot River, Iceland

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Where and when did you take this photo?

Hiking to a thermal bath in Iceland!

What was running through you mind when you snapped it?

I wanted to take a picture of the thermal river against the lovely colors of the sky and grass and suddenly I see these goats come trotting over a hill and walk right in front of me! I was amazed by how close they got to me--it was lovely! I have it printed in my dorm room currently!

What makes it special to you now?

It reminds me of the wonderful trip I took with my family before leaving for college and the wonders and beautiful senses of nature! I love the colors in it and I'm happy every time I see it!

What was your process? Did you use any special shooting techniques or apps while shooting? Did you edit after it was taken?

I just waited until the goats got as close to me as possible before taking the picture! I edited it using the iphones editing settings: (brightness/contrast/highlights etc). It was mostly nature's doing - placing the right colors and scenes and objects in front of my lens!

Crile Hart

I love photography and nature and sunsets and phitojojo! I am a college swimmer and live in Cleveland, Ohio!

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