Photo Philosophy to Brighten Your Brainy Bits

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Award-winning photojournaist James Pomerantz is studying for an MFA in Photography, and now you can read the books that he’s reading.

His list is dense and scholarly (what’s this, no excerpts from the Photojojo book? Haaaaaarumph) but your gray matter (and your photographic output) will thank you for peeking over James’ shoulder.

For example, Barthes’ “Rhetoric of the Image” ponders:

“if the image is in a certain manner the limit of meaning, it permits the consideration of a veritable ontology of the process of signification. How does meaning get into the image? Where does it end? And if it ends, what is there beyond?”

That noise your hear are your dendrites cheering.

Twenty-Six Thought-Provoking Essays on Photography
(Our fave: Michel Foucalts’s “Of Other Spaces: Heterotopias.”)

Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon


Instagram crush alert! @Paperboyo combines stunningly precise papercraft cut-outs with monuments and landmarks from all over the globe for amazing photographs that never cease to make us marvel (and occasionally chuckle too).

Thankfully, we don’t have to stare at our phones hoping for a new post. Rich McCor (the clever snapper behind @paperboyo) recently released a book of his fantastic photos and behind the scenes peeks at his process.

We still couldn’t get enough Rich in our lives, so we talked to him about his inspiration, his favorite gear and much more. Turns out the dude is just as delightful as his photos!

Around the World with Papercraftographer Rich McCor

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