Pumpkin Photo Stand DIY

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Peter Piper picks to print with Parabo Press.

Then, he puts his precious prints on pumpkins.

He prefers that pretty pleasing presentation.

It’s a practically picture perfect project.

We learned this DIY from him.

You’ll need:

  1. Mini Pumpkins
  2. Wire
  3. Wire Cutters
  4. A Big Pen or Marker
  5. Parabo Press Square Prints

Step 1 : Wrap Battle

Cut a 12 inch piece of wire (more or less depending on how tall you want your stand).

Wrap one end around a round thing twice. You’ll need at least 2 loops, try to keep them as close together as possible.

Step 2 : Pick a Pumpkin

Wrap the other end of your photo stand around the stem of you li'l pumpkin - you can cut off the extra wire once it winds around a few times.

Bend your stand straight up, so it's standing tall.

Step 3 : Print Time

Put your prints into your new photo stands and admire your handy work! You may need to smoosh your rings up top closer together to hold your print firmly.

They make great fall décor for your tablescape or mantle. Use them as placards for Thanksgiving, or table numbers for a fall wedding.

Don’t forget that Parabo Press Square Prints are always free! Pick up a set of 25 photos for just the cost of shipping (starts at $8 in the US).

Laurel Link

Editor of Parabo.Press and Photojojo.com! I either wrote this up myself, or resurrected a post from a Photojojo-er of the past. I think YOU should submit an article. I'd love to approve it!

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