Super Simple Photo Holder DIY

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Turn absolutely anything into a photo holder in less than a minute!

Simply say the magic words “Parabo Pressio!” and use your magic saw to cut a slit into it.

Pop in a Square Print and you’ve got table décor for your next party, a desk companion, and/or the perfect gift.

What sorts of things make for good photo stands? See three fun photo stands we came up with - then dream up your own!

You’ll need:

  1. A Saw! (Or sharp knife)
  2. Square Prints from Parabo Press
  3. Softish Things to Saw
  4. (optional) Paint Pens

Step 1 : Citrus Squeeze

For a sunny (though temporary) display, simply slice a slit into the citrus of your choice.

It helps to cut off the bottom of your fruit to keep it from rolling away. If you go this route, set your fruit on a paper towel for a while before you display it, to keep it from juicing all over your table.

Yup, your photo might get ruined at the bottom, but our Square Prints are free, just grab another set.

Step 2 : Wooden Wonders

Grab wooden block or any bit of wood décor at your local craft shop.

Just a quick saw and they make the cutest photo stands. We especially like that you can paint them however you’d like.

Use a paint pen to turn your photo holder into a double duty table number display, or personalize your blocks to spell out a greeting.

Step 3 : Dino Displays

Any plastic or rubber toy will do. Grab a saw, make a slit.

Toys that stand on their own work best. We love these stands as party décor and you can make them to fit any theme.

You can even use them to top a cake with fun photos of the guest of honor.

Step 4 : Your Turn!

Grab a set of free Square Prints from Parabo Press (just pay for shipping) and get crafty!

Looking for more party décor inspiration? Read our post on just how to use photos to beautify any shindig.

Need an excuse to party? Organize a Print Swap!

Laurel Link

Editor of Parabo.Press and! I either wrote this up myself, or resurrected a post from a Photojojo-er of the past. I think YOU should submit an article. I'd love to approve it!

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