Metal Photo Print Stress Test

It turns out the Metal Prints we make from your photos over at Parabo Press are just too blessed to be stressed.

We put them up against water, fire, dirt, feet and A CAR.

Read along to see who won each match up.

Or, make a Metal Print of your very own.

Underwater Photography Tips from Aquapac

A wise crustacean once said that it’s better down where it’s wetter.

Singing crabs normally should not be trusted, but when it comes to photography, he does have a point.

So we turned to a more trust-worthy source, our pals at Aquapac – makers of the Underwater DSRL Case – for their top underwater photography tips.

So waterproof up your favorite cam and dive right in to this wonderful splashy world.

Have Fun with Boomerang Over and Over Again

When it comes to phoneography one of our very favorite apps is Boomerang.

Well, it was our fave, then not anymore, then it came back. And we threw it out again, and it came back. (hehe)

The Boomerang app films a tiny clip then plays it back and forth in a loop forever (or three times if you post it as an Instagram story), just like magic. So why is that useful?

Oh you can do the most amazing things with Boomerang. Read along to see all our favorite tricks. From levitation to magical hair-doin’.

Enter the Photojojo Weekly Photo Challenge!

Here in the Photojojo office, we love, love podcasts. We listen to comedy podcasts, music podcasts, educational podcasts, and even podcasts for making podcasts.

That last one inspired and encouraged us to start our very own podcast about something we also love SO much – photography! And the Photojojo Photo-a-Week Challenge was born.

Read on for some info about how to enter our podcast challenge and learn about some of our other favorite photography podcasts.


Five Tips for Fun Family Photos

It’s family photo time!

Grab a tripod for your phone or DSLR, a shutter remote (if you don’t want to mess with the self timer) and some candy to bribe the kiddos.

We’ve got just a few tips from arranging your pretty faces, to going totally nuts, that’ll ensure a fun time taking the pics and an even funner time enjoying them forever.

p.s. Family photos make perfect Father’s Day gifts for dads and grandpas. Save 20% on all photo prints at Parabo Press through 6/7 with the coupon PJDAD.

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads of All Kinds

Maybe you’re shopping for your photo snapping papa, your camera carrying grandad, or your stepdad Ron. Could be that your momma did all the parenting and deserves a second gift this year.

Whoever you like playing catch with, we’ve got just the gift for them!

Scroll along to find the best description of your favorite father figure and we’ll tell you the perfect present to pick up for Father’s Day.

Tips for Mastering Concert Photography

Everyone’s been there – front and center, in a dark, sweaty club crammed between hundreds of rabid fans listening to your favorite band.

So, you pull out your iPhone because this is a moment you totally need to remember forever.

But let’s be honest – what kind of memory is a blurry guitar player or the back of another concert goer’s head? Not a very good one (and we all know it).

So we chatted with Madison-based concert photographer Justin Kibbel to learn his simple tips for capturing that dynamic rock-n-roll moment with your DSLR with a few tips for phoneographers too.

From gear to ninja stealth, he’s got a LOT of great advice.


Our Favorite Photos by YOU, Photojojo-ers + A Lens Sale!

This week only, take 30% off all phone lenses in our shop!

Yup, our universal Magnetic Phone Lenses, fancy-pants iPhone Iris Lenses and the super sneaky Spy Lens. Even our multi-lens sets (that already save you some moola) are on sale.

Want to see just what these puppies can do? Check out our favorite snaps from your fellow Photojojo-ers.

Which DSLR Lens Should You Choose?

Nothing gives you more creative control over your photo snapping, than venturing into the world of DSLR photo-ing.

You can trick out your camera with new lenses, lights, tripods, and more to get just the photo-style you’re looking for. But, figuring out what lens to pick up first can be daunting.

So, we asked our Twitter followers (that’s you! Or … it could be) what lenses they first bought (or wish they had) after their kit lens – and we got lots of great answers and advice!

We’ve put these tips into this helpful guide so buying your first lens will be easy-peasy.


How to Get Your Photos Featured in a Photo Magazine

Your Instragram feed is flawless. You’ve got the likes, followers, fans even … what’s next?

It’s time to make the jump from your personal digital stream to the big time.

Get your work published in a real live magazine!

We spoke with Megan Breukelman, the Editor-in-Chief of Atlas Magazine – only a super inspirational digital fashion magazine + website focused on the promotion of the next generation of fashion creatives, nbd. JK, BIG HUGE DEAL.

She dished on why you would want to be published, how to even start your quest, and tips for getting accepted by your dream magazines.